Diem Hang 'Vang Anh Diary': Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now?

Bảo NamApr 17, 2024 at 16:38

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Despite starting from a h.ot role, possessing both impressive appearance and acting, Diem Hang's career has been extremely difficult. She encountered many incidents that interrupted her work.

Life doesn't have many advantages

Vang Anh's Diary is the first television series to attract the attention of a large number of young Vietnamese audiences. This is also the launching pad for many actors and h.ot girls to shine overnight like Minh Huong, Thanh Van Hugo, Hoang Thuy Linh, Diem Hang...

In Vang Anh's Diary, Dien Hang takes on the role of Trang - Vang Anh's younger sister played by Hoang Thuy Linh. Diem Hang impresses with her innocent and cheerful appearance. At that time, Diem Hang became a familiar face in many shows. However, Diem Hang lacks a breakthrough. After Vang Anh's Diary, the actress born in 1989 still took on some roles but did not leave much of an impression.

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 1

It can be said that if Hoang Thuy Linh is a name that fans are interested in because of her successes in her singing and acting career, her 'younger sister' Diem Hang has a life of many difficulties.

Because her family is in a difficult economic period, Diem Hang has focused on business. But after a few times transferring m.oney back and forth with the business relationship, the other party took all her m.oney and disappeared.

At that time, still young and without much experience in the market, Diem Hang thought simply: "As soon as I stumbled, I stood up and rushed to save the situation. People said I I was bold and reckless, and I thought that if I lost one thing, I would get another, and then everything would fall into place. But, I didn't expect that from then on I would be caught up in a spiral of borrowing and debt... How much? I put all my m.oney into one business.

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 2

My friends also advised me to boldly borrow m.oney to invest. They introduced me to places that borrowed at exorbitant rates. I fell into a time of crisis and was swimming in a pile of debt, my mind stuck thinking about how to have m.oney to pay interest weekly and monthly."

"My family was losing m.oney, so I stopped making art and went into business as a way to save the family's finances. Because I was young and unlucky, I failed over and over again. Business is not going well, debt is piling up, interest on parents and children, sometimes the interest exceeds the principal, every month just thinking about how to have m.oney to pay the debt is enough for me Wanderers and creditors surrounded her, insulted her honor and even demanded to be beaten because she owed m.oney," Diem Hang confided.

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 3

In 2014, she returned to showbiz but before she could leave an impression, 3 years later, Diem Hang had an accident and her health decreased by 30%. She had to stay in bed for half a year to treat and recover her health: "In the past time, I've been walking a lot and my legs have grown bigger again, but if you look closely, you can still see that one leg is smaller than the other. I'm worried." worried about weight issues, how to have a lighter appearance, more suitable for filming.

Currently my health is not as resilient as before. Therefore, I cannot stand intense and difficult exercises to lose weight. The doctor once said that I had to actively treat it or my legs would become disabled. Girls with high legs and short legs are very ugly."

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 4

After a long and eventful period, Diem Hang is gradually returning to normal life and continuing her artistic activities. She is building the image of a more mature, mature woman than the cute, playful Diem Hang before. Although currently, she has not achieved much success in the acting field, the audience is very happy to see Diem Hang's return. She also participated in a number of columns as a TV MC.

As for private love affairs, in an interview, Diem Hang confided that she has a foreign boyfriend: "At this time, Hang does not want to share much. He is gentle and cares about Hang's family very much. . In general, it's pleasant. Looking at how they live in their family, I also feel comfortable."

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 5

Reappeared after the accident

Missed Appointment with Green Day is a prime time movie that is attracting attention on VTV. The script revolves around 3 young architects including Duyen (Le Bong), Hiep (Huynh Anh), Giang (Minh Thu). They are young people looking for "where they belong". Three people with different living situations and different personalities, but they all have their own dreams and directions.

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 6

Besides the three-way relationship of the main characters, viewers were surprised by the appearance of a familiar face - Diem Hang. She appeared in Missed an Appointment with Green Day episode 12 and played Giang's close sister Ha. Ha's married life was not very happy, so she advised Giang not to get married because "there is no one trustworthy in men".

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 7

She advised Giang to be careful with Hiep's sweet words. This startled Giang because the advice was too similar to her mother's. "Mom didn't say it as harshly as my sister, but she still objected" - Giang sighed.

Or when it comes to Giang's mother, Ha admires her very much and gives her many compliments. She also gave her opinion on material things and happiness: "I'd rather cry on a pile of branded goods than laugh in a thatched hut. What I can't buy with m.oney, I buy with gold, lots of gold." ".

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 8

In recent episodes, Ha has appeared more often with her beauty considered to be more beautiful, youthful, and slimmer than her image from a few years ago. Many viewers have left positive comments about the return of actress "Vang Anh's sister": "Diem Hang is so young, still the same as before", "The success of supporting women is unusual though appears often but is still remembered by the audience, like Diem Hang", "I think she acts better than Minh Thu"...

Diem Hang Vang Anh Diary: Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now? - Photo 9

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