Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh

Hoàng AnhSep 14, 2022 at 13:09

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No shame is Luu Thi Thi - born to act in historical films. Although it has been 5 years without acting in historical dramas, once accepted, the aura really explodes.

After taking a break from acting to take care of her family, Luu Thi Thi returned to the historical series when taking on the female lead role in Nhat Niem Quan Son, working with her junior Luu Ta Ninh. The actress is praised as the beauties possessing the most special ancient temperament among the beauties of China, having created classic roles in Bo Bo Kinh Tam, Tien Kiem Ky Hiep ....

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 1

Therefore, this new role of Luu Thi Thi makes fans extremely excited. Ngo Ky Long's wife did not disappoint when she revealed her image and stirred up social networks.

Although filming for a while, but on September 13, Nhat Niem Quan Son officially held the opening ceremony, announced the poster of the main cast including Luu Thi Thi, Luu Vu Ninh, Phuong Dat Luan, Ha Ha. Lam Dau, Tran Hao Vu, Diep Thanh, Tran Do Linh, Truong Chi Khe, Truong Thien Duong.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 2

The film has not yet announced the official content, but the cast's image is constantly being updated, receiving compliments from fans.

Luu Thi Thi also released a new set of pictures in a costume. The actress's bright red outfit and first half aura became a h.ot topic on Weibo.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 3

In the set of photos, Luu Thi Thi wears a red cardinal, her face is sharp, her b.ody is still slim and elegant even though she is wearing many layers of clothes. Sword in hand, bold female gypsy, the movements are still as mature as the old days. The audience after seeing Luu Thi Thi's pictures couldn't help but admire the actress's aura. Even this image of Luu Thi Thi also reminds many people of Kim Dung's bold swordplay works 10-20 years ago.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 4

Netizens left comments:

- Luu Thi Thi is really suitable for ancient costumes, the atmosphere of ancient swordplay has been seen for a long time.

- It is indeed a beauty of ancient times, this escapist aura is hard for anyone to keep up with.

- The visuals are very impressive, so I'm more curious about the script and the story.

- Hope Luu Thi Thi regains her position with this movie.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 5

Although it is the premiere of the film, the reputation of the female lead of Luu Thi Thi is too superior to her co-star Luu Vu Ninh. In the poster, the actress is also placed in the center position, the PR intention that Luu Thi Thi is the most prominent character is also clear. Even some original posters had both male and female leads, but in exchange, only Luu Thi Thi remained.

Many fans of Luu Vu Ninh think that the producer despises the male lead, and it is not fair to favor the position of Luu Thi Thi too much.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 6

However, this discrimination is also understandable because Luu Thi Thi is a top star with high reputation and rich acting experience, while Luu Vu Ninh is just a network singer who turned to acting. He was repeatedly criticized for not being worthy of participating in the project because both his acting skills and popularity were far behind his seniors.

Previously, in some behind-the-scenes photos, Luu Thi Thi also appeared with a red outfit, gentle beauty mixed with elegance reminiscent of the image of Hong Kong beauties in the 90s. At the time of the actress beautiful and gentle, fragile with pink costumes, sometimes "blackened" with a strong fighting image.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 7

Luu Thi Thi is also famous for her beautiful martial arts skills, creating a feeling of authenticity and dedication to her role. Although the film's content has not been revealed, fans are very excited by the film crew's bold, striking but not colorful image.

Luu Thi Thi, born in 1987, is a famous beauty of the Chinese entertainment industry who played the main role in the works Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 2, Bo Bo Kinh Tam, Tuy Linh Lung ..

After the success of Bo Bo Kinh Tam, the actress fell in love and married with "Four families" Ngo Ky Long, becoming a powerful couple Cbiz.

After Tuy Linh Lung (2017), the beautiful actress almost did not participate in any more historical works. Besides, the modern films of the little flower g.irl are not really groundbreaking, so anyone who loves Luu Thi Thi also hopes that the new work will help her regain her original form.

Netizen commented that "ancient beauty" Luu Thi Thi has returned and threatened the position of colleagues like Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Mich.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 8

Before that, Trieu Le Dinh continuously released pictures in the movie Du Phuong Hanh. The actress was praised for sticking to the original character, the outfit and the elegant and liberal spirit.

And Duong Mich is participating in the project Ho Yeu Tieu Hong Nuong and also receives many compliments for her charming and magical aura when playing the role of a fox.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 9

It can be said that the comparison of the ancient beauty of the three beauties Luu Thi Thi - Duong Mich - Trieu Le Dinh makes fans extremely excited and looking forward.

Luu Thi Thi explodes with aura in the new film image, 'threatening' the position of Duong Mich, Le Dinh - Photo 10

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