Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anh's c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father?

Đức TríMay 28, 2024 at 14:44

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Bao Anh's rumored boyfriend was recently discovered by people acting strangely, for the first time when Bao Anh showed off a photo of his daughter at 5 days old. His move made people think that this family was about to r.eveal themselves and make their feelings public.

After a year of secrecy, in April 2024 Bao Anh confirmed that he had his first daughter. The l.ittle g.irl's intimate name is Misumi, 13 months old. However, until now, the identity of her daughter's father has been kept secret by the female singer.

Most recently, Bao Anh posted a moment of b.aby Misumi when she was 5 days old. The l.ittle g.irl has a pretty appearance, her chubby cheeks look extremely adorable. In particular, the female singer cleverly showed off her daughter's dimples inherited from her mother.

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anhs c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father? - Photo 1

Immediately after being shared, the photo was quickly "heartened" by friends and fans. Since going public, Bao Anh has freely shared adorable moments of b.aby Misumi and her life as a mother. The kid owns his own fanpage with more than 10,000 followers in less than 10 days of being created.

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anhs c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father? - Photo 2

Notably, people quickly "spotted" a special character who "heart" the photo of Bao Anh's daughter. This person is none other than NEGA - the female singer's rumored boyfriend. Remember that in March 2023, the image of Bao Anh "lip-locking" with a male dancer born in 1999 suddenly appeared on social networks, making people stir.

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anhs c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father? - Photo 3

Previously, for the first time, he clearly talked about the situation of accidentally posting a photo of his c.hild. The female singer said: " I have 2 accounts, including 1 account for my b.aby that I created when he was born but kept it private. Those two accounts are connected to each other, at I was so happy when the b.aby learned to walk that I posted the clip to his private account, but it accidentally "attached" (attached) to my account. I thought it was okay, but the next day I saw everything People are nervous, if my hand slips, I'll announce it right away because it's also a joy for me ." Bao Anh comfortably talked and finished singing before rushing back to be with his children. As for Bao Anh's mother, she posted a clip of taking Misumi to perform with her in a quite excited mood.

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anhs c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father? - Photo 4

She added: " Right now the b.aby is still very healthy and adorable. He's still very small so I don't want him to go too much. When I want to share more, I will share. Thank you everyone for sharing." care about you ".

"My name Misumi means 'beautiful and pure' in Japanese, reminiscent of a version of Bao Anh in her early career when she was in her 20s," she revealed.

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anhs c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father? - Photo 5

It is known that NEGA (real name Nguyen Do Quoc Khanh) is a member of coach Bao Anh's team in the first season of Street Dance Vietnam. The two had a secret date, but in September 2023, Bao Anh and NEGA were suspected of "going their separate ways" when the male dancer left the status "single" on Facebook.

Remember at Street Dance Vietnam, the first candidate that Bao Anh wanted to choose to join his team was Nega. Right after the command started, Bao Anh immediately ran into the guy's room and persuaded: "If you know how to make yourself shine, you will use that method to help me shine."

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anhs c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father? - Photo 6

In a music show not long ago, Bao Anh burst into tears when listening to a song about his ex-lover. She shared: "First, your voice is touching. Second, everyone has been talking about love. I remember someone told me that he was not worthy of me. I should have a man. You better take care of me. You decided to leave. So I felt emotional listening to this song."

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anhs c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father? - Photo 7

Bao Anh also has experiences about love. She wrote: "Before learning how to love another individual, each person must know how to love themselves first. That could be taking personal time to learn new things, or allowing themselves to stop doing things that only to please others".

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anhs c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father? - Photo 8

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