Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity

Quỳnh QuỳnhJun 19, 2024 at 16:27

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Dao Thi Hien has a delicate face and an outstanding height of 1.75m. In addition, Dao Thi Hien is also a bilingual MC for a number of events and a movie voice actress at the Vietnam Drama Center.

Dao Thi Hien is the 4th daughter in a family of 5 sisters in Tan Son commune, Do Luong district, Nghe An province. Hien's parents do business. Like her third sister Dao Thi Ha (top 5 Miss Vietnam 2016 and top 5 Miss Universe Vietnam 2019), Dao Thi Hien (born 2001) has an impressive height for her age. Friend.

Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity - Photo 1

Dao Hien is a student majoring in English at Hanoi University of Business and Technology. "I chose to study this major because English is a global language to access world knowledge and civilization. Thanks to English, I Communicate and learn many new things from foreign friends. My job as a bilingual presenter is also more convenient," she shared.

Hien is beautiful with a bright and kind face. The older she gets, the more she looks like a young woman with a height of 1.75 cm. However, having been born in the countryside, where people are only familiar with fields and growing up, they worry about studying to escape poverty, so Hien never dared to think about modeling or beauty contests.

Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity - Photo 2

Then, the artistic destiny seemed to come to Hien when she had her sister Dao Thi Ha - who returned from beauty contests and advised and supported the beauty a lot in shaping her style, demeanor and things. Necessary knowledge for beauty contests.

Hien hid from her family and applied to participate in the Miss Tourism Vietnam 2022 contest because she was afraid of making everyone worry, and also wanted to try and experience it herself. As a result, in 2022, at the Miss Tourism Vietnam contest, Hien reached the top 5 with the title of Beauty of the Sea. The Nghe beauty has a height of 1m75 and b.ody measurements of 86-63-90cm. Thanks to regular yoga practice, she has helped her have a balanced and toned b.ody.

Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity - Photo 3

The results achieved in 2022 are more motivating and a "stepping stone" for Hien to register to participate in the Miss World Vietnam 2023 contest. And now she has "showed off" to the whole family and is loved by everyone. support.

At the same time, she is not pressured by the achievements that her sister Dao Thi Ha has achieved in other beauty arenas. "I don't think there is any "shadow" between sisters. I am always proud of my sister. Breaking the top 5 curse is a story that I believe each of us has something to mark. Personal imprints are like fingerprints. The best way to achieve success is to discover what you love and work hard to make it happen, then the whole universe energy will guide you. ".

Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity - Photo 4

Although she had previous experience participating in beauty contests, Dao Hien was not subjective, but saw it as motivation and advantage, helping her perfect herself for the contest. She has good physical strength and is passionate about boxing and backpacking, immersing herself in nature. What she is overcoming is meticulousness, which sometimes wastes time and makes others uncomfortable.

For the second time participating in a beauty contest, Dao Thi Hien - the younger sister of beauty Dao Thi Ha - used her catwalk experience and inherent behavior to convince the jury to crown Miss World Vietnam 2023 1st runner-up. for myself. In addition, this beauty has also won many other large and small awards at Miss World Vietnam 2023 such as Beauty of Humanity, Top 4 Brave Beauties, Top 5 Travel Beauties and Top 5 Beach Beauties. .

Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity - Photo 5

It is known that the reason runner-up Dao Thi Hien participated in the Miss World Vietnam 2023 contest is because this is a contest that not only honors intellectual beauty but also promotes kindness. After w.inning the title of 1st runner-up, she will try to focus on completing the mission of a runner-up as well as continue to pursue her passion of being an MC and model.

After w.inning the 1st runner-up position at Miss World Vietnam 2023, Dao Thi Hien founded the "Humanity" fund. This charity fund aims to help pediatric dialysis patients at Children's Hospital 2 (HCMC), disadvantaged children in VTV's Love Leaves program and other children in difficult circumstances across the country. .

Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity - Photo 6

Sharing about this decision, Dao Thi Hien said: "I feel the suffering of the children and I also understand the boundless love, compassion and unconditional sacrifice of parents for their children. Children. Witnessing the pain and difficult lives has inspired me to do more to help the less fortunate. So, the first thing I want to do after I pass The runner-up position means spending the entire prize m.oney to support and help pediatric patients and dangerous situations."

Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity - Photo 7

After being crowned 1st runner-up Miss World Vietnam 2023, in an interview, Dao Hien caused controversy when naming 5 famous figures in Nghe An. The beauty listed her name, singer Huong Tram and some historical figures. The answer made the online community angry when she put her name above national heroes.

Some viewers commented that Dao Thi Hien lacks humility. After being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023 nearly 2 weeks ago, she called herself a "celebrity" from Nghe An.

After the controversial statement, the livestream beauty apologized to the audience. She said: "After several days of continuously responding to the press, I have incomplete sentences and have not thought them through thoroughly. I apologize and hope the audience will forgive me. Everyone reminds me, I will learn from experience. Trying to perfect myself".

Dao Hien: MWVN runner-up, hides from home to compete in beauty contest, spends all prize m.oney on charity - Photo 8

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