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The famous male star is the 'captain' of the couple CiiN - Ngo Dinh Nam

Phương Thảo14:54:36 19/03/2024
Found the once famous male star who was the captain of the couple CiiN and Ngo Dinh Nam, none other than comedian and MC Duy Khanh. Now, when the couple has landed, the audience suddenly remembers and silently thanks him for his immeasurable merit.

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Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet made a male star feel "annoying" and had to face off because he kept doing this after the wedding.

Keng10:40:43 15/12/2023
After the wedding of the century held magnificently in 3 locations: Cam Ranh, Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Thap, couple Gin - Pu went to Korea to enjoy a sweet and romantic honeymoon trip.

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Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet goes to Korea for his honeymoon, appears the character of the iguana blocking the nose of the son and wife

Minh Lợi10:42:12 06/12/2023
Recently, husband and wife couple Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet showed off photos together traveling for their honeymoon after a series of consecutive weddings. The couple decided to choose Korea as the place to enjoy their first vacation after returning home.

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Puka revealed the shocking truth after Minh Tu's proposal, Hoa Minzy learned German for the arts

Phượng Vũ07:26:04 24/11/2023
Minh Tu finally kept her promise to get married, making Vietnamese showbiz bustle. As close sisters, Puka recently shared information related to the supermodel's marriage proposal that attracted attention from the public.

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Exposing a f.raud line worth more than 100 billion, 80 police broke in to solve the case overnight, advertising to find a series of victims

Yang Mi15:48:19 09/11/2023
The internet was shocked at the news of the f.raud case, the amount of which amounted to more than 100 billion, shocking the people. 80 police officers broke in to solve the case overnight, arrested and exposed this large-scale online f.raud ring.

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Puka caused confusion when announcing the good news before the third wedding, r.evealing a "huge" salary for Toc Tien

Juni Nguyễn16:18:35 08/11/2023
Although the 3-day wedding journey has not yet ended, bride Puka recently caused a stir in the online community when she confirmed that she had received good news. Accordingly, the actress also revealed the huge ratings of Toc Tien singing at the wedding.

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Sy Thanh played big, celebrated the wedding of Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet up to 100 million VND, Duy Khanh cried to make up for it

Yaya11:47:21 06/11/2023
The amount of m.oney to celebrate the wedding of Vietnamese stars for Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet is also a story of interest after the couple's wedding in Khanh Hoa took place with everyone's blessing.

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Changjiang reminds Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet at the wedding: When arguing, remember this day

Yaya22:11:21 04/11/2023
During the wedding ceremony that took place in Khanh Hoa of Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet, who is a close senior of the duo, Truong Giang had sincere messages to the couple that touched many witnesses.

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Puka hurriedly did 1 thing in the middle of the night to prepare for the wedding, saying 1 sentence that made Gin Tuan Kiet sweat

Keng18:35:24 03/11/2023
In the atmosphere of beauty and excitement of the guests at the upcoming wedding reception, the bride Puka decided to do something right away at midnight. It's about changing your hair.

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Changjiang revealed the "taboo" related to not being an MC in Puka wedding - Gin Tuan Kiet

Huỳnh Phúc10:26:47 02/11/2023
During Puka's new Family Ceremony - Gin Tuan Kiet, actor Truong Giang first revealed why he accepted the invitation to lead the marriage but firmly refused to become the main MC for the day of the wedding.

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Miu Le had an accident and nearly fell at the press conference, Karik and Phuong Thanh quickly saved the rescue

Ning Jing13:57:01 31/10/2023
At a moment while chatting and juggling with Karik, Miu Le accidentally tripped. However, the quick reaction of Karik and senior Phuong Thanh by his side saved the singer's life because his mother f.orced them to break up.

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Puka suddenly reveals emaciated photos on the eve of wedding, admits to being "exhausted" from having to do everything alone?

Gia Linh11:48:39 30/10/2023
Very soon, Puka's most anticipated wedding in Vbiz - Gin Tuan Kiet will take place. But recently, the bride made her lovers howl by r.evealing her haggard face, admitting to feeling exhausted ahead of the wedding.

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The perfect cover of the suspect in the Asian Ao Dai case: Hard-working man, not "flattering" like rumors

Keng17:53:59 19/10/2023
A week has passed since the unfortunate g.irl HYN was discovered in the Red River, however, the situation is still unpredictable due to the pain and cruelty of the way Ta Duy Khanh harmed people.

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Suspect in Asian Ao Dai case was "exposed" by criminology expert: Not necessarily for 50 million, still confused

Hoàng Phúc16:36:35 18/10/2023
The case of victim HYN (residing in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi) who was m.urdered by subject Ta Duy Khanh (born in 1985, from Thai Binh), then divided into 4 and dumped into the Red River in recent days is being received. public opinion attention.

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Close friends r.eveal the true personality of 2nd runner-up HYN, who has been in s.hock since receiving the bad news

Hướng Dương16:58:41 17/10/2023
The friend who was quite close to HYN when participating in the Miss Vietnam Ao Dai contest was still shocked to hear that N. was the victim in the previous case that shocked public opinion.

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The reason the Asian beauty got into an accident and was tragically "dumped": Debt of 50 million, happily went out to eat before committing s.uicide

Minh Lợi08:19:32 17/10/2023
On the afternoon of October 16, Hanoi City Police held a press conference to inform about the initial investigation results of the case of a young HYN g.irl who was divided into 4 and then dumped in the Red River, which occurred in Gia Lam district on October 10. 10 past.

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Acquaintance reveals the true personality of the suspect in the case of Asian Ao Dai being divided into 4: Very gentle in the countryside

JLO11:31:00 16/10/2023
New details about the suspect in the Asian Ao Dai case, Ta Duy Khanh, surprised many people. According to the leader of Hong Thai Commune People's Committee, the suspect once brought his wife to Hanoi to live, and was very gentle in his hometown.

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Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet "recklessly" revealed the wedding venue, fans "fell": What a rich man!

Bảo Tiên14:54:57 13/10/2023
The happy day of the couple Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet, from the moment it was first revealed until now, has always been a topic that receives the attention of netizens. Recently, just because of a slip of the tongue, the whole showbiz learned about the wedding venue of Vbiz's golden couple.

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Gin Tuan Kiet revealed messages to the stars before the proposal, Minh Tu "said" something that made everyone "froze"

Gia Linh10:35:24 22/09/2023
To have a successful proposal, Gin Tuan Kiet asked for the help of close friends on the day of the proposal. Recently, a message from his close friends was posted by the male singer, attracting attention.

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Dai Nghia "accidentally" leaked Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet's wedding photos, turned to the forum to "blame" one thing

Huỳnh Phúc15:05:48 20/09/2023
The male MC's recent post attracted the attention of the online community when he accidentally revealed important photos of Vbiz's hottest couple. In addition, people can also spot unique details.

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Singer Duy Khanh: comes from a famous family, is considered one of the "four pillars of golden music"

Đình Thi16:37:18 24/07/2023
Duy Khanh is known as the most famous male singer, songwriter and music producer before 1975. He is considered one of the four golden pillars along with Hung Cuong, Che Linh and Nhat Truong.

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Hoa Minzy put on a romantic shoulder with a male star, not afraid to say "miss you" to the other side, suspecting a new love

JLO13:46:59 20/06/2023
Since publicizing their separation with young master Minh Hai in February last year, so far Hoa Minzy is still single. Therefore, every move related to the female singer's love story is of interest to the audience.

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Hung Cuong - The unique "Triple King", making People's Artist Bach Tuyet "terrified" when performing together

Hoàng Phúc17:38:46 13/04/2023
During his lifetime, artist Hung Cuong was known as the "King of the Trinity" when he was successful at the same time with 3 roles: singer, actor and reformed artist. He was one of the "four golden pillars" before 1975, including: Duy Khanh, Nhat Truong, Che Linh, and Hung...

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Puka actively shared intimate photos of Gin Tuan Kiet to delight the 'boat pusher' association

Hoàng Anh16:03:34 14/09/2022
Surely fans of the Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet couple can feel cool when their efforts to push the boat are recognized by the owner. Recently, Puka posted a series of photos at the 19th Golden Kite Awards Ceremony, which took place on the evening of September 13 in Nha Trang, Khanh...

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