CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam "kicks" making netizens speechless

Uyển ĐìnhApr 20, 2024 at 07:00

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CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam are currently one of the h.ot hit couples on the current TikTok platform. Each clip in which the two appear always attracts people's attention and has huge interactions.

Recently, social network users are constantly excited about the news that h.ot tiktoker with nearly 14 million followers - CiiN (Bui Thao Ly) publicly announced her lover, posting a kissing clip on social networks. The identity of CiiN's boyfriend was also immediately searched by the online community, many names began to be questioned, in which tiktoker Ngo Dinh Nam - CiiN's close brother, was the one whose name was called out the most.

CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam kicks making netizens speechless - Photo 1

Accordingly, the two not only had a trip to Korea together but also publicly expressed their care and affection for each other. Through this trip, CiiN also made netizens firmly confirm that her boyfriend is definitely Ngo Dinh Nam. The two went out with teacher Beo but wore matching clothes and shoes. Nam even took CiiN's shirt to wear. Up to now, despite being vigorously pushed by fans, as well as r.evealing countless undeniable hints, the two have never spoken out to confirm and are determined to stay silent.

CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam kicks making netizens speechless - Photo 2

CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam are a Tiktoker couple that is no longer strange to young people. Initially, the two were just friends who often appeared in each other's videos on the Tiktok platform. However, since 2022, CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam have been continuously rumored to be dating because of their excessive closeness.

Recently, on their TikTok page, CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam once again made people "sit still" when appearing together in a video. However, unlike before, the two did not show much affection but instead showed off decisive kicking and p.unching movements that "captured" viewers' eyes.

CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam kicks making netizens speechless - Photo 3

CiiN is known to be a dancer with beautiful beauty and superior dancing ability, so showing strong, steady movements is not too difficult for "Vietnamese Lisa". Each "punch" of the h.ot female tiktoker makes netizens constantly admire. However, the spotlight in this clip belongs to CiiN's "rumored boyfriend" - Ngo Dinh Nam.

CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam kicks making netizens speechless - Photo 4

Few people know that, in addition to being a famous tiktoker on social networks, Ngo Dinh Nam is also a genuine Vovinam martial artist. He has studied this sport since he was a c.hild, achieved a yellow belt and has participated in many competitions. exam nationwide. Therefore, it is not too difficult for him to perform "eye-catching" kicks for viewers.

After the clip quickly became viral, CiiN went behind the scenes, making fans extremely excited. As expected of a martial arts student, Ngo Dinh Nam had a decisive kick that made his shoes fly off. The unexpected situation made the couple and the cameraman panic but also had to laugh non-stop.

CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam kicks making netizens speechless - Photo 5

CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam kicks making netizens speechless - Photo 6

Ngo Dinh Nam is a famous h.ot TikToker today. With his limitless content creation ability and bright appearance, he quickly made a strong impression on the public. Some time ago, Ngo Dinh Nam caused a storm with the cover hit "Saigon is so heartbreaking".

Regarding the love story of CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam, both of them were exposed many times by their close brother in the same group, Teacher Beo U40. Specifically, the male tiktoker has repeatedly hinted that CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam are in love. He is also considered the most enthusiastic "captain" of the group, because he constantly takes cooperative actions for both of them.

CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam kicks making netizens speechless - Photo 7

Among netizens, there were two opinions that broke out after the couple's dating news. The majority seemed quite supportive and not too surprised about the relationship between the two. Because in the past, CiiN and Nam have shown themselves to be closer than friends, always appearing side by side in all events and daily activities. However, another part is quite against this relationship because many people believe that Nam is the reason why CiiN broke up with her ex-boyfriend. Although it has been corrected many times, it seems that it has not convinced most viewers.

CiiN kicks extremely hard, Ngo Dinh Nam kicks making netizens speechless - Photo 8

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