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Han So Hee 'revealed' a strange look on her face, admitting to having a 'cutlery' touch?

Vân Anh08:01:14 02/12/2023
Constantly being subjected to a series of plastic surgery questions to improve her beauty, Han So Hee did not hesitate to admit it. The actress revealed the reason for the rhinoplasty that took the audience by surprise.

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Song Hye Kyo was caught having fun with a new person, not afraid to "drop romantic hints", netizens stir?

Gia Linh17:36:58 19/10/2023
After many times being rumored to have found new happiness, recently The Glory star did not hesitate to prove that it was not just a rumor. The actress even boldly announced her other half's identity.

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JungKook's "girlfriend" refused when she was singled out for "fame" senior Song Hye Kyo, netizens were sick of it!

Bảo Tiên16:18:32 09/10/2023
Han So Hee's interactions with seniors are always at the top of the h.ot search, making people rush the boat. However, the actress's recent action caused her to receive a wave of criticism from the majority of Korean netizens.

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Han So Hee injured her eyes while filming high-level action scenes, possibly requiring surgery

Rosé14:43:09 03/08/2022
Since more than half of the movie is made with action scenes, the risk of injury is very high. Han So Hee was injured and filming was f.orced to stop. The actress is expected to begin filming after recovering from her injury. Han So Hee is receiving treatment after getting...

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Han So Hee, Pyo Ye Jin are famous "small tam" of Asian screens

Yang Mi18:20:20 10/02/2022
"The World of the Married", "VIP", "The Flying Leaf" are the most popular films on the topic of marriage and family. The world of marriage While the TV series "The World of the Married" once made a splash with Korean movie lovers, the actress who plays the "small tam" in the...

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Han So Hee revealed a photo of her past as a hair model, how is her beauty making fans dizzy?

An Nhi14:59:26 01/12/2021
A series of moments when the young feet were wet in the showbiz of "little tam" Han So Hee is causing a storm in the internet. After the success of "The World of the Married", "Nevertheless" and most recently "My name", Han So Hee's name rose like a kite. She is one of the...

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Han So Hee has to take medicine to calm her nerves before the new movie premiere

Rosé21:03:04 15/10/2021
This can be seen as the passionate work of the beauty of the Han family. Han So Hee's latest drama "My Name" debuted on Netflix on October 15, 2021. Even before its premiere, it was already a h.ot topic, as the work was the first comeback of Han So Hee. Han So Hee after the...

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Han So Hee - "Little Three Kingdoms" is a copy of Song Hye Kyo, who did not marry because of childhood obsession

Hà Hà18:31:23 04/07/2021
After the movie The World of the Married caused a fever on the small screen in Asia, Han So Hee emerged. as a phenomenon of the Korean entertainment industry. In the film, she transforms into the rich lady Yeo Da Kyung, an unruly person who uses every trick to snatch other people's husbands. Han So Hee's beauty and acting made...

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Kim Hee Ae - Queen of a.dultery, amazing marriage with Bill Gates Korea Lee Chan Jin

team youtuber12:08:12 08/05/2021
Along with a perfect private life, Kim Hee Ae's beauty is still something that makes many people jealous. At the age of 50, the movie star Poor Wife still retains an attractive, loving appearance, slim, s.exy b.ody and aristocratic and elegant style. Even the actress is favored by the audience as a woman of extraordinary beauty

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