Doan Van Hau's mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir

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Recently, Ms. Doan Phuong Mai has received a lot of attention from the public when she continuously competes with her daughter Doan Hai My, showing off her beauty no less than that of a young woman in her twenties.

It can be said that in the Vietnamese football industry at the present time, Ms. Mai Doan is the hottest lady among the mother-in-laws of famous players. Not only because she comes from a Hanoi woman with an elegant appearance, always wearing expensive branded accessories, but her beauty at the age of U50 also stands out and receives a lot of attention. She is also often compared to her daughter Doan Hai My in terms of appearance.

Doan Van Haus mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir - Photo 1

Recently, Doan Van Hau's mother-in-law continued to cause a stir when she shared a photo of her 17-year-old daughter, Doan Hai My, with the same beauty as her. In the photo, Mrs. Mai Doan from 30 years ago impressed the public with her bright smile and beautiful face.

Her youthful appearance and radiance from her eyes to her smile show that the young lady of Hanoi was a beauty that everyone remembers. In particular, Ms. Mai Doan placed a photo of herself in her youth next to the photo of her current daughter to highlight the similarities. In general, both mother and daughter have sweet and loving beauty.

Doan Van Haus mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir - Photo 2

And when comparing photos of Doan Van Hau's mother-in-law at the age of 17 and at the age of 47, people still have to admit that Ms. Mai Doan maintains her beauty very well. After 3 decades, the most obvious change in this woman is that her long, shiny, gentle hair has transformed into a stylish short hairstyle, showing off her ageless visual.

The remaining features on Ms. Doan Phuong Mai's face are still as youthful, especially her smooth skin with few signs of aging and her still slim figure that many people admire.

Doan Van Haus mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir - Photo 3

Not long ago, the photo of Doan Phuong Mai and her mother standing in the same frame made people stir. Wags, born in 2001, possesses a gentle demeanor and charming beauty in a traditional ao dai with elegant colors.

As for Mrs. Mai, her makeup is light and still attractive. As expected, Hai My has inherited all of her mother's beauty. The mother and daughter standing next to each other seem to have their visuals doubled.

Doan Van Haus mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir - Photo 4

Not only taking photos, the Thai Binh footballer's mother-in-law also caught the h.ot trend on social networks today. Specifically, Ms. Mai Doan wrote the status line: "Where is my beautiful mother?" when posting a photo with her daughter.

Since Doan Hai My married Van Hau, Mrs. Mai Doan has always accompanied the couple. Many times people have seen the entire family of the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 having breakfast together and visiting beautiful spots in Hanoi. Most recently, Mrs. Mai Doan and her daughter and son-in-law went to the temple to pray for good luck.

Doan Van Haus mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir - Photo 5

An interesting thing is that in the past, Miss Ha Thanh's biological mother loved her short, unique hairstyle, often styling it in a sturdy, cool style. But on the occasion of the new year, which was also the first Tet to become Doan Van Hau's "mother-in-law", she had softer, more elegant hair.

Although it has not grown completely long, this is also Mrs. Mai Doan's determination to "grow her hair" according to the advice of the adults in the house. When Van Hau and Hai My were about to get married, Wags' mother was advised to keep her hair long because she was about to have a son-in-law, so that they would look softer, more beautiful and thicker.

Doan Van Haus mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir - Photo 6

Inheriting her mother's beauty, Doan Hai My has been rumored to have had plastic surgery many times, as evidenced by a recent video where netizens questioned her about getting a nose job.

The explanation for this is because Miss Ha Thanh's nose looks slimmer, taller and more and more beautiful. In response, Doan Van Hau's wife affirmed that she did not have nose surgery. Wags, born in 2001, is still modest: "My nose is very normal. The angle of the photo is just that."

Doan Van Haus mother-in-law caused a fever again, posting photos of herself as a teenager, making fans stir - Photo 7

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