Xuan Ca: youth "ideology", TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty

Mẫn NhiApr 05, 2024 at 17:01

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"Ideology" Xuan Ca many times shocked netizens with her real-life beauty through videos of attending events recorded by passersby. Thereby, she received many negative comments from netizen.

Tiktoker Xuan Ca's real name is Vo Ngoc Xuan Ca, born in 2001 in Binh Thuan. She used to be a member of the band SGO48 to pursue an artistic career.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 1

In about 3 years of working as an idol singer, Xuan Ca has not had many opportunities to express herself. Few people know that the g.irl born in 2001 possesses a beautiful voice, knows how to play fluently many musical instruments and can communicate in 4 languages: Vietnamese, English, Korean, German.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 2

Getting rid of the feminine and pure image, Xuan Ca now becomes a s.exy internet h.ot g.irl and impresses thanks to her personality and breakthrough fashion style.

After SGO48 disbanded, Xuan Ca rarely had the opportunity to show her singing talent. She chose to become a h.ot g.irl online, attracting attention with fancy trending dances.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 3

In almost every dance trend on social networks, Xuan Ca is always taken by netizens as a standard for a seductive and attractive model. Even the movements choreographed by Xuan Ca quickly went viral and were danced by many young people.

like Xuan Ca for being too "rolls". Besides, Xuan Ca's charisma and expression also make the clips trend and earn "huge" views. She not only created a fever in Vietnam but was also extremely loved by Douyin youth.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 4

Most netizens praised Xuan Ca's beauty and personality. Not only that, her b.ody is also extremely burning. Xuan Ca pursues a dynamic, seductive style but still very feminine and sweet. However, when rediscovering the images of the time in the SGO48 group, many people could not help but be surprised by Xuan Ca's previous clarity and innocence.

Many people think that Xuan Ca "successful puberty" because the current beauty is somewhat more impressive and eye-catching. She is increasingly shaping her style clearly, not afraid to wear outfits with creative designs, striking colors to create highlights. That is also the reason why Xuan Ca has become a favorite name of many fashion shops.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 5

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 6

Currently, Xuan Ca is not active in the field of singing. She is still trying herself in new aspects, focusing on creating content on social media.

Xuan Ca's TikTok channel currently has 2.5 million followers along with 63.5 million likes. Although nearly 1 year has passed since Xuan Ca began to emerge, her attraction has not shown any signs of diminishing.

After becoming famous on the TikTok platform, Xuan Ca's life has changed a lot. She was busy with her photography schedule and received several invitations to collaborate with fashion brands.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 7

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 8

However, the trade-off with fame is probably excessive scrutiny, meeting many people who love it also means welcoming diverse opinions.

Many times, Xuan Ca was criticized by the online community just because the images were filmed with cams, often when she went to events, she looked somewhat drowned than when "living virtually" online.

Being famous on the internet, many people can't help but be curious about Xuan Ca's true beauty. Because on her clips, she often wears quite dark makeup, rarely r.evealing her face.

In November last year, while attending the event, Xuan Ca appeared in public for the first time after going viral on social media and receiving many comments about her real beauty. Xuan Ca's true beauty when not through filters on social networks attracts attention. Many people are quite disappointed because they think that Xuan Ca is not as white as on the video, thinking that she is slimmer than in real life... It was these "fantasies" and "thoughts" that netizens inadvertently used many hurtful words to the young g.irl about her appearance.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 9

Another time, just 1 month ago, Xuan Ca surprised the online community when she was so different in real life than on TikTok.

Specifically, a clip appeared of Xuan Ca performing at an event. She delighted fans with her trademark "dolce" singing and dancing performances on TikTok.

If you follow Xuan Ca's TikTok channel, you will notice that this g.irl always appears with a personality, h.ot and confident image. However, every time Xuan Ca appears in real life, this g.irl becomes the focus of discussion, the content mainly revolves around the beauty story.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 10

However, besides the times of being drowned, filmed, and revealed defects, Xuan Ca is still verified by many netizens for her real-life beauty.

Many users have left comments on one of her posts, sharing about "turning the car" when meeting Xuan Ca in real life:

"I see Mrs. Xuan Ca in real life beautiful, her skin is a little dark, not different from the video."

"I saw those videos adjusting baits badly, but outside I saw beautiful baits talking cute and friendly."

"The people who often criticize Xuan Ca in real life are those who only watch Xuan Ca online, but I see everyone who meets and compliments."

"My friend met in real life complimented me."

"You're pretty, it's just that the style of going to the event isn't right."

"Just met you outside the waterfront park, you're beautiful."

"Good news, brothers, beautiful."

"Pretty and friendly, funny"

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 11

Accordingly, many people have praised her beauty in real life, as well as said that not only beautiful Xuan Ca is also extremely friendly and lovely. If you have never met in real life but only watched through drowning clips on social networks, perhaps this TikToker's resentment is difficult to wash away.

Xuan Ca: youth ideology, TikToker causes a lot of controversy about real beauty - Photo 12

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