Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence

Nam PhươngSep 06, 2022 at 10:04

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Once a close artist couple, Duy Manh and Tuan Hung's relationship had many cracks when both publicly responded to each other on social networks. Recently, the "singer" also hinted at the incident of the juniors, causing the fans to stir.

At the peak of his career, in 2020, Tuan Hung suddenly announced that he would stop singing to spend time with his family. Although quite regretful, the audience still supported and praised the father's actions. To relieve his job nostalgia, Tuan Hung regularly organizes free music nights on weekends. Before the support of the public, the original singer of the capital also upgraded with good sound equipment. In particular, popular vocalists such as Thanh Lam, MTV, Dinh Ung Phi Truong... are also excited to be guests.

Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence - Photo 1

However, arbitrarily organizing a music night without Tuan Hung's permission is also controversial. On the afternoon of September 5, the leader of the People's Committee of Trang Tien ward (Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi) said that he is currently consolidating the file and making a decision to sanction singer Tuan Hung in the field of performing arts.

"On the evening of September 4, singer Tuan Hung held a live show on the balcony at his own house located on Hang Khay Street, but did not notify and apply for a permit from the local government. This is an administrative violation of expression. With the above error, according to the regulations, singer Tuan Hung will be considered and fined from 12 to 15 million VND" - the leader on the information.

Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence - Photo 2

According to the authorities, the organization of a free music night has many potential risks such as robbery, fire and explosion, and insecurity because there is no specific scenario or protection plan. On September 3, Hoan Kiem District People's Committee asked Tuan Hung to apply for a permit to organize an art performance to promptly have a management plan. Despite agreeing with the requirements of the authorities, on the evening of September 4, the owner of the hit song "Finding the sky" still arbitrarily organized a music night and streamed livestream on MXH platforms.

Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence - Photo 3

Capital has a not very good relationship with Tuan Hung. Duy Manh often goes on the internet to joke around and tease his juniors. This case is no exception, specifically, when a Netizen left a photo with a comment line: "What do you think about the scene where Uncle Tuan Hung was carried to the ward. Is this case he is a manipulator". Immediately, the voice of "Red-black life" replied bluntly. "Singer" said: "I sent the application to that ward". The half-false and half-true answer made the fans laugh out loud.

Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence - Photo 4

Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence - Photo 5

Not stopping there, Duy Manh also posted an article that directly mentioned Tuan Hung's name: "I sincerely thank Comrade Ngan. You have accepted my petition. And handled the incident causing noise. and caused disorder in the Hang Khay street of singer Tu Hun very quickly!!!

It is known that Duy Manh and Tuan Hung were once close friends of showbiz. Even, the senior also composed two songs Past the love and Know how to find the head to help Tuan Hung have a breakthrough in his career holding a mic. Not stopping at the verbal battles on social networks, the two male singers also met directly to "exercise martial arts".

Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence - Photo 6

"I am a person who gives both soul and emotions in a very kind way. I do nothing to be ashamed or sad. Only those who are in trouble find ways to beg, and then offend the giver. I feel sad and ashamed for myself. If a person knows how to eat and play, then spend m.oney to buy it, don't beg. Enough said, I don't want to talk about this anymore." Duy Manh implicitly scolded Tuan Hung for being ungrateful when former The Voice coach claimed to have never been close friends with "singer". It's all based on a clear working relationship

Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence - Photo 7

After many years of tension, at the music night in 2020, Duy Manh suddenly spoke about the drama with Tuan Hung. Standing in front of the audience, the Hai Phong-born singer said that he loves his brother very much, commenting on MXH is not for bad purposes. Many people expressed confusion, whether the two best friends have "returned together" when each has their own place.

Duy Manh shyly said: "Here, Duy Manh would like to send you a song that Duy Manh once wrote for a younger brother but did not dare to look at each other's faces for a long time. Actually, Duy Manh loves this brother very much. I used to be a joke on Facebook. Here, Duy Manh would like to continue singing the song "The past love". This song Duy Manh would like to dedicate to his younger brother, Tuan Hung."

Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence - Photo 8

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