Doan Hai My's face was "broken", becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy

Bình MinhMar 07, 2024 at 14:46

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Constantly caught up in pregnancy questions, Doan Hai My decided to remain silent, not sharing anything about this. However, a rare photo of her at her husband's house revealed it all.

In the past, Doan Hai My - the wife of defender Doan Van Hau is known as a g.irl who is always attentive to her image. From the fact that every time you go to the street, you have to make up, wear fashion clothes to each image on social networks is carefully and beautifully selected,...

Doan Hai Mys face was broken, becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy - Photo 1

It is not too much to say, almost every time she appears in public, the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 also has the appearance of a h.ot g.irl with luxury, charm and "no dead corners". Therefore, when she leaves her face without lipstick, it makes people pay more attention.

Recently, fans have been sharing pictures of Doan Hai My and Doan Van Hau while in their hometown of Thai Binh during the Lunar New Year. At that time, Wags was born in 2001 with a completely rustic face, happily taking photos with her family members.

Doan Hai Mys face was broken, becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy - Photo 2

In the photo, Miss He Cheng has her hair in a neat bun, with a bright smile. Even without makeup, the Vietnamese defender's wife is still beautiful enough with bright quintuples, smooth skin and sharp eyebrows.

When placing photos of other people's faces next to self-posted photos, Doan Hai My's beauty is not much different, just that she knows how to pose and let her hair down to make her face look slimmer when taking photos of "virtual life" only.

Doan Hai Mys face was broken, becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy - Photo 3

However, people still noticed that Doan Van Hau's wife's face was much rounder, no longer had a neat V-line chin as before. This is a sign of weight gain, but she is also suspected of having "good news" so these changes are understandable.

In addition, Hai My also attracted attention with a dimpled second round in a loose sweater. However, she and her husband have not spoken publicly about this with fans. All Wen Hau said was that he wished that next year he would be able to carry his b.aby with him.

Doan Hai Mys face was broken, becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy - Photo 4

A few days ago, on her social media account, Wags 10X reposted a picture of herself when she was not married to the defender born in 1999. At the same time, he said that close to summer, he loves to go to the beach and wear h.ot bikinis. Many people think that she is nostalgic for her "bony crane" physique.

Doan Hai Mys face was broken, becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy - Photo 5

Not long ago, Doan Van Hau came to Singapore from Vietnam for an injury examination. This is his third trip in the past 4 months to the lion island nation.

All because the treatment of the injury has lasted quite a long time making it difficult for the 1999-born defender. And during these trauma treatment trips, he was always "accompanied" by his beautiful wife Doan Hai My.

Doan Hai Mys face was broken, becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy - Photo 6

If you have followed the couple for a long time, you will know that during the 24-year-old striker's injury, Miss Ha Thanh rarely revealed her anxiety, mood images, or moments of pain on social media.

Instead, in the role of rearguard, she is there to take care of, cook, help her newlywed husband in living and taking care of the house. In addition, the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 often share happy and happy photos with him instead of words of encouragement and comfort.

Doan Hai Mys face was broken, becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy - Photo 7

On this trip, Doan Hai My made people wonder when she constantly posted photos of luxurious dining and private dates with her husband. In addition, Wags born in 2001 also shared a photo of herself and Van Hau smiling together to create a heart. Reportedly, this is a photo taken after the couple's November 2023 wedding.

At this time, the observant online community realized that Miss Ha Thanh did not use words but used symbols to express her feelings to her husband. It is a powerful arm icon, symbolizing strength. Moreover, it is also a picture of two people embracing each other, expressing cohesion, empathy, always beside each other. And finally, the 4-leaf grass shape with the hope that good luck and good things will come.

Doan Hai Mys face was broken, becoming more and more rounded amid the question of pregnancy - Photo 8

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