David Beckham was "underdog" because of his eldest son Brooklyn, decided to "spend heavily" on his second son's wedding to regain face?

Hoàng PhúcApr 29, 2022 at 10:12

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The role of the Beckhams in the process of organizing Brooklyn's wedding is not large. Therefore, with the wedding of other children later, the Beckham family will definitely have a different way of expressing and will control the game more.

Recently, the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz was held at a beach villa located in Florida, USA, this property is worth more than 100 million USD and is a long-standing property of the Peltz family. The lavish wedding cost 4 million USD, all expenses were paid by the bride's family. This event has attracted great attention from international news.

However, husband and wife David and Victoria Beckham certainly cannot be completely satisfied in Brooklyn's wedding, because they appear as guests at their son's own wedding.

David Beckham was "underdog" because of his eldest son Brooklyn, decided to "spend heavily" on his second son's wedding to regain face? - Photo 1

The whole event was taken care of by the bride's family, the Beckham family moved from England to the US by yacht to attend the wedding, the whole family stayed on the yacht until the day before the wedding took place. , to go to the bride's villa, to participate in an intimate party before the wedding.

Obviously, the role of the Beckhams in Brooklyn's wedding was not big, the g.irl's family with "overwhelming" economic potential stood up to organize and arrange everything. Before that, the Beckhams had always been compared for a fortune of $ 450 million with a total asset value of up to $ 1.7 billion of "marriage" Nelson Peltz.

By the time the wedding really took place, the "overwhelming" of the bride's family was too obvious. Immediately after Brooklyn's wedding, the Beckhams left the United States, despite the fact that David Beckham also had his own house near the wedding venue. The Beckhams immediately went abroad to travel together, as soon as they returned to the US, David again scheduled to meet all family members Mia - Romeo's girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the posts about the close relationship, sticking with the new daughter-in-law or the billionaire family man were not posted by David Beckham and his wife, although now, those relationships should be. must be intimate, much closer than before.

Some sources said that the Beckhams had accepted "below" in the process of organizing Brooklyn's wedding, because they wanted their eldest son's marriage to go smoothly, well, in a harmonious atmosphere, But really inside, David Beckham and his wife are not quite as happy and comfortable as they show.

With the wedding of other children later, the Beckhams will certainly have a different way of expressing themselves and will be more "mastery of the game" than what was shown in Brooklyn's wedding.

David Beckham was "underdog" because of his eldest son Brooklyn, decided to "spend heavily" on his second son's wedding to regain face? - Photo 2

It can be seen that, although it has happened for nearly 20 days, the wedding of the eldest Beck - Vic is still controversial.

On Western social networks, there are many comments expressing disagreement with the way the Peltz family and the Beckham family spend their wedding ceremony.

Some netizens also commented that the two families should only hold an intimate and private event within the family, not such a lavish and grandiose wedding ceremony. .

But in fact, behind the "strong spending" move of the Peltz family and the Beckham family is the problem of economic stimulation, the problem of brand promotion, how to build an image... They can spend too much." violence", but certainly not those who spend aimlessly, and even more do not spend m.oney i.n vain.

Accordingly, in David Beckham's move to give wedding gifts, many people murmured because the antique car was too expensive, but it was just a way of "reciprocating" the groom's family, after the g.irl's family had spent the entire amount. Marrie organization.

David Beckham was "underdog" because of his eldest son Brooklyn, decided to "spend heavily" on his second son's wedding to regain face? - Photo 3

Not only that, David Beckham also had the opportunity to promote his new investment category. Specifically, at the rear of the car, there is a signboard with the logo of an old car repair company in which David is a stake.

Indeed, suddenly the media - the public all simultaneously learned about the logo image appearing on the plate attached to the rear of the car. Suddenly, the car repair company in which Beckham contributed capital was mentioned all over the international news.

"Brand it likes Beckham!" (Make a brand like Beckham) is the headline of the Daily Mail (UK), inspired by the movie title "Bend It Like Beckham" (S.hot like Beckham" (2002).

Indeed, Beckham has skillfully combined many purposes in a luxurious, flashy wedding gift, both to repay the bride's family, to s.how o.ff to the media - the international public, and to lead public opinion to people know about their new investment.

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