Du Thien did not help people catch armed robbers, but the Communist Party criticized this

Kim LâmJun 14, 2024 at 09:09

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Recently, the image of singer Du Thien helping people control a thief carrying a knife was shared and praised by everyone. However, there are still some opinions expressing dissatisfaction with these things of the male singer.

Recently in the area of Truong Dinh, Hoang Mai, Hanoi, an incident occurred that caused a stir. Accordingly, a phone thief while selling the phone was suddenly discovered by the phone's owner through location and then came to the place to confront and demand m.oney.

During the argument, he not only denied the crime but also pulled out the knife he had on him to f.ight back so fiercely that no one dared to come close. It seemed like the phone was about to be taken away when singer Du Thien just happened to pass by. He did not hesitate to think but boldly rushed to control the robber. After subduing him, he and three other men rode motorbikes to escort the robber to the station.

Du Thien did not help people catch armed robbers, but the Communist Party criticized this - Photo 1

According to singer Du Thien, he was originally a martial arts student. If he had rushed in and used his "strength" to kick the robber down, it would have been very easy. However, the fact that the thief was holding a knife in his hand, if he threw a kick, unfortunately the young man fell on the knife, was very dangerous, so he chose the safe option.

According to the male singer, during the explanation, the young man said he found the phone of the young couple. However, the male singer questioned why he picked up the phone in their car. If you find it, why don't you find a way to return it to the lost person and bring it to a phone store to sell? Thanks to the location, the young couple was able to find this phone store.

In addition, the male singer also said that if he picks up the phone when the deceased comes to ask for it, he only needs to verify it and return it, why should he use a knife to threaten him and run away.

Du Thien did not help people catch armed robbers, but the Communist Party criticized this - Photo 2

On the male singer's TikTok channel, he also posted a clip of him supporting his relatives. The male singer shared on his personal page on Facebook and wrote: "If you feel dissatisfied on the street, please help. If you go out with belongings, please be very careful."

Du Thien's brave action received applause from people present and netizens. Some people also left comments praising the male singer's spirit of cause: "No matter what you say, Du Thien has done something that many people cannot do. It is very worthy of praise"; "If you have a little martial arts, you'll be completely different. You'll be ready to receive a certificate of merit from your ward, and you'll be famous"; "If you encounter any grievances on the street, you must take action immediately! 10 points!"; "Your fans are never wrong";...

Du Thien did not help people catch armed robbers, but the Communist Party criticized this - Photo 3

Besides, there are also some negative comments saying that the male singer likes to s.how o.ff, saying that he did not need to film a clip to post on TikTok like that. Some people cleverly reminded the male singer to wear a helmet when riding a motorbike. Because he climbed on the motorbike to escort the thief to the nearest police station but did not wear a helmet.

Du Thien did not help people catch armed robbers, but the Communist Party criticized this - Photo 4

Even though he is a singer with a scandalous personal life, it is difficult for the audience to "hate" Du Thien because of the male singer's "stubborn and Buddha-like" personality. He regularly donates m.oney to charity and is not afraid to speak up about sensitive issues in showbiz and society. Du Thien is currently still working hard in his artistic activities and has a stable audience who always love and support him.

Du Thien did not help people catch armed robbers, but the Communist Party criticized this - Photo 5

Du Thien's real name is Nguyen Minh Thuong, from Hai Duong. He was born on June 22, 1985, graduated from the vocal department at the Vietnam National Academy of Music, course 2006-2009. He won 3rd prize at the 2007 Hai Duong Television Singing Festival, in the light music category, and second prize at the Northern Provinces Television Singing Festival, especially in the field of chamber music.

Du Thien is known to the audience through songs such as My Love Doesn't Change, Erase Everything, Le Cay, Where Are You Back in the East, Love Each Other... A few days ago, Du Thien suffered a head injury , her face was bruised while filming the new MV Le Cay 3.

Du Thien did not help people catch armed robbers, but the Communist Party criticized this - Photo 6

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