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Duy Manh made Que Van "embarrassed" even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior

Phi Đức09:25:52 21/02/2024
Duy Manh appeared in the livestream with Nam Em and Que Van, making the online community excited. Notably, the male singer is not an ally of the two beauties but also made statements that made both of them embarrassed right on the live broadcast.

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Duy Manh brought up the "taboo" to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended.

Đình Như18:39:22 29/11/2023
The relationship had not been smooth for long, when Duy Manh posted on the forum to teach Tuan Hung. Immediately, the opponent responded. The male singer said that his senior had initiated negative statements about his family, which he could not accept.

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Duy Manh 'extremely harshly' reminded Tuan Hung: In the eyes of director 'Southern Forest Land' Hung is nothing

Thư Kỳ10:10:17 20/10/2023
After leaving a comment about Tuan Hung voicing his support and calling for people to watch the movie Southern Forest Land, singer Duy Manh recently continued to give his analysis and advice to the singer Double Love.

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Tuan Hung called for tickets to watch Southern Forest Land amid a series of scandals, Duy Manh immediately rectified it

Pinky13:38:44 19/10/2023
Singer Tuan Hung just made a post that caused a stir in public opinion, directly mentioning the name of the movie Southern Forest Land in the midst of a drama storm that distorts history. Publicly calling on people to buy movie tickets, Duy Manh immediately corrected them.

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Duy Manh made a s.hock deal with Tuan Hung, valuing 240 million thanks to juniors, trying to bring his name internationally

Đức Trí17:38:00 13/09/2023
Singer Duy Manh has just made a post that caused a fever online, when he suddenly offered $ 10,000, saying that he would give it to Tuan Hung if his name reached the international level. Netizens all reacted in surprise to his tolerance.

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MC Phan Anh took down his hair to go to the monastery, 'singer' Duy Manh 'coffee' with the blessing of 'soon cultivating righteous fruits'

Yang Mi07:33:47 15/08/2023
The image of MC Phan Anh suddenly down his hair in an ashram costume shocked many people. Besides the surprise, at the same time, the voice of Red and Black Life also did not forget to send a message of blessings to the male MC.

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Duy Manh angrily exposed the prankster trick of a male comedian, shouting Mr. Crying

Phúc Sen10:22:03 07/06/2023
"Singer" Duy Manh has another remarkable statement, when he kicks straight at a great character, called Mr. Cry. People immediately thought of his "invincible enemy", that is artist Tran Thanh. Male singer Duy Manh has long been considered the most straightforward person in the...

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Duy Manh "itched eyes" demanding to weigh all artists with arrogant disease, shocking when calling Tuan Hung's name

Thanh Phúc14:04:00 10/05/2023
"Singer" Duy Manh once again caused a stir in the online community by his statement that directly criticized the "dirty" artist, typically suffering from arrogance, which was more surprising when he directly called Tuan Hung's name. Male singer Duy Manh has long been considered...

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Duy Manh wants to be a "godfather" after Tran Thanh celebrates his victory, Tuan Hung calls for help from his best friend

Chuột Nhỏ10:52:47 18/04/2023
In recent days, Tran Thanh's drama can be said to be the focus of criticism of many netizens. Although the owner has made a silent move, the online community does not want to ignore the male MC. Especially "singer" Duy Manh also constantly posted "ca khau". Accordingly, since...

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Duy Manh posted a lute to 1 artist "father of life, playing dirty" after the noisy coffee Tran Thanh cried because of the glory?

Nhất Diệp15:20:54 01/04/2023
In recent days, the incident of Tran Thanh crying at the press conference of Dam Vinh Hung's biopic, is a controversial topic of many netizens and artists. As one of the harshest critics of Tran Thanh's "bright halo" statement, "singer" Duy Manh in the latest move also once...

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Duy Manh crushed every statement, straight up said that the "crocodile" was Tran Thanh because he cried about "the incident"

Pinky10:32:30 24/03/2023
Singer Duy Manh angrily spoke up about Tran Thanh's statement lamenting the suffering of an artist's life, not afraid to curse directly, even severely criticizing the crying scene, likening it to a crocodile performing.

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Tuan Hung was "touched" by the authorities for singing on the balcony - Duy Manh declared a very harsh sentence

Nam Phương10:04:02 06/09/2022
Once a close artist couple, Duy Manh and Tuan Hung's relationship had many cracks when both publicly responded to each other on social networks. Recently, the "singer" also hinted at the incident of the juniors, causing the fans to stir. At the peak of his career, in 2020, Tuan...

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"Singer" Duy Manh insulted People's Artist Viet Anh when defending Huu Tin: "Dad hasn't played with toys, so he doesn't understand"

Nam Phương14:46:28 15/06/2022
Before the statement of People's Artist Viet Anh, comedian Huu Tin was arrested because his friends played bad. Singer Duy Manh immediately posted the ka khà, the witty but equally profound voice of the "singer" once again made netizens laugh. In recent days, the news that...

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"Singing artist" Duy Manh called Dan Truong's name, exposing his past because of his habit of "singing at temples".

Nam Phương15:40:54 09/06/2022
Singer Duy Manh used many harsh words to attack singer Dan Truong amid the music copyright controversy. However, Netizens also expressed their discomfort because they thought he was intentionally trying to attract attention even though it had nothing to do with him

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"Singer" Duy Manh exposed the artist's tricks: "Escape from crime is due to a loophole in the law, but you are not unjust."

Rosé15:50:00 12/02/2022
Once again, the popular male singer did not hesitate to "slap" his colleagues. Duy Manh is a famous male singer with frank statements, ready to touch his colleagues to "e.xpose" the dark corner of Vietnamese showbiz that few people know. However, it is also because of his...

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Duy Manh exposed the "cicada escape from the b.ody" plan to help Hoai Linh not be prosecuted, criticizing Vietnamese stars to defend

Nam Phương10:59:06 29/12/2021
The topic of artists blocking charity continued to be expressed by singer Duy Manh. On December 28, Major General Ho Sy Niem - Deputy Director of the Criminal Procedure Department of the Ministry of Public Security announced the results of the initial investigation into the case...

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"Singer" Duy Manh said like "rubbing salt in the face" Hoai Linh after the CA announced that he would not be sued

Nam Phương14:50:19 26/12/2021
Standing on the sidelines in the case of artist Hoai Linh being sued, singer Duy Manh constantly made statements like rubbing salt in the face of colleagues. Regarding the case that comedian Hoai Linh was accused of abusing and appropriating property after calling for 14 billion...

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Duy Manh caused a storm again with his statement about blocking charity: "It's best if you sing, you sing quietly and keep that m.oney carefully."

Rosé14:54:20 22/09/2021
Duy Manh did not hesitate to speak on Facebook about sensitive cases at this time. In the past few days, Duy Manh has attracted attention on social networks with many statuses expressing his honest and straightforward views on the issue of "artists doing charity work". Even the...

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Duy Manh "slaps" Tran Thanh, Trang Tran when the audience asks for a statement: "Returning like pancakes"?

Nam Phương15:10:57 11/09/2021
Tran Thanh, Trang Tran ... and many other artists were called after Duy Manh's status line. While many people wish to be recognized as a singer, Duy Manh claims that he is just a mere "singer". The voice of "Red and Black Life" many times reflects that the showbiz world is not...

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