Ngoc Trinh suddenly became the 31st most beautiful sister, occupying the show for reluctant reasons

Nguyễn KimFeb 09, 2024 at 09:35

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On social networks, Ngoc Trinh was suddenly called the 31st Beautiful Sister by netizens, surprising many people. Although not participating nor related to the show, the female model occupies the spotlight of other beautiful sisters.

Final 2 of Sister Beautiful Wind on the evening of February 3 saw a "one nine one ten" showdown of the two groups of champions captained by Trang France and MLee respectively. In the deciding round, they faced off in the group repertoire after equalizing the score last week. Both teams delivered an uplifting, heroic final performance that celebrated the people, culture and people of Vietnam.

Ngoc Trinh suddenly became the 31st most beautiful sister, occupying the show for reluctant reasons - Photo 1

Although she did not participate in competitions, sing and did not appear in any broadcast episodes of Sister Beautiful Stepping on the Wind, Ngoc Trinh still captured all the attention. The reason is that on the day Sister Beautiful kicked the wind to hold a press conference, Ngoc Trinh was detained. When Sister Beautiful kicked the wind to announce the results of the group, Ngoc Trinh also rocked social media by receiving a 1-year suspended sentence for her misconduct.

Ngoc Trinh suddenly became the 31st most beautiful sister, occupying the show for reluctant reasons - Photo 2

This coincidence made the audience talk a lot. Many people believe that Ngoc Trinh is indebted to the beautiful sister and is the "31st most beautiful sister" of the program. Of course, this is just a funny comment, because all events related to Ngoc Trinh are not related to the beautiful sister who turns the wave. It's just a coincidence.

Ngoc Trinh suddenly became the 31st most beautiful sister, occupying the show for reluctant reasons - Photo 3

After the trial on February 2, the council decided to sentence Ngoc Trinh to 1 year in prison but granted a suspended sentence for disrupting public order, with a probation period of 2 years. In the afternoon of the same day, the "Queen of Lingerie" was welcomed home by relatives and family after more than 3 months of detention.

After being released, Ngoc Trinh made moves regarding social media accounts. If at the time she was detained Facebook, Instagram... all fall into a state of "freezing", locked or temporarily hidden, until now they have all been reopened.

Ngoc Trinh suddenly became the 31st most beautiful sister, occupying the show for reluctant reasons - Photo 4

According to the original Chinese version of Billion Billion Wind Turning , the 7 beautiful sisters who won the final will form a music group, working on projects. At the end of the Vietnamese version, 7 beautiful sisters including Trang France, Lan Ngoc, MLee, Le Quyen, Thu Phuong, My Linh, Diep Lam Anh were selected to join the group.

In particular, Trang France took on the role of leader of the group thanks to receiving the highest number of votes from the audience. Not only became the leader of the group Pedal Wind, Trang France also scored a double, w.inning 2 sub-awards of the program, the Almighty Beautiful Sister a.ward and the Team Leader of the Year a.ward.

Ngoc Trinh suddenly became the 31st most beautiful sister, occupying the show for reluctant reasons - Photo 5

However, about the fate of the group in Viet village that has been predicted by the audience for a long time, many people believe that it is difficult for artists to work with the group without a management unit to unify and ensure their interests. The plan and orientation of each beautiful sister is not the same, moreover, the Vietnamese music market has not liked groups before, so the percentage of 7 beautiful sisters forming groups is not high.

In the final curtain, Le Quyen – one of the seven artists named in the list of 7 beautiful sisters in the troupe – shared about group activities. Li Quyen's words on her personal page made the audience sure that the band Pedal Wind quickly disbanded as soon as they announced their debut.

Ngoc Trinh suddenly became the 31st most beautiful sister, occupying the show for reluctant reasons - Photo 6

"After the finale, the beautiful sisters will no longer be on the same stage. Each person chooses their own path, looking for what they want..." - Le Quyen wrote.

The producer has no plans for the group activities of the beautiful sisters in the group. After half a year with the show, the organizers said the artists needed time to deal with their own affairs.

Ngoc Trinh suddenly became the 31st most beautiful sister, occupying the show for reluctant reasons - Photo 7

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