Yu Shuhan's younger sister "caught Zhou Jingchi's eye", soon surpassing her elder sister?

SnowFeb 18, 2024 at 11:05

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It is reported that Ngu Shuhan's sister Ai Me is likely to appear in the new movie of "comedy king" Chau Tinh Tri. If true, she will grow dramatically one day.

On the social network Weibo, there is news that young actress Ai Mei will participate in the movie "Women's Football Team" of "comedy king" Zhou Jingchi. Remarkably, the actress is not yet 18 years old, if she really participates in this project, the future will be extremely promising.

Yu Shuhans younger sister caught Zhou Jingchis eye, soon surpassing her elder sister? - Photo 1

Because the male director surnamed Chau, who is famous as "cool hands", has supported many new actresses to become A-list stars of the Chinese-language entertainment industry. Many of his film beauties have achieved "not medium" status and popularity.

The previous generation can be mentioned as: Truong Min, Zhou An, Truong Ba Chi, Huynh Thanh Y, Mac Van Uy, Truong Vu Ky,... The younger generation includes Xu Kieu and Lin Duan - both names that are better known to the public after filming Chau Jingchi.

Yu Shuhans younger sister caught Zhou Jingchis eye, soon surpassing her elder sister? - Photo 2

Therefore, fans extremely expect Ai Me to be helped by the "big man" surnamed Chau to be able to show the best acting talent. Although she is only 16 years old, the actress has promptly impressed the audience through supporting roles in many "hit" movies.

The proof is that in 2023, she has an extremely prominent role as Van Tuoc in the movie "Van Chi Vu", the sister close to the heroine Van Vi Sam played by Ngu Shuhan.

Yu Shuhans younger sister caught Zhou Jingchis eye, soon surpassing her elder sister? - Photo 3

Participating in films since the age of 6, Ai Me owns a huge fortune of film works such as: Lady Puzhou, Yin Yang Master: Love Courtesy Xi, Yin Yang Master: Thi Than Command, Son Hai Tinh, Drop Thien Thien Ha, Young Singer, School of Style...

Ai Me is currently filming "Tien Dai Huu Thu" with Deng Vi and Huong Ham Chi. At the same time, she also has a cameo role in "The Great Dream of Quy Ly" directed by Guo Jingming; acted alongside Hou Minghao, Chen Do Linh, Tian Jiashui and Zheng Xiao.

Yu Shuhans younger sister caught Zhou Jingchis eye, soon surpassing her elder sister? - Photo 4

The Gen Z actress possesses pure, lovely beauty, "flattering" viewers with stable and pleasant acting. If she is really chosen and performed well in Chau Tinh Tri's movie, her status and fame will surpass many of the current Cbiz traffic miniatures.

Ai Mei, born on 13/07/2008 in Beijing (China), started acting at the age of 6 with the movie "Dong Do". The actress is currently an artist under TH Entertainment.

Yu Shuhans younger sister caught Zhou Jingchis eye, soon surpassing her elder sister? - Photo 5

She regularly shares new photos in various ancient shapes on social media and receives a "rain" of compliments. In addition, she has a very rich fashion sense.

Ai quickly became a "national schoolgirl" when she wore a youthful school style with a bright red checkered overd shirt and a simple high ponytail.

The retro style is nostalgic with a puffy-sleeved crop top, high-waisted jeans also do not make it difficult for the actress's beauty. She is also very feminine, cute and graceful when choosing a pleated neckline, pleated skirt... The street style of the 10X flower is simpler with a T-shirt and jeans but still exudes a chic and charismatic temperament and charisma.

Yu Shuhans younger sister caught Zhou Jingchis eye, soon surpassing her elder sister? - Photo 6

Thanks to possessing a variety of fashion senses, Ai Me "caught the eye" of many fashion brands and was filmed in a series of advertisements. Besides acting, she is also studying ballet.

Regular practice of this discipline will increase the calorie-burning effect, making the actress's figure slimmer and more elegant. This is also one of the reasons Ai Mexicans chose to study ballet.

Not stopping there, Xiao Hua also honed her singing ability. The c.hild star's desire is to become a versatile artist in the near future.

Yu Shuhans younger sister caught Zhou Jingchis eye, soon surpassing her elder sister? - Photo 7

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