Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone

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Zhang Daming is a famous Hong Kong comedian. In 2011, he was diagnosed with cancer and spent a decade battling v.iolence. The actor managed to overcome the illness thanks to the optimism and help of friends and colleagues.

It is still said that Zhou Jingchi does not have a supporting role. Because the supporting roles in the movie "The Family" are so impressive, sometimes making the audience remember more than the main character.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 1

It is these roles that have catapulted many little-known actors into stars, and actor Truong Dat Minh is also such a face.

However, in contrast to the comedy roles in Chau Tinh Tri, Zhang Daming's last life was full of tears and suffering.

Comedy star Chau Tinh Tri

Truong Dat Minh used to be one of TVB's famous comedians, but it was not until appearing in Chau Tinh Chi's Grand Secret Detective that Truong Dat Minh really became a face remembered by the audience.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 2

The scene where "Emperor" Zhang Daming sheds tears when he is surrounded by a harem full of ugly women has become a classic scene in Zhou Jingchi's films. For this role, he won the Hong Kong Theatre Council A.ward.

In 1998, Truong Dat Minh continued to collaborate with Chau Tinh Chi in the film The Cunning Master and was a huge success. Along with Ha Van Huy, Tran Khai Su, Ly Kien Nhan, Truong Dat Minh joined the team of classic supporting roles of Chau Tinh Tri.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 3

Later, he participated in more comedy films starring with Le Minh, Phung Duc Luan, Thu Ky,... In the field of television, Truong Dat Minh made his mark through the role of the sneaky Master Tong The Kiet in the film of the same name. His natural, graceful comedy style has been loved by a large audience over the years.

Truong Dat Minh also co-starred with the late artist Phi Nhung in the film Tran Mong Cat Lucky Master. In this work, the actor plays Chen Mong Cat next to the "pink ball" Dream Phi Phi played by Phi Nhung.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 4

The singer first appeared in episode 3 of the drama, specifically in the segment where Chen Mo Cat sleeps on the street because she cannot find a way to redeem the stolen painting of Boss Chen. Luckily, thanks to Fei Fei's cake, Chen Mo Ji came up with a plan to solve the situation.

Suffering from cancer, being left alone by his wife to f.ight the disease

In 2011, when his career was on the rise, Truong Dat Minh was suddenly diagnosed with throat cancer. The devastating illness caused him to break down and temporarily withdraw from the entertainment industry to focus on healing.

In just a short time, Zhang Daming emaciated to see, at one point he only weighed 36kg, his hair fell out most of the time. Zhang Daming's fans couldn't help but shed tears when they saw the once-emaciated comedy, exhausted as if he was decades old.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 5

"My neck turned black and I couldn't eat because of the pain. Every time I ate, I had to take painkillers. Due to chemotherapy, I lost weight, my hair thinned and my nervous system was damaged...," he shared.

However, the expensive treatment caused the actor to drain his life savings, even his house had to be sold. In 2015, when his illness was still not completely cured but temporarily relieved, Truong Dat Minh continued to act in several small films to earn m.oney for medical treatment.

Life became even harsher for Zhang Daming when his wife, who had lived with him for 27 years, sacrificed her career to take care of him, finally left him. Zhang Daming was left alone to f.ight the evil cancer.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 6

However, when separated, Zhang Daming still used very gentle words to talk about his wife. He expressed on his personal page that the two "went their separate ways" because they no longer shared the same vision and aspirations for the future.

In response to Zhang Daming's tragic plight, many Hong Kong stars have organized donations to help him with his medical treatment. Heavenly King Liu Dehua, actor Wu Zhenyu, comedy star Wu Quan Nhu all tried to raise m.oney to help Zhang Daming in need.

Thanks to the optimistic spirit of a comedian, Truong Dat Minh bravely faced serious illness and triumphed over d.eath.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 7

In 2017, he officially recovered after more than five years of battling cancer. Immediately after recovering from his illness, Zhang Daming immediately returned to acting.

After many years of intensive treatment and long periods of rest, physical training and healthy lifestyle changes, Truong Dat Minh's health has improved positively.

He is optimistic with a touch of humor when sharing about his current condition: "I have not fully recovered but everything is going very well. I was handsome again and was about 3kg short of regaining my old 58kg weight. I'm full of positive energy but still need to be stronger. I'm sleeping very well now, my eyesight is good."

Looking back on his journey battling illness, the U60 comedian feels grateful that his family and friends have always been his strong support. In particular, actor Chau Nhuan Phat always supports spiritually and materially to help colleagues overcome tribulations.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 8

The actor affirmed that whether he is healthy or sick, he continues to dedicate his life to his passion for acting, bringing laughter to life.

Truong Dat Minh: The actor used to act with Phi Nhung, abandoned by his wife, fighting cancer alone - Photo 9

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