CiiN "kicked out" Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a "mountain man", blushing as he recounted his love story

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H.ot tiktoker CiiN just caused a storm among Vietnamese audiences when he collaborated with "cool mountain man" Double2T, in a recent project. "Abandoning" Ngo Dinh Nam to be a couple and act in love scenes, CiiN transformed into an extremely affectionate person with the male rapper, everyone was excited.

The name of h.ot tiktoker CiiN (Bui Thao Ly) has always been a h.ot topic of great interest to Vietnamese social network users. Being among the top beauties with the most influence on social network Tiktok, with nearly 14 million followers and more than 400 thousand likes, that's why CiiN's every move is always of interest to the public.

CiiN kicked out Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a mountain man, blushing as he recounted his love story - Photo 1

Not only is CiiN active on social network Tiktok, but she is also "chosen by many artists" to participate in music projects as an actor. With perfect beauty and good acting ability, CiiN recently caused a public storm when collaborating with male rapper Double2T, appearing in the MV called I Love Her.

CiiN kicked out Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a mountain man, blushing as he recounted his love story - Photo 2

I Love Her is Double2T's own story from 10 years ago when he fell in love with a g.irl. But this g.irl... loved another g.irl. In the MV, Double2T has many love scenes with the female lead - dancer CiiN. The moment the male rapper "semi-nude" in front of CiiN also made his fans howl. However, the twist at the end of the MV when MisThy appeared and the two shared a same-sex kiss made many people "fall back".

CiiN kicked out Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a mountain man, blushing as he recounted his love story - Photo 3

With an attractive and novel storyline, CiiN has left a strong mark in this project of Double2T, while also increasing his influence, affirming his name in the acting field. Attending the recent MV launch, CiiN also shared something about filming a love scene with Double2T. As a "flower that already has an owner", being with another man in the MV is also a big challenge for CiiN.

CiiN kicked out Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a mountain man, blushing as he recounted his love story - Photo 4

Sharing with the media, CiiN shyly confided: "I was also surprised a lot when watching the MV, because the actual image is not that romantic. But in the clip, we look like a couple in love. But actually, outside of the set, I have to do the thinking for him, which is to say that you have to love me like a father to a c.hild. You have to show affection, like a father gives his daughter wine, face I will be happy and happy. When I say it, I admit that he can act. But at first when I asked him, he was shy and his face turned red."

CiiN kicked out Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a mountain man, blushing as he recounted his love story - Photo 5

CiiN in real life is also in a dating relationship with her boyfriend, but until now this man's identity has been kept secret by CiiN. Many speculations have also been made, in which tiktoker Ngo Dinh Nam - CiiN's close brother is the most suspicious person. Because if you look at the recent series of hints, it is not difficult for fans to get a clue, many people even confidently confirm that CiiN's boyfriend is Ngo Dinh Nam.

CiiN kicked out Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a mountain man, blushing as he recounted his love story - Photo 6

Previously, CiiN publicly announced that she had a boyfriend and kissed passionately in a clip posted to her personal TikTok channel. Even though AI technology was used to hide the face, through details such as b.ody shape, hair or bracelet, everyone confirmed that it was Ngo Dinh Nam. Recently during their trip to Korea together, fans were also upset many times, when the couple continuously had romantic and intimate details without any distance, even wearing matching clothes and taking photos with each other. despite dating rumors.

CiiN kicked out Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a mountain man, blushing as he recounted his love story - Photo 7

Currently, fans of CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam are eagerly waiting for the day for their idols to openly love each other and officially bless the couple.

CiiN kicked out Ngo Dinh Nam, dated a mountain man, blushing as he recounted his love story - Photo 8

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