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Bao Anh "dissected" his daughter's name, implying a love story despite keeping the b.aby's father hidden

Phúc Sen16:53:03 19/05/2024
Female singer Bao Anh recently shared her feelings about her new daughter's name publicly. She also wrote thoughts about love that made people stir. The identity of the b.aby's father was also mentioned, hoping she would soon r.eveal it after keeping it secret for a long time.

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Bao Anh: Bang Cuong's 12 years younger wife, Bao Tran's younger sister, once accused Nam Em of stealing her boyfriend

Phúc Sen17:12:30 13/05/2024
Bao Anh is a female singer known as the wife of singer-songwriter Bang Cuong. This love story of a wife losing to her husband of a zodiac animal is of interest to many people. She also has a twin sister, Bao Tran, both of whom are currently active in a 2-member band named Gemini.

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Duong Trieu Vu revealed the background of Bao Anh's father and daughter, mentioning "finding a rich man to have a child"

Quỳnh Quỳnh20:25:26 27/04/2024
Recently, Duong Trieu Vu showed off a series of lovely photos of his daughter Bao Anh. At the same time, the male singer also shared and answered questions surrounding Bao Anh having his first c.hild.

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The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh "broke the plan" and announced her daughter earlier than planned

Phi Yến13:38:06 26/04/2024
After Bao Anh revealed her daughter's appearance on social networks, the singer's biological mother also seemed very excited and excited to o.ff her b.aby to everyone. Recently, she also revealed the reason her daughter announced the b.aby to everyone.

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Bao Anh's daughter revealed a series of rare photos when she was born, looking "pretty like a mixed-race"

Kim Lâm10:56:36 25/04/2024
The news that Bao Anh publicly announced his daughter received special attention from the audience. Not long after, the singer's mother also posted a series of hidden photos of the b.aby at birth, causing a stir in the online community because of his adorable appearance.

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Tho Nguyen slapped the face of a male tiktoker who made up a story about Bao Anh giving birth to a son

Bảo Nam10:18:10 25/04/2024
Bao Anh recently officially confirmed that she became a mother after more than a year of hiding. The female singer said she planned to wait until her daughter was 18 years old to announce it, but because she accidentally clicked to post the clip in the middle of the night,... her plans were ruined.

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Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth?

Phi Yến21:40:27 24/04/2024
In recent hours, people have been stirred up by the incident of Bao Anh publicly announcing his first daughter but not r.evealing the identity of the c.hild's father. Netizens also quickly discovered that Quoc Truong had an attention-grabbing post.

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Huong Tram "followed" Bao Anh, publicly talked about her husband, and once admitted to having twins?

Nguyễn Kim15:50:36 24/04/2024
When deciding to study abroad in the US, Huong Tram was repeatedly questioned about getting married and having children. Faced with a series of unfounded rumors, the female singer spoke publicly about her husband, even r.evealing photos of her two adorable children.

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Bao Anh denies falling in love with a billionaire, the identity of his daughter's father causes curiosity

Thảo Mai13:30:53 24/04/2024
Recently, female singer Bao Anh surprised the public when she publicly revealed the image of her first daughter after a period of hiding it. Previously, the female singer did not deny it but chose to respond tactfully when caught up in rumors of giving birth.

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Nhat Hai Know Tuot once exposed Bao Anh's c.hild, now the fans are mocking him for being "disorderly".

Thanh Phúc09:18:21 24/04/2024
Tiktoker Nhat Hai Knows Everything once made the internet stir when he confirmed that female singer Bao Anh had given birth, at a time when rumors of Bao Anh hiding from showbiz and being pregnant were rife. The clip suddenly became h.ot again because it was completely messed up.

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Bao Anh publishes the image of her first daughter, who is the b.aby's father?

Phương Thảo19:53:48 23/04/2024
After many rumors, Bao Anh recently officially confirmed that she had her first daughter, and pictures of the b.aby were also revealed by the female singer. Netizens were immediately curious about the father's identity.

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Bao Anh officially shows off his 13-month-old b.aby, are the rumors about secretly giving birth true?

Thanh Phúc11:33:41 23/04/2024
Vietnamese social networks are simultaneously abuzz with the news that female singer Bao Anh publicly announced her 13-month-old b.aby on social networks. Even though she hastily deleted it, it could not escape the eyes of netizens. Everyone was shocked, thinking that the rumor of her giving birth was true.

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Pham Quynh Anh was spoiled by her husband, the viewers watching the station were also jealous

Minh Ngọc15:00:04 02/04/2024
Episode 3 of the reality show Mother Superman has just aired along with a series of fascinating developments. In this episode, Pham Quynh Anh's husband returned home after 48 hours and was f.orced to leave his familiar home as required by the show.

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Pham Quynh Anh encountered the noisy "baby" queen Bao Anh, both of their attitudes attracted attention

Mỹ Hoàng18:12:09 23/03/2024
The surprising encounter between Pham Quynh Anh - Bao Anh is receiving a lot of attention from the online community. It is known that this is a rare time that two stars appeared in the same place after a series of unpleasant noises.

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Bao Anh - Yen Trang wisely left Pretty G.irl, MLee - Le Quyen "trying to punch and eat sticky rice"?

JLO15:08:19 17/01/2024
Pretty G.irl is one of the most popular reality TV game shows today. Besides the explosive performances with the personalities and talents of the 30 participating artists, the program was also entangled in a lot of negative noise.

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Quoc Truong denied that he was secretly married to Bao Ying, but only cared about one detail

Phi Đức19:25:22 04/12/2023
Quoc Truong and Bao Anh have always been a couple that received special attention from the audience when the two were entangled in rumors of fake love movies, moreover, the actor also shared that he was unrequitedly in love with his best friend 9 years ago.

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Bao Anh revealed a moment of quietly watching Lan Ngoc sing, her regretful expression as if she wanted to cry, making fans feel sad

Hoa Tuyết10:43:43 30/11/2023
After confirming his withdrawal from Miss Dep Dap The Wind, Turning the Wave, people continuously pointed out a series of unstable moments when Bao Anh and his worrying health condition made fans extremely worried.

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Bao Anh just left Wind Pedal 2023, netizens immediately discovered what was wrong and dug up the secret of giving birth.

Đức Trí09:35:45 27/11/2023
Female singer Bao Anh caused public confusion when it was officially confirmed by the organizers to stop in episode 5 of "Beautiful Girl" because Bao Anh withdrew. Immediately, the online community discovered a series of unstable details.

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Brian Tran: The male celebrity had a chin surgery, was once entangled in rumors of being in love with Bao Anh, and is famous for his uncle-nephew love story

Pinky17:12:10 20/11/2023
Model and actor Brian Tran can be said to be a face that is no longer too strange for those interested in showbiz. Famous for his handsome face, cool charisma and moreover, his dull voice because he is an overseas Vietnamese.

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Bao Anh announced his withdrawal from the beautiful cast of Wind Pedal 2023, the audience was confused, the organizers spoke up

T.P14:30:56 17/11/2023
The beautiful g.irl Bao Anh just made people confused. When it was rumored, she withdrew from the contestants of the show Beautiful G.irl 2023. The representative of the Organizing Committee officially spoke up, reassuring public opinion in the face of the noise.

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Quoc Truong - Bao Anh were "caught alive" in the moment of broken love in the backstage: Fans don't believe they are just friends

Mưa13:01:27 14/11/2023
Quoc Truong and Bao Anh continue to have the opportunity to work together in the program "Beautiful Sister Pedals the Wind and Turns the Waves". While Bao Anh is one of the 30 beautiful women, Quoc Truong also takes on the role of host of the program.

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Kaity Nguyen was shy, covering her eyes when she saw her and Thuan Nguyen's warm 'sensitive' scene

Ning Jing15:03:58 01/11/2023
Returning to the big screen track after The G.irl from the Past with The Last Wife, Kaity Nguyen had a bold makeover with a series of daring h.ot scenes with senior Thuan Nguyen that the actress did not dare to watch again.

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Lin Baozhou was criticized for 'beautiful face but bad MC', Li Quyen came out to protect young love

Yang Mi08:08:52 01/11/2023
In the face of criticism from the audience for the two MCs of Sister Beautiful Wind Turn 2023, Lin Baozhou and Quoc Truong, recently the If You Are Chosen vocalist came out to defend the youth.

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Artist Bao Anh dies of illness at the age of 68: Success in both the fields of reform and film

JLO17:44:18 06/10/2023
Reform artist Bao Anh dies at the age of 68. He died in hospital after treatment for an aortic aneurysm. His passing left many colleagues and viewers in mourning.

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