The 200kg bride was severely criticized by the guests. Looking at the groom's reaction, she was shocked

Bình MinhOct 11, 2023 at 15:47

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The appearance of the oversized bride caused the wedding guests to constantly talk excitedly. At the same time, many people are also extremely curious to know what the groom looks like.

Not long ago, a wedding in Hubei province (China) took place and attracted the attention of many netizens. It is worth mentioning that an acquaintance of the groom said that this new bride weighs nearly 200kg. Because her b.ody is too big, the bride has to ask 4 healthy men to "escort" her to the ceremony.

The 200kg bride was severely criticized by the guests. Looking at the grooms reaction, she was shocked - Photo 1

The moment the bride appeared in front of everyone, many guests immediately expressed surprise and took out their phones to take pictures. The g.irl herself is not shy or self-conscious about her appearance. At this time, strangers will think that the groom must be tall and muscular to be worthy of this special bride.

When the groom actually came out, many people were even more surprised. In contrast to his partner, the guy seems much slimmer. Not only that, he also has a dashing appearance with a handsome face and charming smile.

The 200kg bride was severely criticized by the guests. Looking at the grooms reaction, she was shocked - Photo 2

In particular, right at the moment he saw his future wife about to walk next to him, it seemed like he no longer cared about appearance issues. After being widely spread across forums, the incident attracted the attention of many netizens. Many people wondered why such a guy would marry a g.irl with an overweight b.ody.

Some netizens even doubted that the bride's family background must be very good for the groom to choose her. However, there were also comments to encourage the Chinese bride, saying she would be very beautiful if she lost weight properly in the near future.

The 200kg bride was severely criticized by the guests. Looking at the grooms reaction, she was shocked - Photo 3

"The bride looks heavy but her face is so confident", "Looking at the handsome groom like in a romantic movie, is it possible that he is only aiming for m.oney, inheritance or something", "Like being expanded eyesight",...

Recently, another bride also in China was fiercely discussed by people because she weighed more than 200kg. Accordingly, a wedding ceremony that recently took place in Jiangsu province attracted attention because of the huge difference in appearance of the couple. This leads to many people being curious, skeptical and gossiping.

The 200kg bride was severely criticized by the guests. Looking at the grooms reaction, she was shocked - Photo 4

Notably, the day of the wedding was very cold, so everyone wore thick coats to cope with the 10 degree Celsius cold; But the bride only wore a pure white wedding dress without a shirt. This detail unintentionally made her b.ody's flaws appear even more obvious. Many guests also discussed and laughed at the new bride's appearance.

Hearing the negative comments and malicious comments, the bride was extremely sad and felt hurt on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. She felt so sorry for herself that she cried while the wedding ceremony was taking place.

The groom stood next to see the bride's sad eyes so he was very worried. At the same time, he also feels helpless because he cannot stop others from making fun of his wife. At this time, he only knows how to gently comfort and encourage his partner so as not to affect the wedding atmosphere, as well as the relationship between the two families.

The 200kg bride was severely criticized by the guests. Looking at the grooms reaction, she was shocked - Photo 5

Until he said a few words to the guests attending the wedding, the groom did not forget to restore his wife's honor. Specifically, he thanked everyone for coming to celebrate, but also hoped everyone would come to share the happiness, not to laugh.

"I hope everyone comes to the wedding to congratulate and express joy, not to laugh or mock," the groom said. His clear, strong and thoughtful statement made some guests feel embarrassed and ashamed about their previous behavior.

Next, the groom continued to share about the love story of himself and his newlywed wife. He knew many people opposed his decision to get married, some even thought he married her just for m.oney. However, the young man affirmed that he married purely for love. And said that the bride was born into an ordinary family in the countryside, not rich and wealthy as everyone thought.

The 200kg bride was severely criticized by the guests. Looking at the grooms reaction, she was shocked - Photo 6

Both come together with sincere feelings, so the groom believes that true love will help them overcome all challenges, whether rich or poor, whether fat or skinny, whether beautiful or ugly. The most important thing is the compatibility between two souls.

Recalling the difficulties the couple had overcome together, the groom could not hide his emotions and shed tears. He hugged the bride right in the middle of the stage, sobbing uncontrollably.

The 200kg bride was severely criticized by the guests. Looking at the grooms reaction, she was shocked - Photo 7

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