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Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to "reveal" his true self, his "rebellious" appearance.

Châu Anh09:12:20 18/06/2024
On his personal page, Tuan Hung attracted attention when he made a public post about Du Thien's real personality. The singer "Find the Sky" was not afraid to make frank comments about his juniors, surprising netizens.

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Tuan Hung scorched the face of anti-fans when he was criticized for singing badly, one or two forced to retire

Phúc Sen09:46:39 06/06/2024
Male singer Tuan Hung has just had an extremely tense verbal battle, responding 1 -1 to anti fans when he received a series of rude comments, criticizing his bad voice, advising him to retire. The owner is frustrated because he is being attacked unreasonably.

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Tuan Hung's wife was "dug up" about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:13:35 15/05/2024
Tuan Hung couldn't help but feel frustrated when the past of his wife Huong B.aby and singer Duy Manh was suddenly dug up by netizens. Faced with many unfavorable words, Tuan Hung spoke up to clarify and made a statement about marriage that attracted a lot of attention.

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Duy Manh brought up the "taboo" to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended.

Đình Như18:39:22 29/11/2023
The relationship had not been smooth for long, when Duy Manh posted on the forum to teach Tuan Hung. Immediately, the opponent responded. The male singer said that his senior had initiated negative statements about his family, which he could not accept.

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Vu Thu Phuong's 'narrow family injustice' encounters her ex-lover Tuan Hung, what kind of attitude makes fans laugh at her?

Đức Trí14:34:45 27/11/2023
Supermodel Vu Thu Phuong caused a stir among netizens when she suddenly encountered her ex-lover Tuan Hung at an event. Her attitude while watching the male singer perform was completely recorded by the camera lens, her confusing expression caused netizens to discuss.

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Tuan Hung's attitude to female fans when asked to hug in a crowded place, his wife 'sobbed' proudly

Thanh Phúc15:43:40 07/11/2023
Singer Tuan Hung has just been caught having a strange attitude towards a female fan, when asked to hug him in a crowded place. Tuan Hung's actions were praised as delicate, but the person who was most proud of him was his wife.

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Tuan Hung called for tickets to watch Southern Forest Land amid a series of scandals, Duy Manh immediately rectified it

Pinky13:38:44 19/10/2023
Singer Tuan Hung just made a post that caused a stir in public opinion, directly mentioning the name of the movie Southern Forest Land in the midst of a drama storm that distorts history. Publicly calling on people to buy movie tickets, Duy Manh immediately corrected them.

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Tuan Hung's statement about the mini apartment fire, his consolation was still mocked, fans asked for donations.

Thanh Phúc16:58:50 15/09/2023
Male singer Tuan Hung just made a post directly mentioning the mini apartment fire in Hanoi. Although he expressed compassion and comfort to the victims who suffered damage in the fire, he was ridiculed by the online community.

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Duy Manh made a s.hock deal with Tuan Hung, valuing 240 million thanks to juniors, trying to bring his name internationally

Đức Trí17:38:00 13/09/2023
Singer Duy Manh has just made a post that caused a fever online, when he suddenly offered $ 10,000, saying that he would give it to Tuan Hung if his name reached the international level. Netizens all reacted in surprise to his tolerance.

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Yan Le spoke on behalf of the sisterhood to 't.orture her', sharing how to bounce back from the breakdown with "I chose her"

Phúc Sen10:49:08 11/09/2023
After the music product, If only not to say, Yen Le returned to the music track with a brand new music video titled He chose her. The work was written by the singer herself, blowing a new breeze with a sad melody, but with a healing meaning.

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Tuan Hung 'went to plow' away from home after many years of retirement, remembering his wife and children to write a letter that caused great emotion

Đức Trí07:20:59 25/08/2023
Singer Tuan Hung has just shared on his personal page, sharing his heart about touring abroad after many years of announcing his retirement. Netizens were deeply touched when he expressed his nostalgia for his wife and children, when away from home for a long time.

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Tuan Hung "out of time" has to sing at the pub, go to each table to invite purchases, how real is it?

Nguyễn Kim07:34:11 15/08/2023
Tuan Hung is one of the famous male singers in the Vietnamese music industry. However, recently, a clip of the singer singing at the pub, even inviting people to buy goods has immediately attracted attention.

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Tuan Hung was criticized for "falling down" in style - his voice was rough and hard to hear

An Tư10:24:01 19/07/2023
After more than a decade of engaging in singing, recently, singer Tuan Hung has been constantly criticized by fans for his rough voice - no longer maintaining his original form.

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Tuan Hung has a hidden story about the yard, claiming to be afraid of social networks, enlightening the audience with a series of morals

Thanh Phúc16:15:31 03/07/2023
Male singer Tuan Hung suddenly posted a hidden message about the degenerate society with bad natures, prying eyes, hurting each other. He even asserted that he was afraid of social networks, clasped his hands to pray two things that everyone who heard must absorb.

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Tuan Hung was angry because the audience mistakenly recognized him as Dam Vinh Hung, and responded bitterly when he was criticized for his time

T.P14:01:14 23/06/2023
Singer Tuan Hung has just made a move to s.hock the audience when he first encountered a case of crying and laughing, entering the restaurant, but the audience shouted Dam Vinh Hung's name, being mistaken for someone else.

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Tuan Hung was hospitalized urgently, lying motionless to give water, his health went downhill because of practicing vegetarianism

Pinky13:45:50 10/06/2023
Singer Tuan Hung has just made people feel feverish before the images of him lying motionless on a hospital bed, emaciated with water because his b.ody was weakened by practicing vegetarianism.

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Duy Manh "itched eyes" demanding to weigh all artists with arrogant disease, shocking when calling Tuan Hung's name

Thanh Phúc14:04:00 10/05/2023
"Singer" Duy Manh once again caused a stir in the online community by his statement that directly criticized the "dirty" artist, typically suffering from arrogance, which was more surprising when he directly called Tuan Hung's name. Male singer Duy Manh has long been considered...

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Tuan Hung infected with Covid-19, shared a letter that made netizens confused

Đức Trí15:15:35 24/04/2023
Singer Tuan Hung confused fans when he announced that he was infected with Covid-19, many people were worried about the current epidemic situation, especially his health, but on the contrary, he was still completely calm before the pandemic. fall ill. From the beginning of April...

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Duy Manh reminded "remember to take care of your own future" while Tran Thanh was condemned by the police, Tuan Hung approved

Đại Mạc17:33:13 10/04/2023
Tran Thanh's appearance in the article: Artist and "power disorder" of CAND Newspaper can be seen as the end of the controversy of netizens over the past time. After the incident, Tran Thanh has no other activities on social networks, but the association opposes the words of...

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Duy Manh posted a lute to 1 artist "father of life, playing dirty" after the noisy coffee Tran Thanh cried because of the glory?

Nhất Diệp15:20:54 01/04/2023
In recent days, the incident of Tran Thanh crying at the press conference of Dam Vinh Hung's biopic, is a controversial topic of many netizens and artists. As one of the harshest critics of Tran Thanh's "bright halo" statement, "singer" Duy Manh in the latest move also once...

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Tuan Hung, Du Thien join hands to raise m.oney for male shippers affected by broken arms in Quang Ngai

Thanh Phúc07:18:27 22/02/2023
The online community is grateful for the benevolent actions of two male singers Tuan Hung and Du Thien in the story of a male shipper whose arm was "physically affected" in Quang Ngai. In the past few days, the online community could not help but stir up and indignant at the...

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Tuan Hung met a deadline at the beginning of the month, the accident crushed the front of the car with billions of dollars

Thanh Phúc15:07:31 20/02/2023
Singer Tuan Hung made fans worried when he just passed the first day of the lunar month, met a deadline, a serious accident caused the front of the expensive car to be completely crushed. Tuan Hung is a male artist who has recently received a lot of attention from the audience...

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Tuan Hung responded harshly when antifans used uncharacteristic words to talk about themselves

An Nhi10:13:42 18/10/2022
As one of the artists who did not hesitate to respond to antifan, recently, Tuan Hung frankly scolded netizens when this person talked about him with impolite words. A few hours ago, on his personal page, Tuan Hung shared a post at a wedding. Then, below the comment, someone...

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Trong Hung did not realize, how was the love story after breaking up with his ex-wife Au Ha My?

Hoàng Phúc15:31:25 30/09/2022
After ending his marriage with teacher Au Ha My, Trong Hung's life received much attention from the audience. He returned to the set and continued to gain experience to further develop his acting career. Although he has not yet achieved much success as expected, it is clear that...

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