Yangtze enthusiastically "skinship" with "boyfriend Liu Yifei" after 5 years of reunion

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In the early morning of January 8, Chinese netizens were shocked by Yangtze's official appearance in the new historical drama - Guo Sac Fanghua. This project marks the reunion of Yang Zi and Li Hien after 5 years since Honey Squid (2019).

Netizens were not only admired for the couple's screen-filled visuals, but also constantly showed delight with the sweet act that Yang Zi gave Li on set.

Specifically, in the early morning of January 8, the phrase: " Yang Zi stroked Li Xian's cheek" was dominating the h.ot search on Weibo, earning great interactions from the online community. It is known that the "cheating" interaction of the two was captured by paparazzi while filming the National Color of Fanghua.

Yangtze enthusiastically skinship with boyfriend Liu Yifei after 5 years of reunion - Photo 1

In the comment section, the audience could not help but admire the hotness of the National Sac Fang Hua, when just the first few images came out and reached the top of the search. This is a sign that the "bright" National Sac Fanghua won big, because the film has received special attention since before it aired.

Yangtze enthusiastically skinship with boyfriend Liu Yifei after 5 years of reunion - Photo 2

As for the scene where Yang Zi stroked Li Xian's cheek, the couple was praised for their extremely natural and adorable interaction. Not trying to appear "cheating" like many other couples, but the smell of "cheating" seems to automatically emanate when two people stand next to each other. There are many who suspect that Yangtze wants to assert sovereignty over Li Xian in front of paparazzi cameras. Because, the two have been entangled in dating rumors for the past 5 years, but have not once confirmed it.

However, many other opinions say that Yangtze is an actress with a very cheerful and positive personality, often teasing her co-stars very naturally, not afraid of gossip. Because before, the actress was also repeatedly criticized for poking the noses of male co-stars such as Li Xian, Wei Dahuan, Deng Luan. Therefore, netizens surmised, the act of poking her nose was replaced by stroking her cheek, to be less criticized.

About the film that the two collaborated this time - Quoc Sac Phuong Hoa is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by author Y Thien Trong, about the journey of establishing a career from peony cultivation of the heroine Ha Duy Phuong.

The work was produced by Hoa Sach Photo Thi, written by Truong Dien Ang (Frankincense Like Weather, Honey Like Mist), directed by director Dinh Tu Quang (Going to the Windy Place, Taking the Name of a Family Member, The Next Station of Happiness,...)

As a "shoehorned" grand female drama of Yangtze, the choice of male lead is also extremely important. Right from the beginning when the male lead was not officially announced, netizens "whispered" to each other that this is definitely an actor with real acting power.

Yangtze enthusiastically skinship with boyfriend Liu Yifei after 5 years of reunion - Photo 3

Yangtze enthusiastically skinship with boyfriend Liu Yifei after 5 years of reunion - Photo 4

The news of Yang Zi and Li Xian reuniting caused a stir on social media. 4 years ago, the combination of the two actors in the love drama "Honey Squid Fish" part 1 took it by storm.

The couple's acting and interaction have contributed significantly to making "Honey Squid" the most popular Chinese-language drama in 2019.

Yangtze enthusiastically skinship with boyfriend Liu Yifei after 5 years of reunion - Photo 5

Even in many polls, "Honey Squid Fish" is rated as the best modern love film in the past 5 years. "Honey Squid Fish" is also the work that brought Li Xian's name to light up with the image of G.un God - Han Shang Yan.

In addition to the attention-grabbing lead actor, "National Color of the Flower" made the audience have high expectations

Although the drama has ended for 5 years, but during the time when there were no joint projects, Yangtze still delighted fans of the couple by showing the beautiful friendship between the two through one thing. It is from 2020 until now, every time Li Xian's birthday comes, Yang Zi will regularly forward old posts from 2019 and send birthday wishes to his co-stars.

Yangtze enthusiastically skinship with boyfriend Liu Yifei after 5 years of reunion - Photo 6

Therefore, this acting reunion makes many viewers of the couple extremely excited and looking forward.

Yangtze enthusiastically skinship with boyfriend Liu Yifei after 5 years of reunion - Photo 7

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