Princess Kate "retaliates" Meghan on her birthday, a very intense battle at the royal family?

Hoàng PhúcJan 11, 2022 at 07:35

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Meghan Markle has repeatedly been compared to her sister-in-law Kate.

Princess Kate had a memorable birthday with a series of impressive records through an excellent new set of photos. Specifically, 2 years ago, before Princess Kate's 38th birthday, Meghan and her husband overshadowed their sister-in-law's big day by announcing their departure from royal duties.

Royal expert Dampier once said: "Harry and Meghan's announcement has overshadowed Kate's 38th birthday. This is a testament to the rift between the two royal couples."

However, 2 years later, the Duchess of Cambridge "turned the tide", occupied the spotlight and made a glorious mark on her 40th birthday on January 9 recently. Princess Kate has overwhelmed the world with her stunning and stylish birthday photos.

Princess Kate "retaliates" Meghan on her birthday, a very intense battle at the royal family? - Photo 1

Princess Kate "retaliates" Meghan on her birthday, a very intense battle at the royal family? - Photo 2

The series quickly achieved many record milestones. Within hours of posting three new photos on her official Instagram account, the mother of three birthday photos has received more than 4 million likes and thousands of comments. Kate's bright red dress in the photo has increased 376 percent of searches worldwide. This is a dress by Alexander McQueen.

According to experts, this is an unprecedented spike. In addition, searches for "pearl drop earrings" that Kate used in the photo set also increased by 284% worldwide on January 9. And searches for Kate Middleton and Paolo Roversi's birthday photographer skyrocketed 1700%.

It can be seen that Princess Kate's birthday photos have made a strong impression and created an effect that has never been seen in any royal member. Many netizens commented that Kate had a monumental revenge against Meghan after being in the spotlight by her husband and wife.

In the face of great public support, the Duchess of Cambridge has rarely directly written to thank the supporters who congratulated her on her birthday. The mother-of-three wrote on Twitter: "Thanks for all of your good birthday wishes. And thanks to both Paolo (a big name in the fashion world) and the National Portrait Gallery for your dad. this particular portrait". Kate initials a "C" at the end of the thank you note, in place of her name Catherine.

The Queen also sent the Duchess of Cambridge a very happy 40th birthday with a red balloon icon. All four photos she shared on the official royal account are of the Queen with her nephew's wife. In addition, Prince Charles and his wife also used social networks to send public messages to their daughter-in-law.

Earlier, in the last days of 2021, People magazine devoted important pages to analyzing the "problematic" relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. The magazine is particularly interested in how Kate Middleton feels about Meghan and the estrangement Prince Harry has received from the British royal family.

Specifically, after getting married, Meghan and Harry turned down senior roles in the royal family in exchange for a free life. In an interview with the famous host Oprah in March 2021, the couple revealed some of the things they had to endure while living in the royal family, including racism.

Princess Kate "retaliates" Meghan on her birthday, a very intense battle at the royal family? - Photo 3

How do Kate Middleton and Prince William react when Meghan and Harry leave the royal family?

Due to the pandemic, Meghan and Harry have been in California for most of 2021. Meghan hasn't returned to the UK since her engagement as a member of the royal family in March 2020. A person close to People told People. that nearly two years since Meghan and Harry passed away due to a strained relationship with their family, Kate has been "really sad about the whole thing".

Another source told People: "Kate doesn't really show her true emotions on the outside. She definitely has an inner strength. Kate hasn't said anything publicly about Meghan and Harry nor her. She never defended them when the couple was constantly smeared by British tabloids (to the point that Meghan sued one newspaper and won)."

Why are Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle always at odds on... the newspapers?

Royal correspondents Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote in their 2020 Sussex biography that "Meghan would not object if someone said she and Kate were not close friends. Their relationship did not progress much. since Megan became Harry's girlfriend."

A source told Scobie and Durand that Kate feels the two don't have much in common "other than they live in Kensington Palace". Finally, Meghan and Harry have moved and "rooted" in Montecito, California to the present time.

Princess Kate "retaliates" Meghan on her birthday, a very intense battle at the royal family? - Photo 4

Meghan spoke in an interview with Oprah about her private struggles with the media about her bad relationship with Kate and the false stories being circulated about Meghan. For example, she made Kate burst into tears at her wedding.

Meghan said: "They made up the story. I never made Kate cry, the truth is quite the opposite. Kate Middleton was upset about something, but it was her own matter and hers alone. She apologized by bringing me a bouquet of flowers and a note with an apology message. We should take responsibility for what we did, right?"

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