H'Hen Niê was "beaten up" by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness

Thanh PhúcMay 15, 2024 at 11:31

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Miss H'Hen Niê just made people excited when she had a new age celebration on the occasion of her 32nd birthday. She was surprised by the crew and "hit" her right at work, with a bewildered look on her face. The queen quickly became widely shared.

May 15 is Miss H'Hen Niê's birthday. In recent years, H'Hen Niê has chosen to welcome her new age in a quiet way and without taking commemorative photos. Last year, H'Hen Nie celebrated her birthday with the goal of building 5 friendly libraries. So this year, the team decided to give H'Hen Niê a special gift, which is a set of birthday photos for her.

HHen Niê was beaten up by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness - Photo 1

3 days before her birthday, H'Hen Niê had a photoshoot for a new project, the crew chose this time to carry out their plan. After changing her outfit for the next photo shoot scene, H'Hen Nie was invited by the crew from the makeup room to go to the photoshoot area. She still didn't know she was being "deceived." She went out and sang and suddenly everyone wished her a happy birthday. Only at this point did H'Hen Niê realize that the crew had prepared a cake and gifts for her, along with a "huge" gift box that was the backdrop for the birthday photo set, decorated with colorful tones inside. pink and surrounded by mirrors.

HHen Niê was beaten up by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness - Photo 2

Right after that, H'Hen Niê went into the giant gift box and the photographer quickly took a few photos to celebrate her birthday, then everyone returned to work and took photos for the new project. H'Hen Niê shared: " Every year the crew asks Hen if she wants to take photos to celebrate her birthday. Hen says no, celebrating her birthday with her family and friends makes her happy. That's why these past few years it's been her birthday." Hen didn't have a photo shoot. This year, the team prepared everything and planned for Hen to have a photo to celebrate her birthday, making her very surprised and touched. Thank you for always loving and being by my side edge, worry, care Hen ". Although surprised, H'Hen Niê quickly entered the photo set and posed quickly so the photographer wouldn't waste much time.

HHen Niê was beaten up by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness - Photo 3

At the age of 32, H'Hen Niê continues to carry out community projects on the environment, green living and education, thereby spreading and inspiring positive living for young people. H'Hen Niê also focuses on projects that are sustainable and long-term. This year, H'Hen Niê planted 1 hectare of forest in Thanh Hoa in March. She will plant 1 hectare of forest in Dong Nai at the end of this May. H'Hen Niê also revealed that in 2024 she will build more friendly libraries, along with the 7 friendly libraries previously awarded.

HHen Niê was beaten up by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness - Photo 4

It can be seen that, even though her term has ended for many years, Miss H'Hen Niê still actively participates in community projects and carries out work that is useful to society and has profound meaning. That's why the Ede beauty is always the model queen that many people admire, becoming the "national queen" who is loved by the public.

HHen Niê was beaten up by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness - Photo 5

H'Hen Niê was born in 1992, she is the first Ede ethnic minority to be crowned in the prestigious beauty contest Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. This title is also a step to help H'Hen Nie enter the prestigious beauty pageant. new life, creating historical marks for Vietnamese beauty. Among them, the most outstanding achievement that beauty fans are still extremely proud of is the moment when H'Hen Niê was named in the top 5 Miss Universe 2018.

HHen Niê was beaten up by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness - Photo 6

After ending her term in 2019, H'Hen Niê, with the mission of a beauty queen, is still working at full capacity in many fields. She quickly became the top choice of many designers, appearing on many major catwalks. The beauty born in 1992 is also an ambassador for many brands and a judge of beauty contests. In 2023, H'Hen Niê made a strong impression when she branched out into the singing field, participating in the show Pretty G.irl and making it to the final night.

HHen Niê was beaten up by the crew, her face was confused, and the curtain finally opened in the darkness - Photo 7

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