Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to "reveal" his true self, his "rebellious" appearance.

Châu AnhJun 18, 2024 at 09:12

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On his personal page, Tuan Hung attracted attention when he made a public post about Du Thien's real personality. The "Find the Sky" singer was not afraid to make frank comments about her juniors, surprising netizens.

Recently, Tuan Hung posted a new MV by singer Du Thien on his personal page to show his support for his juniors. The voice of Finding the Sky also took this opportunity to share sincerely about the true personality of the male singer born in 1985.

Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to r.eveal his true self, his rebellious appearance. - Photo 1

Specifically, he wrote: "Let's talk a little bit about Du Thien, a single young man who doesn't care about getting married at all, only focusing on passionate singing and the two words brother. This guy doesn't say anything and everyone knows it." There are many, but there are a few things that people may not know that I know by the way, I will r.eveal them to you:

Although he looks stubborn, he is very emotional and emotional.

Practice p.unching and kicking but have never fought with anyone before.

Self-motivated to find direction but never called: Mr. Hung, please help me book a show...

Just these few tiny points, I personally think this guy is worth playing with, I don't know how he is with anyone, but for me, I feel it is my own."

Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to r.eveal his true self, his rebellious appearance. - Photo 2

As someone who has interacted with Du Thien many times, Tuan Hung shows affection and does not hesitate to praise his junior's true personality. The male singer also admitted that he voluntarily shared the MV without being asked to do so. Tuan Hung wants to use social networks to "exchange and connect the spirit of love for music and the positive things of life" instead of causing controversy and turmoil.

Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to r.eveal his true self, his rebellious appearance. - Photo 3

Even though he is a singer with a scandalous personal life, it is difficult for the audience to "hate" Du Thien because of the male singer's "stubborn and Buddha-like" personality. He regularly donates m.oney to charity and is not afraid to speak up about sensitive issues in showbiz and society. Du Thien is currently still working hard in his artistic activities and has a stable audience who always love and support him.

Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to r.eveal his true self, his rebellious appearance. - Photo 4

Recently, Du Thien also attracted attention when he helped people in Hoang Mai, Hanoi catch robbers. According to the male singer, he was cutting his hair when he heard the young couple's shouts of robbery. Seeing the discontent, the male singer stopped cutting his hair, coordinated with local people to control it and took him to the police station.

Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to r.eveal his true self, his rebellious appearance. - Photo 5

Immediately after that, the male singer also shared this video on his Facebook profile page and attached the status line: "If you feel dissatisfied on the street, please help. If you go out with belongings, be very careful." Please".

Du Thien's actions attracted attention on social networks. While many viewers praised his courage and quick thinking, many people thought that the male singer was a bit "boasting" when posting clips on social networks. In response to mixed comments, Du Thien said:

"I'm used to having a lot of people who love me and a lot of people who hate me. Sometimes people share false and inaccurate information about me widely on social networks. Up until now, I've only been miserable." I work hard, do charity work, and when I meet people in accidents on the road, I always try to help. I just live as myself, wanting to do good and meaningful things for the community."

Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to r.eveal his true self, his rebellious appearance. - Photo 6

Du Thien's real name is Nguyen Minh Thuong, from Hai Duong. He was born on June 22, 1985, graduated from the vocal department at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in the 2006-2009 session. In his music career, Du Thien has had remarkable achievements. He won 3rd prize at the 2007 Hai Duong Television Singing Festival, in the light music category, and second prize at the Northern Provinces Television Singing Festival, especially in the field of chamber music.

Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to r.eveal his true self, his rebellious appearance. - Photo 7

Du Thien is known to the audience through songs such as My Love Doesn't Change, Erase Everything, Le Cay, Where Are You in the East, Love Each Other... Not long ago, Du Thien suffered an injury to the area. Head and face were bruised while filming the new MV Le Cay 3.

Du Thien was posted by Tuan Hung to r.eveal his true self, his rebellious appearance. - Photo 8

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