Doan Hai My changed her dress sense after marrying Van Hau, still very beautiful but something was wrong

Hoa TuyếtDec 02, 2023 at 21:34

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After 2 wedding parties with Doan Van Hau, Doan Hai My continues to attract attention from the public with her changed physique and dress sense. Although she is still as beautiful as before, many people still can't help but wonder.

Painstakingly "discharging" wedding photos in recent days, Doan Hai My has finally updated her life photos after getting married on her personal page. Accordingly, Doan Van Hau's wife has just posted the moment she met her friend in a clothing store and went to drink milk tea. Thereby, people guessed that the beauty born in 2001 was relaxing after the wedding by shopping and eating comfortably.

Doan Hai My changed her dress sense after marrying Van Hau, still very beautiful but something was wrong - Photo 1

Although not checking in to a specific location, with a few signs, netizens believe that Miss Hanoi is in Singapore. Previously, there were many sources said that after the wedding, Van Hau and his wife will go to the lion island nation to visit the 24-year-old's injury.

However, at this time, the two have not been seen together, so the public is curious whether the 1999 defender will be with his wife. However, what interests netizens the most is still Doan Hai My's physique.

Doan Hai My changed her dress sense after marrying Van Hau, still very beautiful but something was wrong - Photo 2

Remember in 2 weddings in Thai Binh and Hanoi, the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 revealed many "hints" like having a b.aby. Even a few netizen frames clearly see her round 2.

However, in this latest photo, Doan Van Hau is still confident in a body-hugging b.ody dress. The physique is still quite slender and has a waist. But the fact that Doan Hai My changed her style to dress more salty, s.exy and less crop top showing off her waist still made netizens feel "strange".

Doan Hai My changed her dress sense after marrying Van Hau, still very beautiful but something was wrong - Photo 3

Up to now, the talented couple Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My have not responded to anything related to the "good news". The two just spend time enjoying married life, resting after busy wedding days.

On the evening of 26/11, the 2nd wedding ceremony of the Vietnamese defender and his beautiful wife officially took place at a luxury restaurant in Hanoi. When the pair of talented boys and girls appeared on the altar, all guests had to watch attentively. Especially, the moment Van Hau gave a sweet kiss to Hai My made everyone "lose heart".

Doan Hai My changed her dress sense after marrying Van Hau, still very beautiful but something was wrong - Photo 4

It is known that the wedding reception space is decorated according to the inspiration of the garden of Eden, using crystals and flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, tulips, callas, gallops, delphiniums. The bride uses hand-held wedding flowers made from spirit orchids, shaped like small bells, symbolizing happiness.

In the footage of the reportage on the big day, Doan Van Hau's wife showed off her radiant and pure beauty when wearing a long fishtail wedding dress, cupping her chest close to her b.ody. Notably, when she received wedding jewelry from her biological mother, the angle of tilt accidentally revealed the raised second ring in front of the camera, making the public even more sure of the rumor that the couple had "good news".

Doan Hai My changed her dress sense after marrying Van Hau, still very beautiful but something was wrong - Photo 5

Not only that, throughout the party, Miss He Cheng also skillfully shielded her 2nd round with flowers. Apart from the change in her abdomen, she showed no signs of weight gain on her face or arms.

Previously, social networks were buzzing with information that Doan Van Hau's hotgirl wife went to a prenatal examination at a hospital in Hanoi and was accompanied by her mother-in-law. Next, Hai My continued to be seen covering her stomach with her hands at the wedding in Thai Binh on November 11 when there were many people jostling.

Doan Hai My changed her dress sense after marrying Van Hau, still very beautiful but something was wrong - Photo 6

In addition, during the wedding, guests also confirmed that the couple had good news when they heard family representatives wishing the bride and groom a b.aby soon. In the face of a series of questions, people are still eagerly waiting for confirmation of good news from the "owner".

Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My started dating in 2020 but did not make their romance public until 2022. Last September, the defender born in 1999 proposed marriage and was accepted by his girlfriend. On October 20, the couple registered their marriage at the People's Committee of My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

Doan Hai My changed her dress sense after marrying Van Hau, still very beautiful but something was wrong - Photo 7

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