Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was "caught" kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity

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The moment the two queens Minh Kien and Dao Hien kissed each other's cheeks drew special attention from many people. Since their coronation and accompanying each other in many events, their relationship has become increasingly close.

In addition to the moments of beauty together on the red carpet, the daily activities of the beauty queen and runner-up also attract many people's attention. The proof is that recently, the clip of runner-up Minh Kien and runner-up Dao Hien suddenly kissing each other's cheeks received many interactions. In the video, Minh Kien excitedly went to the door to see his senior home. Before leaving, runner-up Dao Hien leaned close to her cheek and was lightly kissed by Minh Kien.

Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was caught kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity - Photo 1

After this extremely emotional kiss, runner-up Dao Hien quickly ran away while Minh Kien "sprayed" for a few seconds and then had a shy expression. When they discovered they were caught, the two queens simultaneously posted publicly on their personal pages. Dao Ha's younger sister was sulking because after watching this clip, she saw Minh Kien's expression after she left. Immediately, Minh Kien also spoke up to explain: "I thought I was blowing a kiss and my face was indifferent so I didn't have time to help." The moment of the two queens made netizens excited, some even asked to "push the boat" because they were so adorable.

Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was caught kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity - Photo 2

Dao Hien and Minh Kien are the two runners-up who have just been crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023 . Runner-up Dao Hien was born in 2001 and is currently a student at Hanoi University of Business and Technology. Possessing a sweet beauty as well as being "passed on" by her sister Dao Ha, the Nghe An beauty was crowned 1st runner-up.

As for Minh Kien, she was born in 2004 in Ninh Thuan. Minh Kien is a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry. The queen is praised for her unique face and attractive beauty. Besides, the story of Minh Kien's mother working as a maid to raise her children also inspired many audiences.

In the top 3 of Miss World Vietnam, Minh Kien is constantly active and has appeared at many entertainment events in recent times. Minh Kien is the queen who is considered to have the most outstanding "transformation" in the top 3 Miss World Vietnam 2023.

Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was caught kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity - Photo 3

After the coronation, Miss Y Nhi encountered a noisy speech, so the two representative runner-ups accompanied each other in many events, proving their close relationship. Minh Kien shared: "I'm one of the younger contestants, so not only Y Nhi and Dao Hien but the rest of the girls also love me very much. I always appreciate the love they give me. Regarding Dao Hien, she often calls me 'sweetie', I think not only me, but anyone who is younger or who loves her all calls me that."

Dao Hien also had a lot of good feelings for Minh Kien from the time he was a contestant until his coronation: "I often call little Minh Kien 'sweetheart' because he is very adorable, carefree and comfortable. I love him very much. I like people with that kind of personality, it's Minh Kien's carefreeness that makes me feel so fond of him. As for Y Nhi, she's very gentle and quiet."

Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was caught kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity - Photo 4

As for Y Nhi, the current life of the reigning Miss World Vietnam is gradually becoming more stable after many months of studying abroad. Currently, Y Nhi is gradually becoming more open on social networks. The beauty regularly updates life images to the audience and receives a lot of love from the public.

Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was caught kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity - Photo 5

Besides, Y Nhi's studying abroad and staying away from showbiz makes fans have a sympathetic view and sympathize with her previous immature statements.

Currently, Y Nhi is studying Business Administration at Sydney University for about 2 years. During her stay in hiding for 3 months, the beauty was praised by the school for her good academic performance and qualified for the 2-2 joint study abroad program.

Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was caught kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity - Photo 6

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