H'Hen Niê and her boyfriend celebrated 6 years of love, creating mischievous pictures that made fans excited

Phúc SenJun 13, 2024 at 16:03

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Miss H'Hen Niê's photographer boyfriend just made fans excited when he suddenly posted photos of moments in 2018 and 2024. Accordingly, the couple celebrated their 6th anniversary of love. The queen's humorous appearance is worth mentioning.

Photographer Tuan Khoi posted a photo to celebrate 6 years of dating with Miss H'Hen Nie. I hope you both always love and accompany each other. Recently, H'Hen Niê's boyfriend, photographer Tuan Khoi, posted photos taken with the beauty queen in two timelines, 2018 and 2024, to celebrate 6 years together.

He wrote: "The 6th anniversary of me and my b.aby. I hope we always love, accompany each other, and f.ight less." In the image taken in 2024, Tuan Khoi and H'Hen Nie are holding 2 bouquets of flowers with a card with the content: "6th anniversary, me and baby".

HHen Niê and her boyfriend celebrated 6 years of love, creating mischievous pictures that made fans excited - Photo 1

Through this status line, it can be seen that H'Hen Niê's boyfriend loves his queen very much as he always gives her the best and sweetest things. In addition, this action also shows that Tuan Khoi is a delicate guy who always remembers special days in love, which is very rare in other men.

HHen Niê and her boyfriend celebrated 6 years of love, creating mischievous pictures that made fans excited - Photo 2

Not only did Tuan Khoi send sweet words to his "other half", he also humorously revealed how he was almost "beaten" because of a "half laugh and cry" situation. Accordingly, because he wanted to add more romance to the anniversary, H'Hen Niê's boyfriend ordered a cake but did not r.eveal any information related to his girlfriend. Because he was so curious, the bakery owner kept asking questions, and the response was a shake of the head from Tuan Khoi, leaving the other person helpless.

"Just now I heard a call to deliver a cake but asked about business 'Who is the cake for, what are you hiding, why don't you answer...', and was also threatened 'You almost got beaten, you know'", H'Hen Niê's boyfriend humorously recounted a funny situation while buying cakes.

HHen Niê and her boyfriend celebrated 6 years of love, creating mischievous pictures that made fans excited - Photo 3

In addition, in the photo between 2018 and 2024, fans can also laugh out loud when H'Hen Niê has a very mischievous and humorous appearance. It can be seen that she and her boyfriend are people who always have positive energy. Every time they are together, they show their true selves and feel as comfortable as possible.

Recently, Tuan Khoi shared many photos and articles related to H'Hen Nie. When sharing an interview video of his girlfriend, Tuan Khoi wrote: "If I were to describe this episode with a single adjective, it would be pleasant, the energy radiating makes me feel extremely comfortable. You are my treasure." On June 1, Tuan Khoi also posted a photo of H'Hen Nie and H'Hen Niê as children and revealed that they have a 3-year age difference.

HHen Niê and her boyfriend celebrated 6 years of love, creating mischievous pictures that made fans excited - Photo 4

On May 15, H'Hen Niê's birthday, Tuan Khoi posted a photo of two hands clasped. He added: "Happy birthday, my b.aby. Celebrating your birthday for the 6th time with you. Wishing your b.aby will always be my lovely, happy and smiling g.irl and I promise to always accompany you on every journey." .

At that time, rumors that the two were about to get married even spread on social networks. However, talking to the media, H'Hen Niê's representative said that the news that the beauty queen is getting married is just speculation. The beauty will share with fans when there is new information.

HHen Niê and her boyfriend celebrated 6 years of love, creating mischievous pictures that made fans excited - Photo 5

H'Hen Niê and Tuan Khoi started dating in 2018, but they both chose to hide it instead of making it public. On her personal page, the queen still occasionally posts pictures of her other half, but her face is hidden quite carefully. However, netizens still found out the identity of H'Hen Niê's boyfriend.

HHen Niê and her boyfriend celebrated 6 years of love, creating mischievous pictures that made fans excited - Photo 6

In early 2019, H'Hen Niê revealed information that she had a boyfriend but hid her identity. On Lunar New Year 2020, the two made their love story public but limited sharing about their private lives. In 2023, H'Hen Niê confirmed that she broke up with her boyfriend. In the program "Beautiful Girl" that aired on the evening of December 30, 2023, the beauty queen admitted that she had sadly hit rock bottom for a long time and could not get over the pain of breaking up with her boyfriend. Recently, when there was news of reuniting with her boyfriend, H'Hen Nie kept quiet and did not express her feelings through her personal page.

HHen Niê and her boyfriend celebrated 6 years of love, creating mischievous pictures that made fans excited - Photo 7

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