Dao, Pho and Piano were 'turned away' by a series of film distributors, a surprising fact

Thanh PhúcFeb 27, 2024 at 17:09

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The movie is causing a storm nationwide, with the theme of Vietnamese history made under the order of the state - "Peach, Pho and Piano" has just left fans disappointed, when the work was just released by a series of publishers. Big operators in Vietnam "turn around".

In recent days, the Vietnamese movie box office is extremely h.ot over the movie "Peach, Pho and Piano", a film with the theme of war, made by director and screenwriter Phi Kim Son with a budget of about 20 billion. copper. The work was initially only shown at the National Cinema Center, and was not as widely publicized as other cinematographic works. However, thanks to word of mouth and the appeal of this topic, "Peach, Pho and Piano" immediately created a box office fever, becoming the film with the most revenue.

Dao, Pho and Piano were turned away by a series of film distributors, a surprising fact - Photo 1

Taking the theme of the Vietnam War, "Peach, Pho and Piano" brings feelings of pride and clearly depicts the most eloquent period of the Vietnamese people fighting against foreign invaders. Viewers felt like they were reliving the war, with many compliments from the audience after watching, all sharing the same feeling of pride and appreciation for the efforts their ancestors had put in to protect the country.

Dao, Pho and Piano were turned away by a series of film distributors, a surprising fact - Photo 2

The film is inspired by the 60-day war in late 1946 and early 1947 of Hanoi's army and people with the love story of a self-defense man (Doan Quoc Dam) and a young lady of Hanoi (Cao Thuy Linh). . Meritorious Artist Tran Luc, Meritorious Artist Trung Hieu, Doan Quoc Dam, singer Tuan Hung... also appear in the film.

Faced with the enthusiastic reception of "Peach, Pho and Piano", two film distribution units in Vietnam, Beta and Cinestar, decided to buy and sell tickets at their theaters. The coverage immediately became even more intense, all screenings of this movie at the above theaters were fully booked for many days in a row. Furthermore, online ticket booking applications are even overloaded. Regarding direct ticket sales, many images of audiences waiting in long lines to buy tickets were also widely spread.

Dao, Pho and Piano were turned away by a series of film distributors, a surprising fact - Photo 3

Before taking advantage of the timely opportunity of Beta and Cinestar, two other film distribution units, CGV Cinemas and Lotte Cinema, were also rumored to have planned to widely screen the film in all of their theaters, more specifically are all the same price of 45 thousand VND. The rumors were quickly shared, making people excited and restless.

Dao, Pho and Piano were turned away by a series of film distributors, a surprising fact - Photo 4

However, according to published information, CGV Cinemas still has no plans to release Peach, Pho and Piano. In addition to CGV theaters, Lotte Cinema also said that information about the price of 45,000 VND is just unverified fake news. Currently, both of these units are simultaneously "turning around" with the release information of this movie.

Currently, only the National Cinema Center and the Beta Cinema and Cinestar cinema systems are showing the movie Dao, Pho and Piano. Spreading unverified information can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings for the audience. Therefore, audiences also need to be careful with unconfirmed information from unofficial sources.

Dao, Pho and Piano were turned away by a series of film distributors, a surprising fact - Photo 5

Similar to the information that Dao, Pho and Piano "will be premiered on FPT Play", this is also unconfirmed information. Visiting the fanpage with the green tick and the websites of FPT Play and Lotte also did not mention the information that they would show Peaches, Pho and Piano .

Fans also expressed their regret, in addition to their hope that in the near future, "Peach, Pho and Piano" will soon be widely shown in more theaters, contributing to bringing Vietnamese historical films to the world. closer to the public, enhancing gratitude, pride and national love in every person.

Dao, Pho and Piano were turned away by a series of film distributors, a surprising fact - Photo 6

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