Prince Harry of the British Royal Family and 4 reasons why even if you are scattered, don't get married

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Since fleeing from the Royal "cage", Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have always tried to find consensus and sympathy from the public.

It can be said that their love, their private life, especially the handshake "escape" from the British Royal Family has sparked debates around the world. Not only that, netizens also listed 4 reasons that, even if they are scattered, like an ancient relic, they should not marry Prince Harry.

Prince Harry of the British Royal Family and 4 reasons why even if you are scattered, don't get married - Photo 1

Always consider yourself a victim

Regardless of what has been said in the media, Prince Harry and his wife never admit fault. He always plays the perfect victim, that all the noise around him is objective, brought about by others, not his fault.

In February this year, Prince Harry told presenter James Corden that it was his previous experiences that made him decide to leave the royal family. He sued four British newspapers for intruding too deeply into his private life and "destroying his spirit". And Princess Meghan constantly lamented that life in the British Royal Family was lonely, empty, lack of support, stigmatized for being black ... leading to the desire to end her life.

One of the most egregious accusations raised in the media interview was that the royal family "talked" about how dark-skinned Meghan and Harry's b.aby would be. Harry emphasized that he felt hurt when his family never spoke frankly about "colonial color" in the mainstream news, media reports, implicitly that his wife and son are not treated with the same respect as other members of the royal family. The fact that Prince Harry considers himself a victim has precedent, if not frankly, is one of the familiar "tricks" he uses. Before and after the marriage, the Prince constantly reminded about his deceased mother, about her suffocation in royal life as well as the pain of losing her mother and having to stand behind her mother's coffin in front of millions of people. . Princess Diana's name appeared several times during the latest interview, implying a comparison of similarities in their experiences as members of the royal family. A man who always blames, always considers himself a victim of life is probably not the good husband that girls want to rely on.

Prince Harry of the British Royal Family and 4 reasons why even if you are scattered, don't get married - Photo 2

Want to be free to live as you want, but also want to depend on others

Leaving the royal family, Harry was stripped of most of the rights and aura of a Prince. He declared that he and his small family wanted to live freely as a commoner. As a commoner, to Harry does not seem to include being financially self-sufficient, independent of the family's "breast milk". As a Prince without a university degree, with no specific career, Harry left his shirt and lived on the allowance of his father - Prince Charles for the first year. In the first quarter of 2021, Harry said his family "actually c.ut o.ff his finances", and his father stopped taking his calls.

In the sadness of being "ignored" by his father, he reprimanded him: "feeling really disappointed, because he's been through similar things, he knows what it's like to feel pain" and "skillfully" "Reminding that, Archie is the grandson of the Crown Prince, with the hidden intention of blaming his father for abandoning his children? Prince Harry has lived on the inheritance left by his late mother. After their finances were c.ut o.ff, American billionaire and media mogul Tyler Perry provided Harry and Meghan with housing and security last year when they moved south from Canada to the south. California.

Even with the echo of a wandering royal, Harry and Meghan have made deals with Netflix and Spotify to run shows and podcasts to "pay for security". Age factor aside, Prince, is he really a mature and independent man, or just a guy who sulks at his family for being unsupported; And the fastest way to m.ake m.oney, is to sell the stories and aura left of the royal family?

Prince Harry of the British Royal Family and 4 reasons why even if you are scattered, don't get married - Photo 3

Against the whole family to protect his wife: Thought very noble, actually treason

After getting married, Prince Harry has always presented himself as a family man: a loving husband, devoted to his wife, a father looking for the best environment for his children to grow up in. In public photos, always holding his wife's hand, is a strong shoulder to protect his wife and children. He publicly praised his wife for "safely giving birth to Archie in such a c.ruel and terrible time". "We did what we had to do," he said.

Worth mentioning, before Meghan entered Harry's life, he once fell, once rebelled, used to be the most scandalous Prince of the British Royal Family with his youth associated with nightclubs and d.rugs. The family was with Harry all those years. The Queen sent him into the army, and Prince Harry left the army with a mature, strong image, stepping through the frenzy of the past.

And then also the guy, ready to "cannon" at his family, to protect his wife and children. During the war, Harry chose a side. He fell completely into his wife's arms, instead of healing, bridging the gap between the world of ambition and glitz - Meghan and the world of decency - royalty. He took his princess's hand to run away from "imprisonment", turned his back on his family, and told the media about the pain he had suffered. The selected time was when Grandpa was in the hospital after heart surgery.

Prince Harry of the British Royal Family and 4 reasons why even if you are scattered, don't get married - Photo 4

The two-faced prince: Wants to be peaceful, but creates a storm with his own hands

According to Harry's guts, the presence of the second b.aby was the reason why he strongly made the decision to give up the royal title, after a year of thinking. As members of the British Royal Family, which means that they cannot be completely free, they become the center of attention. Their every action, gesture, a frown, a hat... will be in the sights of the media.

And Harry adamantly declared: "Everyone has seen, the royal family is really harsh. The British media is destroying my family's mental health, this is poison. And I'm just doing the right thing. that every father would do, I need to get my family out of here", because he wants his little b.aby to be born will have a free environment to grow up.

If he does exactly what he says, it will be a plus point for the sisters when considering choosing a husband: Marry someone like Harry - a man of "one word, nine peaks", a steadfast person, a shield firmly push the storm outside the door. But the truth is... After announcing his departure from the royal family, moving to Canada for a short time and then stopping in the US, Prince Harry's family is increasingly open to foreign media. Harry voluntarily put his story on American television, along with his wife and unborn daughter. He gave interviews and shared personal issues just after announcing his departure from the royal family.

He and his wife will make an exclusive show on Netflix and sell autobiography about the suffocating years of life. He made the world media go c.razy and couldn't help but focus on him. Harry and Meghan both gave reasons for leaving the royal family because of public pressure, but the proof is that they always create public opinion waves in their direction. These many reasons are enough to prove, no matter how poor girls are, don't marry someone like Prince Harry!

Prince Harry of the British Royal Family and 4 reasons why even if you are scattered, don't get married - Photo 5

Prince Harry of the British Royal Family and 4 reasons why even if you are scattered, don't get married - Photo 6

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