Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam

Đức TríJun 02, 2024 at 11:00

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Lykio is a female dancer, tiktoker is no longer too strange to Tiktok social media users. Possessing super choreography, Lykio is considered a "dance machine", becoming a content creator with tens of millions of followers.

Lykio, whose real name is Truong Thi Minh Hong, is a talented and well-known hiphop dancer in the Hiphop Underground community with her hip-hop ability. Currently, Lykio is considered a young talent with many of his personality and fiery dance performances. Before the emerging beautiful dance network phenomena such as Quynh Bei, Xuan Ca, Hoang Lan Anh,... then Lykio had bombarded before. Many people think that Lykio must be called the "master" of dance tiktokers now.

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 1

Lykio has received many achievements from domestic to international, w.inning many prestigious trophies in prestigious dance competitions such as the first prize in competitions: Green Dance 2013, Urban Kingz, Wild Rockers Jam, Lace Up Adidas, Parkson Flemingstone 3, The War 1st, Big City 6... Second prize in Urban Jam, Big City 3, Dance Battle Party, Hip Hop Local Jam...

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 2

From a young age, Lykio studied aerobic dancing, so she had a gifted background in dancing, besides this 9X g.irl also often watched Michael Jackson's music videos and she especially admired the singer's skillful dance moves. The delight with dance began to become a passion of Lykio; She started to learn about this dance genre, then the female TikToker also accidentally learned about the hip-hop genre through a movie for dancers and pursued it ever since.

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 3

Passionate about dance At 16 years old, Lykio started to dance professionally up to now, Lykio has had ten years of following the profession with many years attached to it. Lykio can dance many genres such as hiphop dance, waack, shuffle, choreography ... however, Lykio's favorite genre is still hip-hop dance. Up to now, this 9X g.irl has also participated in more than 30 different competitions such as Dance Challenge (2015), Show Your Groove (2014), Green Dance (2013), Parkson Flemingstone (2013), Hip Freestyle Hop (2011) ...

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 4

Her dance career started to flourish when Lykio decided to share her passion on TikTok. The first videos did not attract much attention, but with perseverance, Lykio gradually created a unique style, combining dance and Vietnamese cultural elements, making her stand out. Some of her videos quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and skyrocketing followers.

Through each video, Lykio not only shows off her great dance skills but also shares her story and feelings with the audience. The way she tells the story through each dance move, each move not only keeps viewers hooked but also inspires many other young people to pursue their passions.

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 5

Currently, Lykio's Tiktok channel owns more than 12.4 million followers and more than 193 million likes. This is a super number, in the top 10 tiktokers with the most followers in Vietnam, a position that not all content creators in Vietnam can easily achieve. Having this success, it is all about Lykio's serious investment and constant self-innovation.

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 6

The process of Lykio becoming famous on TikTok has been an impressive and inspiring journey. Her first video quickly gained attention thanks to her unique combination of traditional music and modern choreography. From there, the number of followers on her TikTok channel skyrocketed, marking a major turning point in Lykio's career. Her formula for success doesn't stop at the uniqueness of each dance, but also includes a smart content strategy and positive engagement with the community.

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 7

Besides being a dancer and tiktoker, Lykio also has a passion for singing. Possessing top-notch dancing skills, good voice, Lykio became a member of the g.irl group M4N. This is a group operating in the form of Japanese entertainment group AKB48, which is always recruiting new members to train to replace members who do not meet the set challenges.

This is a very important step of Lykio in the path of art. Moreover, she is not only known as a personality dancer but also a talented female singer. She always cherishes to debut the audience as a singer because of her rapping talent. Lykio is training and learning more of the necessary baggage to become a singer. Aim to become a multi-talented artist.

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 8

Lykio is rumored to be dating H.ot Tiktoker Nguyen Van Rich, as the two continuously upload video clips together. The couple is quite intimate in the clips filmed together, causing netizens to constantly speculate that Lykio is Nguyen Van Rich's girlfriend. Maybe the love story will be revealed by the couple later.

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 9

Lykio always appears with a cool, cold, arrogant style. However, few people know that in real life she is an extremely cheerful, sociable person and likes to help others.

Lykio's journey and achievements are an inspiration to anyone pursuing their passion. She proves that with hard work, passion and relentless effort, any dream can come true. Let us continue to follow and support Lykio in her next projects and career goals, as a reminder of the importance of following her passion and working hard.

Lykio: The dance saint of Tiktok village, tall followers in the top 10 in Vietnam - Photo 10

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