Tuan Hung's wife was "dug up" about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry

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Tuan Hung couldn't help but feel frustrated when the past of his wife Huong B.aby and singer Duy Manh was suddenly "dug up" by netizens. Faced with many unfavorable words, Tuan Hung spoke up to clarify and made a statement about marriage that attracted a lot of attention.

Recently, on his personal page, Tuan Hung suddenly posted a status line mentioning the relationship between his wife Huong B.aby and male singer Duy Manh. The reason is that after hearing the news that Tuan Hung invited his wife to play the female lead in the MV about to be released, many netizens "dug up" the past of Huong B.aby also filming a MV with Duy Manh, drawing up all kinds of stories to tease. teased the voice of Finding the Sky.

Tuan Hungs wife was dug up about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry - Photo 1

Tuan Hung specifically responded as follows: "There are some diggers who keep asking how much m.oney his wife made in filming a MV for Duy Manh in the past, and then make fun of it."

Faced with such an unlucky move, Tuan Hung expressed his opinion: "At that time, I did not know my wife, so I don't know about that past. I don't know if Mr. Manh kissed or had anything with my wife, and It's not serious because that was before loving and marrying me. I only care that when she loves and marries me, she completely belongs to me and we are happy with our current life."

Accordingly, Tuan Hung does not place much importance on whether his wife and his once close senior had dated in the past or not. What he cares about is that after falling in love and getting married, Huong B.aby always wholeheartedly cultivates the happiness of both of their families. "Love and live in the present and for the future", Tuan Hung concluded the matter.

Tuan Hungs wife was dug up about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry - Photo 2

It can be seen that through the post, Tuan Hung also expressed a decisive attitude towards his wife being dragged into a MV released more than 14 years ago. At the same time, he also affirmed the current feelings between the couple, not letting the past story affect them. His post is receiving a lot of sympathy, but many people also think that Tuan Hung calling Duy Manh's name again may create many new "wars" between the two.

Tuan Hungs wife was dug up about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry - Photo 3

In 2010, Duy Manh released the MV Love You Much. Notably, Tuan Hung's current wife - Huong B.aby - plays the female lead in this "left and right" product. In the MV, Huong B.aby played the role of a g.irl who betrayed Duy Manh's lover and ran after another man. The two had quite a few emotional scenes together, including the scene where she wore a wedding dress to "groom" Duy Manh.

Tuan Hungs wife was dug up about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry - Photo 4

Tuan Hungs wife was dug up about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry - Photo 5

As for Tuan Hung and Duy Manh, it is known that in the past, they used to be close to each other but then suddenly broke up and even fought on social networks. Previously, Tuan Hung confided that he and Duy Manh had a period of misunderstanding for 10 years:

"We had real misunderstandings, about 10 years ago. That was the time when we had different views on friendship, love and life when we were young. Then just from the words we said to each other , through one person's ears, through another person's mouth it will become another story leading to misunderstanding.

I am always grateful to Mr. Duy Manh for giving me songs that helped me make my own mark in my musical career, helping me gain more audiences. Therefore, over the years, no matter what he said, I always chose to stay silent, not wanting unnecessary arguments and arguments.

However, over the past few years, he has repeatedly joked with me on social networks. I didn't want things to go too far, so I decided to call and talk directly and frankly with Mr. Duy Manh to end this matter." .

Tuan Hungs wife was dug up about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry - Photo 6

According to Tuan Hung, when he called Duy Manh to ask Duy Manh to stop teasing him on social networks, Duy Manh agreed: "At that time, Duy Manh agreed but after a while he continued, even saying: 'I just I like teasing Tuan Hung'".

Currently, the story is still attracting the attention of fans and public opinion.

Tuan Hungs wife was dug up about her past with Duy Manh, the male singer viciously declared that he was angry - Photo 7

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