Ngoc Trinh's daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment

Nguyễn KimFeb 09, 2024 at 08:06

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After 3 months of detention and trial for "disrupting public order", Ngoc Trinh was allowed to return home to reunite her family. In particular, the emotional moment of the g.irl with her young daughter made many people pay attention and be touched.

On February 2, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City HCMC sentenced model Ngoc Trinh to 1 year in prison but gave her a suspended sentence for "disrupting public order". After being released, Ngoc Trinh broke down emotionally in court, happy to be reunited with her family before the upcoming New Year.

At noon on February 6, Ngoc Trinh first posted her feelings on social media after many scandals over the past months. The model expressed remorse and guilt for her thoughtless farming deeds. Ngoc Trinh affirmed that experiencing this incident made her realize more things and grow more in life.

Ngoc Trinhs daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment - Photo 1

Ngoc Trinhs daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment - Photo 2

"The past time is also an opportunity for Trinh to have the opportunity to reflect on herself. Every thing that happens to life is contained and lost. But Trinh still sees in a positive way that she is loved more, understands more precious things in life. Therefore, Trinh does not think much about what she has lost, but will appreciate what she has right now, right now," Trinh wrote on her personal page.

At the same time, Ngoc Trinh also revealed about the charity plan that she cherished at the end of last year but due to the detention incident, it could not be implemented. In the coming time, Ngoc Trinh promises to build a self-image towards positive things for the community.

Ngoc Trinhs daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment - Photo 3

In addition to the content of the article, many people also paid attention to the photo that Ngoc Trinh posted with the letter. In the photo, a woman believed to be Ngoc Trinh is carrying a b.aby girl towards the sunset-filled beach. The l.ittle g.irl slightly fell her head into Jade Trinh's lap, making everyone emotional. Many netizens speculated that the g.irl in the photo shared by Ngoc Trinh must be b.aby He - the granddaughter adopted by Ngoc Trinh and considered by her as her biological daughter that she has taken care of for many years.

Ngoc Trinhs daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment - Photo 4

Previously, Ngoc Trinh had received questions about her relationship with b.aby He. Many people believe that b.aby He is the biological daughter that Ngoc Trinh secretly became pregnant and born. However, the model insists b.aby He is just her biological brother's daughter. Because she loves the "rooster" to raise 5 children alone, Ngoc Trinh decided to take care of b.aby He next to her to support her brother.

Some time ago, Ngoc Trinh shared in a talk show that it was taking care of b.aby He for a long time that inspired her desire to have children and become a mother. "This is the first time Trinh shared, Trinh has frozen eggs and has already stored 6 eggs. In fact, Trinh did not think about it at first because the work is still too much, it can last until 2025.

Ngoc Trinhs daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment - Photo 5

But since Trinh adopted He, Trinh's nephew, the first month has not felt very much, but from the second, third, fourth month, I feel like children a lot.

I feel like raising a b.aby is not as easy as I thought. It's not that it's okay to have m.oney to feed him, dress him, or toss it to two people, but that you have to give him a lot of mind.

We have to play with him, study together, share with him, sleep together, eat with him, whatever he says, he knows he loves me. He feels it, he can interact and share," Ngoc Trinh said.

Ngoc Trinh also shared that she plans to give birth to a son because she already has a daughter, b.aby He. Because she loves and loves b.aby He so much, Ngoc Trinh will not give birth to another daughter.

Ngoc Trinhs daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment - Photo 6

Ngoc Trinhs daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment - Photo 7

In previous shares, the model born in 1989 also often shared her diaper moments with b.aby He in an expensive villa. Just like when going out, when there are many maids at home, Ngoc Trinh also takes care of her children by herself.

Ngoc Trinhs daughter wrapped in tangerines after 3 months away from her mother, emotional moment - Photo 8

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