Che Linh - "Great tree" of lyrical music, married to his wife's sister, the last stop is the neighbor

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Che Linh was born in 1942, real name is Jamlen (Tra-len), Vietnamese name is Luu Van Lien, is a famous Cham singer, and a talented musician with the pseudonyms Tu Nhi and Luu Tran Le.

In the 60s of the last century, surely no one was unaware of the artist Che Linh, a bright star of the Vietnamese music industry. With the writing of musician Bang Giang, Che Linh has written her name in the hearts of the audience through many songs Sad Night in the Province, Anniversary Song, Counting Lonely Steps...

Che Linh - "Great tree" of lyrical music, married to his wife's sister, the last stop is the neighbor - Photo 1

In the early bolero background, Che Linh was one of the "four golden pillars" along with singers Duy Khanh, Nhat Truong, Hung Cuong because of his passionate voice that could not be confused with anyone. Up to the present time, out of all 4 people, only Che Linh continues to maintain her singing path despite being over 80 years old. The male singer's concerts abroad still attract a large number of audiences because everyone hopes to once in their life enjoy these immortal songs directly.

Regarding his private life, Che Linh has a total of 4 wives, in which he got on the flower car for the first time at the age of 21. Although they lived together for only a few years, the two had five children together. This marriage of the male singer was discussed by the audience and there were many rumors surrounding his relationship with his first wife. Then both divorced.

Immediately after completing the divorce procedure with his first wife, Che Linh quickly married with her sister-in-law, who often confided in the male singer about married life with his ex-wife. This makes the public extremely confused because they do not know if the male singer is creating a scandal for himself.

Responding to all mixed opinions, Che Linh frankly: "Everyone thinks this is a rare thing, but considering the law of love, I think it's normal. I live with my first wife's family, meet with her I have many younger siblings, so feelings have arisen from closeness. When things do not understand each other with my first wife, I have a sister-in-law who shares and then we fall in love."

However, the marriage between Che Linh and his first wife's sister lasted only 3 years. However, the male singer never thought that his decision to get married at that time was a mistake.

In the third marriage, the male singer had to use the trick "rice cooked into rice" to force the g.irl's family to agree. The reason is because the name Che Linh at that time was famous for its peach blossom. The third wife of the male singer is beautiful Thuy Hang - a native of Nam Dinh. The 17-year-old young g.irl admires and loves Che Linh because of her style, elegance and outstanding artistic talent. After getting married, instead of pursuing her own career, Thuy Hang devoted all her time to taking care of her husband and children. However, happiness did not last long when Thuy Hang discovered that she had asthma and unfortunately passed away.

It was this loss that left a big gap and hurt in Che Linh's heart because he himself had never fallen into such a passive position in the previous two loves. After that, Che Linh was also entangled in many scandals and terrible criticisms because she was accused of living a lavish life, so she cornered her wife. Instead of continuing to fall in love with other beauties, for a long time, Che Linh only sang and then went home to take care of her two young children.

Che Linh - "Great tree" of lyrical music, married to his wife's sister, the last stop is the neighbor - Photo 2

In 1975, people saw the male singer once again getting on the flower car with her neighbor Vuong Nga, nearly 20 years younger than him. Coming from a wealthy family, Vuong Nga entered marriage with Che Linh as a gamble to her life because she was only 18 years old at that time. When he got on the flower car with his wife, Che Linh received more criticism than support because the majority of the audience still thought that the male singer could not get rid of his romantic habit.

Not long after the wedding, Che Linh and his wife decided to move to the US to settle down. One thing that no one can expect is that up to now they have been together for more than 40 years. Vuong Nga is also an extremely diligent wife, ready to retire as a solid rear to support her husband on the path of career development.

Therefore, the male singer constantly praised his wife on television. He also revealed that because of Vuong Nga's thoughtful, considerate, managerial, caring and loving personality, his stepchildren all loved their stepmother very much.

The male singer's tours over the years have never lacked the silhouette of his fourth wife. Ms. Vuong Nga possesses a loving beauty, a sophisticated, sophisticated and youthful style of dress, so she receives a lot of attention. public attention when appearing next to her husband.

Singer Che Linh has a total of 4 wives, 14 children and the number of grandchildren "uncountable". Up to now, the male singer has always secretly thanked the wives who came and built a home with him because those are always memories that he will never forget.

Che Linh - "Great tree" of lyrical music, married to his wife's sister, the last stop is the neighbor - Photo 3

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