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Jennie and Lisa cause trouble for BLACKPINK, "shake hands" with BTS hoping to save their career?

An Nhi14:38:05 17/07/2024
Recently, Jennie and Lisa of BLACKPINK have been constantly entangled in unnecessary noises in their personal careers. However, fans are currently looking forward to the group's new project in the future with the appearance of BTS.

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Dich Le Nhat Ba was deliberately "teased" by Pham Bang Bang, fans of the 2 houses fought fiercely

An Nhi17:05:13 01/07/2024
Pham Bang Bang and Dich Le Nhat Ba have always been two names that have caused a fever in the Chinese entertainment industry. They are both red carpet queens who are sought after by the public, so it is inevitable that the two are always watched and put on the comparison scale.

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Lisa was pointed out by Chinese designers for plagiarizing costumes, and borrowed the idea of making a MV?

Thảo Mai07:23:06 01/07/2024
Without a doubt, Lisa's Rockstar is the most popular music product in the world. Lisa's return under her own company LLOUD received a lot of praise from the audience.

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Bach Luu Duong: Hotgirl 2k1 has the beauty of first love, accused of "stealing" content

An Nhi14:39:09 24/06/2024
Bach Luu Duong is a new name that has emerged recently. Not only does she fascinate with her beautiful beauty and standard female love vibe, she also makes people admire her with her extremely sweet love, sister, I love you.

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Lisa was accused of plagiarizing a new song poster, was immediately vindicated, and even set a new record

Keng16:30:33 20/06/2024
On June 18, Lisa (Blackpink) announced her comeback along with a poster introducing the song ROCKSTAR, released at 7AM (Vietnam Time) on June 28.

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Chu Thanh Huyen's indifferent attitude, calmly doing one thing amidst the "plagiarism" noise

Thanh Phúc12:02:00 16/06/2024
Quang Hai's wife - h.ot g.irl Chu Thanh Huyen is caught up in a series of dramas, when she was recently accused of using plagiarized images to sell products. Amidst the storm of gossip, the beauty's attitude received a lot of attention, sometimes being quite indifferent, ignoring life.

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K-ICM came out to defend Son Tung when the other party was accused of plagiarism, the song was criticized for being cheesy

Hoàng Phúc14:46:20 11/06/2024
Recently, Son Tung officially released the MV Don't hurt my heart, marking his return to the music industry after 3 months since the MV We of the Future. After its release, the MV has received positive feedback, making proud achievements.

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ILLIT is sarcastically criticized as the group that plagiarizes the most in Kpop, but fans still defend it

Thảo Mai17:33:24 16/05/2024
ILLIT is a trending g.irl group that is sweeping many domestic and foreign music charts. However, even before their debut, the group was entangled in many plagiarism controversies.

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NewJeans was accused of plagiarizing Vietnamese music before their comeback, should ILLIT "take the blame" instead?

Minh Lợi07:30:14 15/05/2024
While the conflict between ADOR company and parent group HYBE tends to become increasingly tense, NewJeans' reputation and appeal remain undiminished. Before the comeback, the group was discussed because of suspicions of plagiarism.

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ILLIT was accused of plagiarism amid clan controversy, denying all previous achievements

Phi Đức10:49:48 04/05/2024
ILLIT encountered a new life after being named by Min Hee Jin, the newly released song was not well received, and was also accused of plagiarizing a song released 6-7 years ago by the American artist.

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Jennie is suspected of plagiarism, there is evidence of "copying the original", fans are out of the way to save

Nguyễn Kim14:30:45 03/05/2024
Recently, the famous Korean eyewear and accessories brand Gentle Monster introduced a new collection called Jentle Salon, in collaboration with Kpop idol Jennie (member of BLACKPINK).

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ViruSs tensed up and refused when Jack's manager asked for a meeting to resolve the matter

Vân Anh13:26:48 12/03/2024
The drama between Jack and ViruSs is still quite tense as the two sides constantly bicker with each other. Jack's management side demanded to meet and work directly with ViruSs but he frankly refused.

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The mukbang fairy "hinted" at the h.ot g.irl plagiarism, attracting more than 11 thousand followers

Phi Đức14:48:19 28/02/2024
Recently, the online community was abuzz about the mukbang fairy having her style copied by a new TikToker as her content. Quynh Truong also made a move to mention the g.irl studying under him.

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Cbiz gave "huge" gifts to Chi Pu, the singer who met the problem at the end of the year, accused of wearing fake clothes

JLO14:23:44 07/02/2024
Recently, the online community shared a clip of the moment Chi Pu appeared at a Vietnamese airport, the singer dressed in a simple outfit, discreetly shielded to avoid attention from people around.

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Dieu Nhi helped MLee clear her name, affirming that she was only inspired and not plagiarized

Tuyết Ngọc17:05:35 30/01/2024
MLee team's new performance at the show Beautiful Sister Pedaling the Wind, Turning the Wave has caused a lot of controversy and suspicion about plagiarizing Hoang Thuy Linh's idea. A member of the group just spoke up to clarify the issue.

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(G)I-DLE's comeback was full of trouble, constantly being accused of plagiarizing BLACKPINK and Taylor Swift

Mẫn Nhi16:16:28 30/01/2024
Having just returned with the second studio album of their career, (G)I-DLE has continuously encountered controversy from the group's products. Most recently, the girls were called out again because they thought the MV borrowed ideas from BLACKPINK and Taylor Swift.

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Trang Phap and two beautiful women were accused of "stealing brain matter", Fans: Another trick to attract attention?

Châu Anh16:07:14 18/01/2024
Ms. Dep Dap The Wind Turns The Wave has reached its final stages, but the buzz about the program is still widely discussed. After Denis Dang was accused of claiming false ideas, Trang Phap, Diep Lam Anh and Huyen B.aby were also caught up in the same noise.

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Denis Dang was once "flooded" in a plagiarism scandal, and was also "tormented" by the author who posted on the forum.

An Nhi11:34:21 13/01/2024
Denis Dang is considered the most creative director of dramas in Vietnamese showbiz with a series of scandals in his career. In the past, Denis has many times borrowed ideas from East to West causing noise.

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Creative director Lim Feng accused MIQ runner-up Tuong San of plagiarizing the idea of a new set

Phương Thảo16:02:23 06/01/2024
Recently, netizens have continuously shared a series of extremely sharp images of the runner-up born in 2005 of Miss International Queen 2023 - Nguyen Tuong San. However, recently this photo series has been plagiarized by a creative director - designer with a reputation for plagiarism.

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Zhencheng's film has not yet been released has met with a big "turn", the poster is suspected of plagiarism

Uyển Đình16:29:29 04/01/2024
As soon as the official poster for the movie Mai is released in theaters in Tet 2024, the online community discovered that the image has many similarities with the cover of the book Dating in Another Life. Currently, the incident is causing a stir all over the forums.

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Dilraba Dilmurat was accused of "plagiarizing" Trieu Lo Tu's style, a female star blatantly stealing the spotlight

Nguyễn Tuyết16:43:23 14/11/2023
Famous for her elegant, classy, and elegant dressing sense, Xinjiang beauty Dich Le Nhiet Ba still cannot avoid being compared to Trieu Lo Tu when it comes to style.

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Huong Giang made it clear that the microphone was turned off at The New Mentor, asking the organizers a question directly that attracted attention

An Nhi10:28:14 20/10/2023
In the recent finale of The New Mentor, Huong Giang attracted the audience with her extremely satisfying performance. However, she had a problem when her mic was turned off on stage, her attitude and reaction immediately caught attention.

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Ha Ho, Huong Giang were accused of plagiarizing BLACKPINK, BoA at The New Mentor, Community: "What I thought was plagiarism"

Kim Lâm06:54:20 17/10/2023
The stage of Ho Ngoc Ha and Huong Giang at the final night of The New Mentor was impressive and eye-catching in both audio and visual aspects. However, fans discovered that the two's performances had many unexpected similarities with previous BLACKPINK and BoA stages.

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Van Mai Huong was accused of plagiarizing Ha Ho's hit "Lonely on the Sofa", the crew quickly spoke up and made this clear.

Keng10:23:02 29/09/2023
Dai Minh Tinh by Van Mai Huong achieved top 1 achievement on iTunes Vietnam right after its release, receiving many positive responses from fans. However, the song reminds the audience of the hit song Loneliness on the Sofa.

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