Dao, Pho and Piano took over, "kicked" Mai out of the theater, Tuan Hung shared, attracting attention

Phi YếnFeb 21, 2024 at 10:31

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"Peach, Pho and Piano" is making waves on social networks, so much so that many audiences have to wait in line to book tickets. Some cinemas have transferred 50% of their screenings of "Mai" to this work.

"Peach, Pho and Piano" was ordered by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Cinema Department from Feature Film Joint Stock Company I and was released from the first day of Tet at the National Cinema Center, Hanoi. However, when it was released in theaters, the film was crushed by blockbusters such as: Mai, Meet My Sister... again because it did not have any promotional campaigns.

Dao, Pho and Piano took over, kicked Mai out of the theater, Tuan Hung shared, attracting attention - Photo 1

It wasn't until recently that it caused a storm on social networks, becoming a rare historical film that is loved by audiences and trying to hunt for tickets. This proves that the work has content and stories that audiences love and want to experience.

According to information from the National Cinema Center, the theater plans to reduce the number of screenings of the movie "Mai" by 50% to switch to "Dao, Pho and Piano" after the work created a ticket fever in recent days. According to data from Box Office Vietnam, director Phi Tien Son's "brainchild" had 16 screenings on February 20, sold 3,322 tickets and earned more than 166 million VND.

Dao, Pho and Piano took over, kicked Mai out of the theater, Tuan Hung shared, attracting attention - Photo 2

The Cinema Department has also proposed to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to release "Peach, Pho and Piano" nationwide. Accordingly, on February 20, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ta Quang Dong said that the Ministry encourages participating units to distribute the above works as well as state-ordered films and Vietnamese films. Generally speaking.

Immediately after that, two systems, Beta Media and Cinestar, accepted to release "Peach, Pho and Piano" in their theaters as soon as possible. The film has the participation of many famous artists such as: Doan Quoc Dam, Tran Luc, Trung Hieu, Nguyet Hang, Tuan Hung... The content is inspired by the 60-day war in late 1946 and early 1947. in Hanoi.

Dao, Pho and Piano took over, kicked Mai out of the theater, Tuan Hung shared, attracting attention - Photo 3

Facing the great attraction of the work, recently the voice of Finding the Sky - who plays Mr. Phan - shared about his fate with it. Specifically, the male singer wrote: "One fateful morning of being chosen when he received a phone call from director Phi Tien Son.

I woke up and checked zalo to see if it was your number, because I couldn't believe my ears when I was invited to play a role in a movie with a topic I had never thought of. Memoirs of war.

Dao, Pho and Piano took over, kicked Mai out of the theater, Tuan Hung shared, attracting attention - Photo 4

Excitedly preparing for the role and accepting to put aside my singing job to play the role to the fullest as an opportunity to prove myself this time. I seriously pondered every detail for the role I thought I was chosen for."

Tuan Hung also added that he played his role quite smoothly. "It must be that Uncle Son and his assistant team have carefully researched me, so my role is quite smooth. Most of the shorts I haven't had to return to a second time because the preparation mindset this time was already prepared. quite carefully because of my long-term pent-up desire to act in films.

Dao, Pho and Piano took over, kicked Mai out of the theater, Tuan Hung shared, attracting attention - Photo 5

Choosing the right time and the right role is like choosing a song for your career path. It must be truly suitable, have quality and must be supported by a truly quality team. Transforming into a playboy from the past is truly a question mark in the eyes of the audience and myself and my crew," the male singer wrote.

Although he has been active in the arts for many years, when the movie was about to be released, Tuan Hung could not hide his excitement. The male singer felt proud to be chosen by the director. Below the post, many people expressed their admiration, and close friends also sent their congratulations to him and the film.

Dao, Pho and Piano took over, kicked Mai out of the theater, Tuan Hung shared, attracting attention - Photo 6

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