H'Hen Niê publicly stayed in a rented house even though it was "expensive to show" and spent m.oney doing charity work

Bút ChìJun 19, 2024 at 17:04

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Returning from the international playground, H'Hen Niê "slowly" became a famous A-list star. Not only does she appear frequently at events and holds advertising contracts, H'Hen Niê accompanies many large and small national beauty contests. Besides, the former Miss Universe Vietnam also successfully turned to singing and acting.

It can be said that H'Hen Niê is considered the second most "expensive" Miss in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. This makes the public believe that the queen also brings in a small salary and income.

HHen Niê publicly stayed in a rented house even though it was expensive to show and spent m.oney doing charity work - Photo 1

However, H'Hen Nie still lives in a rented house in Ho Chi Minh City. Sharing with vnexpress newspaper, the queen said she felt quite comfortable with this choice. At the same time, H'Hen Nie lives quite frugally, does not buy branded goods or eat fancy meals, but only invests in goals that she feels are worthwhile and necessary.

"Currently, my life in Ho Chi Minh City is comfortable even though I still live in a rented house. I have no need to buy branded goods or eat at expensive restaurants. I once used up the 100 million VND in my account to support The following days, I didn't go out to eat, I cooked on my own, and picked sweet potatoes grown on the balcony and still tasted delicious.

HHen Niê publicly stayed in a rented house even though it was expensive to show and spent m.oney doing charity work - Photo 2

I know how to balance my personal life, know how to save, for example, only do what is worth investing in. If not, I will cut back and spend that m.oney to do other useful things. I can do this because I choose to live in a peaceful way, never comparing myself to others. Regarding my family, in recent years I have felt secure because I have taken care of my parents to have a better life. I have renovated the house in the countryside and sometimes take my parents out," the queen said.

After being crowned, H'Hen Nie has always been active in community activities and made many valuable contributions to society, constantly improving herself and moving forward with new projects and challenges. During the past 6 years, H'Hen Niê has always been an active and positive name towards the community, through a series of programs, campaigns and projects that she participated and accompanied.

HHen Niê publicly stayed in a rented house even though it was expensive to show and spent m.oney doing charity work - Photo 3

H'Hen Nie has set foot in all 63 provinces and cities across the country. Every place she goes, every volunteer trip is a precious memory that H'Hen Nie cherishes and cherishes. H'Hen Niê once shared: "A beauty queen for a day, a beauty queen for life" - a beauty queen mission that H'Hen Nie continues to write and carry out even though her term of office has ended for more than 4 years.

Sharing her joy after each trip, the queen confided: "I'm happy because through each stage, the projects have helped many people change their lives in a positive direction. Along with that, I have more experience." life, I become more mature. I complain less because I understand that every value requires a trade-off between time and health.

I don't deny that thanks to being a beauty queen, my life has changed and making finances easier. However, that is not all. What I get back a lot are lessons. The knowledge and experience I have accumulated not only in school but also from interacting with people in society. When I finish a project, I often look back at myself and learn from my experiences. When someone talks about a good keyword, I actively look for related books or go online to read.

HHen Niê publicly stayed in a rented house even though it was expensive to show and spent m.oney doing charity work - Photo 4

7 friendly libraries have been inaugurated since H'Hen Niê was an ambassador and accompanied the Room To Read organization..

In addition, 5 hectares of forest were planted by Miss H'Hen Niê in Ben En National Park (Thanh Hoa), deducted from the m.oney earned through Facebook and YouTube to celebrate the 5th anniversary of her coronation. In addition, she accompanied Gaia Nature Conservation Center on afforestation trips in Ca Mau, Dong Nai, Thanh Hoa...

Not only is H'Hen Niê enthusiastic in community volunteer activities, she also "extends" herself with volunteer work, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic, H'Hen Nie spent three months traveling. "fighting the epidemic" with many activities with volunteers such as carrying rice, selling agricultural products, bringing food and necessities to poor people, people in quarantine areas... H'Hen Nie awarded scholarships and Tuition support for a c.hild who lost his parents due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

HHen Niê publicly stayed in a rented house even though it was expensive to show and spent m.oney doing charity work - Photo 5

Miss H'Hen Niê also accompanies people living with HIV/AIDS and people affected by HIV/AIDS through campaigns and programs aimed at health, living to the fullest and stopping discrimination. With H'Hen Niê, there is no distance between people, because everyone deserves to have a happy life, have a job and be able to fulfill their dreams.

HHen Niê publicly stayed in a rented house even though it was expensive to show and spent m.oney doing charity work - Photo 6

Talking about her future plans, she shared: "I continue to accompany units and organizations with meaningful community projects. At the same time, I develop personal projects, aiming at sustainable goals." such as planting forests, protecting wildlife, and expanding libraries for poor students.

Right now I don't dare say anything because I have to start doing it to know. However, I am confident that I will stick with community activities as long as my health and economic conditions allow. After my coronation, I once said that I wanted to do charity work with my children in the future, but that thought still r.emains to this day."

HHen Niê publicly stayed in a rented house even though it was expensive to show and spent m.oney doing charity work - Photo 7

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