Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon

Hoàng PhúcMay 25, 2022 at 16:21

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Possessing a beauty that is not inferior to the seniors, but the 9X and Gen Z small flower arrangements are often complained about their acting ability. There are a number of young female stars who also surprise the audience, even laughing because of silly and lame comparisons with artists who are "beam tree".

Trieu Lo Tu - Chau Tan

Referring to Trieu Lo Tu is to mention tricks every time the movie airs, making people sigh. Recently, when returning to Release Thi Thien Ha, Trieu Lo Tu became the focus of controversy when comparing himself to Chau Tan in Painted Skin. In the movie scene, Bach Phong Tich (Trieu Lo Tu) is s.tabbed by his little sister from behind. However, after that, her expression looked very calm, like being sleepy.

However, this performance was brought to the same level as "Tieu Duy" Chau Tan in Painted Skin. Meanwhile, with just one look, Chau Tan showed immense pain, not only because of the stab wound but also because of being betrayed by the person he loved.

Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon - Photo 1

Some netizens also commented that if they continue to act "dumb" like this, sooner or later, "beauties through space" will quickly be forgotten and gradually lose their charm on the Chinese screen. .

In addition, according to many viewers, Bach Phong Tich through the expression of Trieu Lo Tu turned into an innocent, lovely g.irl... like the previous roles that this beauty played. Even her expression does not bring Bach Phong Tich's unique personality, but it is completely similar to the actress's previous roles.

Ngo Can Ngon - Truong Man Ngoc

After Dien Hi Cong Luoc, Ngo Can Ngon continued to participate in Vu Chinh's historical project Hao Lan Truyen. But the movie was a "bomb", even causing fans to argue because of Ngo Can Ngon's bad acting. Specifically, the scene where Hao Lan cried on the side of the well when her mother died was criticized as "fake", there were no tears.

Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon - Photo 2

At this time, Vu Chinh suddenly spoke up, comparing the crying scene with the scene of Truong Man Ngoc in Diem Mat. "When she saw Tang Chi Vy's b.ody, she laughed first and then cried," Vu Chinh analyzed. However, Vu Chinh's statement was like pouring fuel into the fire, making the audience laugh because he dared to compare rookies like Ngo Can Ngon with "Man Than" of the Chinese screen.

Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon - Photo 3

It can be seen that since Dien Hy Cong Luoc, Ngo Can Ngon no longer has a soulful movie. The movie Happiness Will Come Knocking, which she starred in, only got 3.2 Douban points.

In the TV series You Are My Answer, Ngo Can Ngon Dien exaggerates to the extreme. In addition to the heavy lines, many viewers had to give up the movie.

By 2021, Ngo Can Ngon's acting skills have not improved at all. In the new film Between Thanh Xuan, she still maintains her old acting style, which makes the film poorly evaluated.

Before he was not famous, Ngo Can Ngon played the role of Ly Lanh in Teenager Than Detective Dich Nhan Kiet. Although she is a supporting role, she makes viewers very comfortable. Now, her performance is stiff, only shaking her head, pouting, causing boredom.

Liu Hao Cun - Dong Khiet

Luu Hao Cun is the "most hated witch on the screen" for many reasons. Not only involved in many noises such as lying about her age, taking advantage of "backs" or often being associated with top beauties, Luu Hao Ton also made the audience bored with articles comparing her with Dong Khiet. .

Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon - Photo 4

In mid-December 2020, on Weibo, there were many posts comparing Liu Hao Cun with Dong Khiet in his youth, especially in pure and clear acting like "national girlfriend". However, this comparison has confused many netizens. Everyone thinks that Luu Hao Ton is still young, acting is not stable. Meanwhile, Dong Khiet is a "monument" of beauty on the screen, in his twenties was famous for Luong Son Ba Chuc Anh Dai or Kim Phan The Gia.

Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon - Photo 5

Duong Tu - Duong Tu Quynh

This was probably a rather embarrassing situation that even Yangtze didn't anticipate. As a name with quite good acting in the current small flower lineup, Duong Tu was suddenly criticized when he was involved with senior Duong Tu Quynh.

The story is that Duong Tu's fans have made many mistakes and often flooded Duong Tu Quynh's MXH account to... praise Duong Tu. Netizens found it quite funny, thinking that perhaps because the name "Duong Tu" contained the word "Duong Tu", Duong Tu Quynh was mistaken for that.

Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon - Photo 6

Most recently, when Duong Tu Quynh scored with the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, Yangtze fans continued to make the same "mistake" as above, making Yang Zi laugh even though she did nothing.

Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon - Photo 7

Even the incident happened so much and so often that many netizens doubted if this was ever a trick of Yangzi himself to "create heat".

Trieu Lo Tu was mocked for daring to compare acting with Chau Tan, but he was not as embarrassed as Ngo Can Ngon - Photo 8

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