Doan Hai My's health deteriorated worryingly, r.evealing that her son was in danger during labor

Nguyễn KimJun 24, 2024 at 07:01

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After giving birth, Doan Van Hau's wife received many questions from fans about the life of a new mother. Doan Hai My happily shared about her pregnancy journey and becoming a mother for the first time.

Doan Hai My is a WAG who receives the most attention in Vietnamese football today. As a young lady of Hanoi, once ranked in the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 with pure and beautiful beauty, Doan Hai My became even more famous when she married Vietnam national team defender Doan Van Hau.

In early May 2024, Doan Hai My gave birth to Van Hau's first beautiful son. In June, the couple revealed their first son's first birthday party, nicknamed Lua (real name Doan Minh Dang). Being a first-time mother, the WAG worked hard to interact with her sisters on social networks to share about her diaper life, as well as her love for her b.aby.

Doan Hai Mys health deteriorated worryingly, r.evealing that her son was in danger during labor - Photo 1

Even though she only gave birth 1 month ago, Doan Hai My quickly regained her shape after giving birth. When asked about the secret, Doan Van Hau's wife said: "If you pump milk, you'll lose a lot of weight. Now I don't know how to pump milk and still maintain weight. But now I've lost weight and my bones are making teeth. "Dizziness, I'm dizzy."

Doan Hai Mys health deteriorated worryingly, r.evealing that her son was in danger during labor - Photo 2

Doan Hai My's post below makes many people worried. Fans sent words of encouragement, hoping that Doan Van Hau's wife will take better care of her health.

Besides, the "hot mom" also reminisced about the process of giving birth, making fans feel that, in addition to her graceful and feminine appearance, Doan Hai My is a strong-willed mother.

"My gave birth naturally. It would be a lie to say I wasn't scared. My friend Lua, close to her due date, suddenly had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, but My still decided to give birth naturally. When she got on the delivery table, she was so worried. Every now and then, remind your husband to look at Lua's heart rate chart to see if you're okay inside. Try to stay calm. At that time, your spirit is very important , be strong," Doan Hai My wrote.

Doan Hai Mys health deteriorated worryingly, r.evealing that her son was in danger during labor - Photo 3

Currently, Doan Van Hau's wife still hides her c.hild's face because: "It's really fun and very lucky to have people care and ask questions. But because My and the family want to keep the b.aby, let him be a little stronger, out I just announced it to everyone. That's also the reason why I dared to take pictures and inform everyone until the last months of my pregnancy."

Doan Hai Mys health deteriorated worryingly, r.evealing that her son was in danger during labor - Photo 4

Talking about the stretch marks caused by pregnancy and childbirth, the beauty born in 2001 honestly shared: "My stomach has had stretch marks since the last month of pregnancy, they still have them, on my chest there are a few, I just discovered it after giving birth. I still apply cream every day. Now, about 15-20% of the stretch marks have turned into white, and the rest have faded a bit. In general, I've determined that once I get stretch marks, they will stay with me forever. I just accept it positively."

Doan Hai Mys health deteriorated worryingly, r.evealing that her son was in danger during labor - Photo 5

It is known that Doan Van Hau's wife has succeeded in her figure after giving birth to her first c.hild. By the time she went on the operating table, she reached the weight mark of 59kg. After a month, the beauty's weight returned to 50kg. Before getting pregnant, her ideal weight was about 46 - 47kg. But to ensure the health of mother and b.aby, Doan Hai My tries to maintain a balanced level.

During the confinement period, Doan Hai My adapted quickly and was not under postpartum pressure. By her side, there is always her husband Doan Van Hau and her grandparents. Her husband is always on duty and supports taking care of the children so she can have time to rest and recuperate. According to shares, WAGs exclusively breastfeed their children. Therefore, the diet and rest regimen are designed to be balanced and suitable for the mother's physical condition.

Doan Hai Mys health deteriorated worryingly, r.evealing that her son was in danger during labor - Photo 6

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