Duong Tu is about to get married to his "boyfriend" Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien?

Hoa TuyếtJan 31, 2024 at 08:56

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Duong Tu's fans were shocked when they heard that their idol was about to fall in love with Liu Thi Thi's ex. Many people think that the handsome man's beauty is a bit... "obscene", not worthy of the little flower g.irl.

Duong Tu is currently a 9X generation actress who receives special attention from the audience, often appearing in many blockbuster movies with large investments. In 2024, the little flower g.irl returns to the small screen with a series of new projects, including "Want to Love Forever". Besides, she is also actively filming for the work "Quoc Sac Phuong Hoa" in collaboration with Ly Hien.

Duong Tu is about to get married to his boyfriend Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien? - Photo 1

Recently, a series of rumors suddenly appeared on Chinese social networks claiming that the beauty named Duong will soon participate in a project called "Phong Nguyet Bat Tuong Quan". Here, she is expected to be paired with Luu Vu Ninh - the actor who just caused a stir with his pairing with Luu Thi Thi in "Nhat Niem Quan Son".

It is known that "Phong Nguyet Uncorrelated" is a film with a female protagonist, from the moment the female protagonist grows up until she experiences countless tragedies, goes to war, then participates in investigating and solving cases, supporting the crown prince. coronation.

Duong Tu is about to get married to his boyfriend Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien? - Photo 2

The male main character's setup is a bit weaker, mainly to help the female lead, but in return his appearance is very good, the type that Chinese film enthusiasts love.

Immediately after the rumor appeared, netizens were excitedly discussing Luu Vu Ninh. It can't be said that this guy's resources are very high quality, as he just cooperated with the top 85th flower g.irl - Luu Thi Thi.

Duong Tu is about to get married to his boyfriend Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien? - Photo 3

However, the beauty value of actor Luu has caused quite a bit of controversy. Objectively speaking, his appearance is not bad, but because the requirements for historical male protagonists are too high these days. This causes the guy to be severely criticized by the public no matter how good his acting is.

Notably, there is additional information that the movie "Phong Nguyet Bat Tuong Quan" is not considered a historical costume but is more like a traditional martial arts genre, with relatively high requirements for fighting scenes. For Luu Vu Ninh, this is not a bad work because the martial arts genre is more suitable for him than historical fiction.

Duong Tu is about to get married to his boyfriend Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien? - Photo 4

Currently, the information that Duong Tu is about to cooperate with "old lover" Luu Thi Thi is still a hotly discussed topic among netizens. Ignoring this issue, recently, the female lead of Want to Love Forever was suddenly placed on the same tray as Dilraba Dilmurat in the beauty rankings.

Accordingly, a beauty ranking of flowers from 90 to 90 was posted and attracted people's attention. Even though they know this list is just for "fun viewing", netizens still can't help but feel dissatisfied because the ranking is so... "senseless".

Duong Tu is about to get married to his boyfriend Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien? - Photo 5

The female star currently in the highest position - God level of the rankings is Chau Da. Because the 95th generation flower g.irl possesses beautiful beauty and luxurious charisma that helps her shine in every frame. The appearance of "pet chicken" Ly Bang Bang is considered to be able to handle all styles from mature to cute, from ancient to modern.

However, many people believe that although Chau Da is truly beautiful, she still cannot stand at the highest position in Cbiz's beauty rankings. The explanation for this is because, when compared to seniors like Dich Le Nhiet Ba or Co Luc Na Trat, it is clear that the beauty of Chau's little flower cannot be compared.

Duong Tu is about to get married to his boyfriend Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien? - Photo 6

The Demigod level named the two famous flower girls of the 90s in Cbiz: Duong Tu and Dich Le Nhiet Ba. This causes a lot of controversy among people, because one person is classified as a beautiful woman, the other still cannot escape the popular female group despite constantly having h.ot movies.

Duong Tu is about to get married to his boyfriend Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien? - Photo 7

Some people even expressed their opinion that in the 90-95 flower group, the beauty of Xinjiang beauties must be among the top. Because she can easily overwhelm her junior Chau Da and her "chosen opponent" Duong Tu when appearing in the same frame.

Co Luc Na Trat - Truong Du Hi and Tran Do Linh are three beauties classified as top-class beauties. People also always give compliments to the beauty of these three little flowers.

Duong Tu is about to get married to his boyfriend Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien? - Photo 8

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