Doan Hai My updated the situation of "pregnant mother", her belly is so big that she still "plows" work regularly

Tuyết NgọcMar 28, 2024 at 13:29

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After announcing the good news to fans with Doan Van Hau, Doan Hai My freely updated the situation on social networks. Even though she is pregnant, she is still quite busy and works constantly.

Recently, Doan Hai My shared her first comments after releasing a set of maternity photos with Doan Van Hau. That was the biggest change in her b.ody after pregnancy, she gained a lot of weight.

Doan Hai My updated the situation of pregnant mother, her belly is so big that she still plows work regularly - Photo 1

In addition, when netizens "suggested" that if they had a lot of free time at home, they could go on livestream and chat with everyone to relieve boredom, but the defender's wife, born in 1999, affirmed that she was still very busy: "I'm still hard at work, wait until I have a more comfortable schedule and then I'll go live with everyone."

Doan Hai My updated the situation of pregnant mother, her belly is so big that she still plows work regularly - Photo 2

In fact, Doan Hai My also had a similar response when netizens thought she was free so she often went online to record fun clips. Accordingly, once Miss Ha Thanh shared very clearly about her job, she took on many roles at the same time.

For example: working at a store selling products specifically for men, making clips for this brand or that, receiving product advertising bookings,... And most of these jobs need to be maintained regularly. So you don't have to stay home to rest when you're pregnant.

Doan Hai My updated the situation of pregnant mother, her belly is so big that she still plows work regularly - Photo 3

Doan Hai My also received a lot of compliments about her beauty. Even though she is a pregnant mother, she is still beautiful and radiant: "Mom Thuy is so pretty", "Hai My has gained weight but her figure is still beautiful, no weight gain." I'm too overweight", "Look at my figure, even when I take a photo, I still look so slim",...

Previously, the newlywed couple chose to keep the information that they were about to have their first c.hild a secret even though people were constantly "crying their names" on all fronts. That's why, ever since the "Dragon baby" hunt was widely publicized on social networks, every move of the Hau - My couple has received people's attention.

Doan Hai My updated the situation of pregnant mother, her belly is so big that she still plows work regularly - Photo 4

Over the past few months, the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 and the defender from Thai Binh have been experiencing a happy married life, saying there are many surprises and interesting things. The couple moved to an apartment in Hanoi with full amenities.

The two helped each other change previous bad habits such as skipping meals, replacing them with family meals. According to Doan Hai My, the two often share housework, such as the wife vacuuming and the husband drying clothes.

Doan Hai My updated the situation of pregnant mother, her belly is so big that she still plows work regularly - Photo 5

"When living together, we both learned more about each other's habits and did the same work every morning when we woke up. At first, I was unfamiliar because I had never lived away from family before, but now I am comfortable and like it. I have a good suspicion thanks to my psychological husband," said Miss Ha Thanh.

Also according to Doan Hai My, in life it is difficult to avoid quarrels, but the couple still chooses to resolve them in a gentle way. They often speak frankly, and those who notice mistakes will correct them.

Doan Hai My updated the situation of pregnant mother, her belly is so big that she still plows work regularly - Photo 6

When they feel hot-tempered, they turn to texting to control their words and emotions. Last Giap Thin Tet, Wags, born in 2001, experienced New Year's Eve for the first time, making banh chung with her husband's family in Thai Binh.

Not long ago, fans were excited to share pictures of her and her "partner" while at home during Tet. In the photo, Miss Ha Thanh has a bare face, a neat bun, a bright smile, and happily takes pictures with family members. Even without makeup, the wife of the Vietnam national team defender is still beautiful with bright facial features, smooth skin and sharp eyebrows.

Doan Hai My updated the situation of pregnant mother, her belly is so big that she still plows work regularly - Photo 7

When placing a bare-face photo taken by someone else next to a self-posted photo, Doan Hai My's beauty is not much different, it's just that she knows how to pose and let her hair down to make her face look slimmer when appearing in "virtual life" photos. Stop.

Doan Hai My was born in 2001 in Hanoi, was in the top 10 of Miss Vietnam 2020 and won the Talented Beauty a.ward. She graduated from Hanoi Law University in May and is currently pursuing modeling and business work.

As for Doan Van Hau, he was born in 1999 in Thai Binh and currently plays for Hanoi Police Club. The couple loved each other for three years, before registering their marriage in October 2023.

Doan Hai My updated the situation of pregnant mother, her belly is so big that she still plows work regularly - Photo 8

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