Admire the world's largest 3D printer: Can print one at home

Diệu AnhMay 11, 2024 at 22:50

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It may sound like science fiction, but it's about to become a reality with 3D Printers that can print entire houses. This is a breakthrough in the construction field, promising to revolutionize the way we build houses and create the future.

Admire the worlds largest 3D printer: Can print one at home - Photo 1

The world has just welcomed an extraordinary breakthrough in the field of 3D printing with the launch of a giant 3D Printer at the University of Maine. This advanced machine, named Factory of the Future 1.0 ( FOF 1.0), not only possesses the world's largest size but also offers extremely impressive printing capabilities, opening up huge potential for construction industry and lay the foundation for a green future.

FOF 1.0 stands tall like a "monster" in the 3D printing world with its huge size, 4 times larger than the previous version. Thanks to that, this machine can manufacture objects up to 29 x 10 x 5.5 meters in size, promising to bring the ability to print massive construction projects that humans have never done before. to solve the shortage of housing and construction workers in the US by printing housing in days and then having it installed on-site in just a few hours.

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To meet rising housing demand, Maine will need 80,000 more homes in the next six years, according to MaineHousing. Dagher said both affordable housing and housing construction workers are in short supply. The university wants to demonstrate that housing can be built almost entirely using printers with a low carbon footprint. Buildings and the construction industry account for about 37% of global greenhouse gases, mainly due to the production and use of materials such as cement, steel and aluminum, according to the United Nations Environment Program. "3D printed buildings are recyclable, which is unique compared to current construction methods. You can demolish them, grind them down if you want, then reprint them," Dagher explains.

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The power of FOF 1.0 lies not only in its size but also in its incredible speed and accuracy. The machine works by spraying thermoplastic at a rate of 227 kg of material per hour, allowing a complete house to be built in just a few short days. The house can then be installed on-site in just a few hours, significantly saving construction time and costs compared to traditional construction methods.

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The most unique and outstanding feature of FOF 1.0 is the ability to use biological materials. Instead of using raw materials that are harmful to the environment, FOF 1.0 takes advantage of abundant local materials such as waste wood fibers from the wood industry and recyclable bioplastics. Thanks to this, the construction process using FOF 1.0 helps reduce carbon emissions, contributing to environmental protection and moving towards a green future that uses more biological ingredients. Maine's abundant wood chips are considered a potential source of raw materials for this initiative. Using biomaterials not only helps reduce environmental impact but also brings many other benefits such as greater durability and adaptability.

With outstanding advantages, FOF 1.0 is not only expected to revolutionize the construction industry but can also be applied in many different fields, opening up a promising perspective.

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The birth of FOF 1.0 marks a breakthrough in the field of 3D printing, opening up countless potentials for industries, creating a green future and realizing bold ideas that people long cherished person. FOF 1.0 is not just a simple printing machine but also a symbol of innovation, hope and belief in a brighter future, where people and nature live together in harmony.

In addition to the construction sector, wood 3D printers also possess great potential in the production of many different products, from boats to security structures. This versatility opens up vast opportunities for innovative and groundbreaking applications across many industries.

Two printer versions can work together for seamless production on the same project. This increases efficiency and productivity, and allows for structures of greater size and complexity. Promises to bring many benefits to the construction industry and many other fields. With its use of sustainable biomaterials and diverse application possibilities, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we design and manufacture products in the future.

The giant 3D printer at the University of Maine is a testament to human creativity in applying science and technology to solve practical problems and create a better future. FOF 1.0 is the pride of science and technology, a symbol of innovation and hope, and an affirmation of the power of human intelligence in the journey to conquer advanced technologies in the future.

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