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Xuan Ca: "Ideology" leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers

JLO16:54:10 18/05/2024
Remember that earlier this year, Top Top residents were constantly buzzing about the account of beautiful g.irl Xuan Ca, born in 2001, from Binh Thuan. She emerged as a new TikTok phenomenon with her attractive dance performances.

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Tin Nguyen affirmed: "Without Khiet Dan, there would be no Tin Nguyen today"

Phong Trần09:06:36 14/05/2024
To become the current Tin Nguyen, few people know how many difficulties this young actress/TikToker went through, and there was a time when she was penniless. The person who saved her through those days was none other than her close friend Khiet Dan.

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CiiN "reaches international level", appearing in the clip of Korean Running Man star

Thiên Di14:59:12 27/04/2024
Recently, netizens were in a tizzy when famous Running Man star HaHa reposted CiiN's clip on his personal page. In particular, the male artist also interacts actively with Vietnamese fans.

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CiiN suddenly showed off her b.aby, held it up and danced, making it difficult for fans to take their eyes off her, admitting this herself

An Nhi06:59:07 26/04/2024
As a female TikToker who also possesses the ability to dance rice rolls along with good-looking visuals, CiiN is always the center of attention. Recently, she suddenly showed off a photo of her c.hild, surprising people.

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CiiN shows off her butt all over the screen, Ngo Dinh Nam "keeps it" and quickly covers it, then gets criticized

Đức Trí17:12:37 22/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker CiiN made the online community stir when he recently showed off his cool choreography on social networks. Notably, the female tiktoker's super h.ot move of showing off her butt caused her rumored boyfriend Ngo Dinh Nam to immediately act strangely.

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CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam "kicks" making netizens speechless

Uyển Đình07:00:31 20/04/2024
CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam are currently one of the h.ot hit couples on the current TikTok platform. Each clip in which the two appear always attracts people's attention and has huge interactions.

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Jellyfish Punishment: Tiktoker once accused Dat Villa of being greedy for m.oney and was "put on the chopping block" with CiiN

Đức Trí16:31:09 16/04/2024
Cham Sua's real name is Nguyen Cham Anh, she is a famous h.ot face in Hanoi. Famous for his street interview videos, Cham Sua currently has more than 3 million Followers on Tiktok.

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CiiN was criticized for "dirty views", offensive dancing, and deliberately covering up to attract attention

Thiên Di11:13:37 16/04/2024
CiiN is the second most influential tiktoker today, attracting attention with a series of trend-catching clips, showing off her extremely unique choreography. However, recently, she was suddenly criticized for dirty views and offensive actions.

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CiiN wins and loses with Xuan Ca, continues to "retaliate", arguing with each other on social networks?

Pinky09:01:49 16/04/2024
Two female tiktokers CiiN (Bui Thao Ly) and Xuan Ca continue to have fierce clashes with each other on social networks, amid the wave of comparison and debate about who is better than the other from fans on both sides. Although the two did not collide directly, many details were still scrutinized by netizens.

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CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying

Bình Minh17:12:05 15/04/2024
Recently, CiiN and MisThy shocked people when they shared a same-sex kiss in Double2T's MV I Love Her. Many people also said that the male rapper was officially left out by two beauties.

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CiiN "kicked out" Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a "mountain man", blushing as he recounted his love story

T.P17:03:46 15/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker CiiN just caused a storm among Vietnamese audiences when he collaborated with the mountain man Double2T, in a recent project. Leaving Ngo Dinh Nam alone to date and act in love scenes, CiiN transformed into an extremely passionate person with the male rapper, everyone was excited.

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CiiN - Ngo Dinh Nam becomes more and more "violent", lips touch lips, Cris Phan reveals a shocking secret

An Nhi09:09:32 15/04/2024
CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam recently made the couple's fans restless when they took turns publicly declaring their love. Notably, in addition to Captain Thay Beo, Cris Phan also had a revelation that attracted attention.

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CiiN was told to his face by her lover that she was rude, teased others, and had constant minor illnesses

Trí Nhi09:14:48 14/04/2024
Tiktoker CiiN recently had a post exposing himself as a mixed bag, often teasing others. According to her, this was a comment from her lover, people immediately shouted the name of Ngo Dinh Nam - her rumored boyfriend to verify the truth.

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Xuan Ca is suspected of slandering CiiN, abstractly holding the cat's tail while CiiN catches the trend

Thanh Phúc09:51:05 13/04/2024
Ideology Xuan Ca and CiiN are two female tiktokers who are considered two h.ot girls online with a huge number of followers and the most influence on the social network Tiktok today. Therefore, the wave of comparisons and criticism between fans of both sides also affects both sides.

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CiiN "harmed" Chi Pu for catching the trend and gloating about her huge achievements

Kim Lâm09:08:28 13/04/2024
The recent trend of holding a transforming fan has received enthusiastic response from netizens. Recently, Chi Pu also caught the attention of fans when showing off her top beauty with her trend-catching performance. However, the female singer was suddenly compared to CiiN.

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CiiN claims to be the main wife of Ngo Dinh Nam, is the man being scrutinized in detail that is hard to deny?

Trí Nhi09:44:06 12/04/2024
Tiktoker CiiN once again made fans excited, with a super cat transformation trend. Furthermore, the details of claiming to be the main wife were also exposed by the internet, and Ngo Dinh Nam was called out to deny it.

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Xuan Ca himself "exposed" his bare face to follow the trend, CiiN "beat and lose" causing his juniors to fail miserably

Kim Lâm10:45:55 11/04/2024
The fever of transforming into Tom's cat girlfriend is stirring up the online community in recent days. No exception, Xuan Ca also made people admire her amazing transformation. Not long after, CiiN also started to join the fun.

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CiiN surpasses Dao Le Phuong Hoa at the top of the trend, Man Nhi from China only has a name left

Pinky10:06:07 11/04/2024
Tiktoker CiiN just had a trend that shocked the Vietnamese tiktoker village. Many fans believe that she is at the top of the trend, it is difficult for anyone to surpass even though there are many h.ot girls on the internet like Dao Le Phuong Hoa and Cham Jellyfish trending at the same time.

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CiiN is increasingly famous, boasting of having a personal bodyguard and being a famous rapper in Vbiz

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:29:56 10/04/2024
Recently, CiiN is one of the TikTokers that has received a lot of attention on social networks. Recently, the combination of banh cuon between CiiN and Double 2T - a mountain person - made people restless because it was so h.ot.

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CiiN publicly kissed another person, claiming to be his lover, fans were stunned and turned upside down

Thanh Phúc09:55:32 10/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker CiiN just posted a post claiming to be someone's lover, and publicly showed off photos of them kissing each other's cheeks affectionately and without shyness. People were confused and immediately exposed the truth.

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that Wu Dinh Nam confesses his feelings to CiiN, kneels and proposes to CiiN romantically on the sea?

An Nhi10:05:31 08/04/2024
The secret romance between CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam is still a topic of interest to people at the present time. Recently, the two also caused a social media fever with a romantic proposal like a love movie by the beach.

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CiiN showed up at the event, Neyun replaced Ngo Dinh Nam, taking care of all the hiccups

Phúc Sen17:03:02 06/04/2024
Tiktoker CiiN has just made a special appearance at the ELLE Beauty Awards event, worth mentioning that her real-life beauty through the normal camera is said to be much less sharp on the clip. In addition, Neyun's spider-man who took care of her was also scrutinized by netizen.

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Xuan Ca: youth "ideology", TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty

Mẫn Nhi17:01:21 05/04/2024
Xuan Ca's ideology has repeatedly shocked netizens with her real-life beauty through videos of events recorded by passersby. Thereby, she received many negative comments from netizen.

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CiiN clashes with BABYMONSTER, declares war in just 5 minutes, but I'm sorry for this

Đức Trí09:56:53 05/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker CiiN continues to make waves online, when there is a clash with the emerging g.irl group BABYMONSTER - the group considered the younger sister of BLACKPINK. And yet, CiiN's declaratory attitude of war is worth mentioning.

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