Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace

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Posting a picture of her son Brooklyn Beckham but ignoring Nicola Peltz, Victoria Beckham is said to be expressing dissatisfaction with her eldest daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, the second son of the Beckham family is said to be trying to mend the relationship between his mother and sister-in-law.

On Friday (September 2), Victoria Beckham shared on Instagram a photo of Brooklyn Beckham on Vogue Hong Kong, captioned "So proud!", adding a pink heart icon, not forgetting to tag her son. both and magazine.

Then, the 48-year-old fashion designer posted a picture of Brooklyn kneeling on the grass and complimented: "Looks good." David Beckham also has a similar move on his personal page.

Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace - Photo 1

It is worth mentioning, Brooklyn participated in an interview and took a photo with his wife Nicola Peltz on Vogue Hong Kong, but Victoria completely ignored the presence of her daughter-in-law.

According to the Daily Mail, Victoria clicked "Like" a private photo of the Beckham family, but did not do the same with the cover photo featuring both Brooklyn and Nicola. The mother of four also did not interact with the photos that Nicola posted on her personal page.

Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace - Photo 2

Although it is only small actions, it can be seen that rumors of discord between Victoria and the head-in-law are not baseless. It is reported that the Beckhams also refused to pay the cost of making a green card (US passport) for Brooklyn. Victoria also did not invite her son and daughter-in-law to her show at Paris Fashion Week.

At the time, Brooklyn and Nicola were new to each other, and the Beckhams were very supportive of this relationship. But everything changed starting with the preparations for Brooklyn and Nicola's wedding at the end of April.

At that time, everyone in the showbiz world assumed that Victoria would design a wedding dress for her daughter-in-law. However, Nicola appeared on the May cover of Vogue in a high-end Valentino outfit.

In an interview with Variety magazine last month, Nicola explained: "I was meant to and I really wanted to (wear a wedding dress designed by my mother-in-law.) But then a few months later, she realized that her tailors were her. She couldn't do that. So I had to choose another dress."

Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace - Photo 3

However, an insider revealed that the model born in 1995 "never" intended to wear Victoria Beckham's clothes at her wedding. According to the source, Nicola still lets her mother-in-law design her wedding dress as she wishes, but does not take it seriously because she knows many friends who are talented fashion designers. "It's like when you have a person in a relationship in law and they say they make the best meatballs. You hate meatballs but you let them cook it. That's exactly what happened. She will never wear it," the source emphasized.

Meanwhile, another source confirmed, Nicola actually considered wearing a wedding dress designed by her mother-in-law, but the incident happened near the wedding. "Valentino was concerned they didn't have enough time to make the dress because Victoria didn't tell the Peltz family that her tailor couldn't make Nicola's dress until the last minute," a second source said.

Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace - Photo 4

Besides the wedding dress incident, another reason why Nicola was upset with her mother-in-law was that Victoria took all the attention at Nicola's wedding.

Specifically, Nicola became annoyed when David and Victoria's best friend, Marc Anthony, only talked about the former Spice Girls member in their congratulatory speech.

Another insider said that Nicola was upset with Victoria not because of the speech, but because Victoria "robbed" the song for "First Dance" of the bride - groom.

Accordingly, the selected song for First Dance is "You Sang To Me" performed by Marc Anthony. Before the wedding, Marc asked Nicola and Brooklyn to choose their favorite song to dedicate to the newlyweds. Nicola was looking forward to it. But Marc did not inform Nicola in advance, but sang the song in the dance between mother and son. More importantly, it was Victoria who asked Marc to do so.

Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace - Photo 5

In the midst of strained family relationships, the most active person in reconciliation was his younger brother Romeo Beckham.

The second son of the British player tried to talk to his mother and brother Brooklyn as well as sister-in-law Nicola Peltz to ease the situation.

"The tension between family members upsets Brooklyn. He is stuck in the middle and feels awkward. Meanwhile, Brooklyn talks more with Romeo. The two are closer than before. Romeo become his brother's support at this time," Mirror quoted the source.

Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace - Photo 6

Sources close to the Beckham family revealed that Romeo called regularly to his brother and sister-in-law to advise and encourage.

"It's terrible for Brooklyn when married life begins again with so much tension between mother and wife. Meanwhile, Nicola demands absolute loyalty from Brooklyn. Ever since Romeo split from model Mia Regan, brothers Brooklyn and Romeo became closer. Perhaps, they became empathetic because of the common sadness, "this person said.

Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace - Photo 7

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