Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth?

Phi YếnApr 24, 2024 at 21:40

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In recent hours, people have been stirred up by the incident of Bao Anh publicly announcing his first daughter but not r.evealing the identity of the c.hild's father. Netizens also quickly discovered that Quoc Truong had an attention-grabbing post.

Recently, Bao Anh officially announced the appearance of her little daughter and received many people's support and congratulations. It is known that the singer's daughter's intimate name is Misumi. The b.aby was also commented to have big round eyes that were "exact copies" of his mother's and an extremely plump and adorable face.

Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth? - Photo 1

Below Bao Anh's daughter's public post, many Vietnamese stars such as: H'Hen Nie, Hoa Minzy, Ai Phuong, Le Quyen, Quynh Anh, Trung Quan, Jun Pham... commented enthusiastically. Most of them expressed their joy and happiness with the "diaper mom" when she officially took on her new position.

While the singer She Cua Anh revealed that she had her first c.hild, netizens were also curious about the actions of Quoc Truong - the actor who has an extremely close relationship with her.

Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth? - Photo 2

Not to mention, before that, the two had many times been entangled in dating questions when they got married in film projects and also comfortably had many romantic interactions in real life. However, Bao Anh and Quoc Truong both denied dating, claiming to be just good friends.

On his personal page, Quoc Truong's latest status line is "Wishing you happiness" making many people curious whether he is referring to Bao Anh or not? However, through research, the status line of the movie Sweet Trap star is a message to Midu. The actor also posted photos of his colleagues announcing the wedding and sending their blessings.

Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth? - Photo 3

Before that, Quoc Truong directly responded to the rumors about getting married to Bao Anh: "There have been a lot of rumors these days, but there is no wedding yet. If we fall in love and get married, Truong will announce it." In addition, the b.oy born in 1988 did not forget to praise his co-star: "Bao Anh is a lovely g.irl, a good g.irl."

The Vietnamese male screen god shared more: "Quoc Truong and Bao Anh have known each other for a long time, since they both acted in the movie House with 5 Fairies. The two brothers have been together for 6-7 years and are very close, almost Truong always confides in Bao Anh." He even confessed his unrequited love for the singer Your Heart Also Knows Pain but now they are just friends.

Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth? - Photo 4

Bao Anh also affirmed his close friendship with Quoc Truong: "For Bao Anh, Quoc Truong is a very good person because there are times when Bao Anh has difficulties, for example when he is sick or sick, he just needs to call. If Truong is free, he will be there immediately.

Each bottle of medicine is small, but I feel very appreciative. Truong is handsome, successful, and good-natured. In the past, Bao Anh often told Quoc Truong that if he couldn't marry anyone by the age of 30, he would come to Quoc Truong and ask Quoc Truong to help him."

Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth? - Photo 5

In 2023, Bao Anh was caught up in pregnancy rumors. The explanation for this is that the female singer rarely appears at events, only occasionally appearing in loose clothes, her belly is said to be larger than before.

In the middle of the year, when the singer born in 1992 posted a photo wearing a b.ikini, many viewers also left comments questioning whether the female singer had given birth because her belly had stretch marks.

Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth? - Photo 6

Appearing at a music night on the evening of June 9, 2023, Bao Anh explained that he has rarely appeared in recent times to take care of himself and do business. When asked about whether or not she will have children, the female singer answered:

"Now if I give birth to a b.aby, will everyone love Bao Anh? Will I love Bao Anh if I don't give birth?". When receiving the answer "yes" from the audience, the female singer continued: "That's it, just focus on love."

Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth? - Photo 7

At that time, every time he posted a photo, Bao Anh continuously received comments about his appearance. On June 13, 2023, the female singer spoke up about being body-shamed all the time.

Bao Anh said that in the past, when she weighed 42 kg, she often received comments that her b.ody was too thin. But now she has increased to 45 kg and is considered fat, r.evealing waist fat and big biceps. Those comments negatively impacted her mental health.

Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth? - Photo 8

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