Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumi's daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong "stirred" jubilantly

Thanh PhúcJun 05, 2024 at 10:55

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Female singer Bao Anh, after publicizing her daughter Misumi, recently caused a stir when she just held a 1-year-old birthday party, leaving the cradle for her c.hild.

On the evening of June 3, Bao Anh celebrated a cozy 1-year-old birthday for her beloved daughter. On the day of welcoming the new age of her daughter, the singer also invited close relatives and friends such as Truong Giang - Nha Phuong, Van Hugo, Huyen B.aby, Duong Trieu Vu, Quoc Truong to attend. Thereby, Bao Anh also happily attached and shared: "Happy 1st Birthday, Misumi! Thank you to the guests for coming with b.aby Misumi and Bao Anh's eyelids."

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 1

It can be seen that the organization space has a sweet pink color with a lot of balloons, ice cream cakes and many gifts from everyone. At the 1st birthday party, Misumi - Bao Anh's first daughter was dressed in a beautiful outfit by her mother. Besides, the innocent moments with a series of cute expressions of the g.irl have also caused netizens to "lose their hearts".

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 2

Truong Giang - Nha Phuong and her eldest daughter attracted attention at this intimate party. Originally they rarely appear together, but Bao Anh and the family of the male comedian and his wife have a fairly close relationship.

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 3

Bao Anh quietly gave birth to her daughter around March 2023. The singer's close friend - Hoang My Ngoc also said that it was the time when Bao Anh faced many crises and pressures. She shared: "When I gave birth, hundreds of difficult things came at the same time. And my mother and I can overcome it all on their own." After all the things that have passed, Hoang My Ngoc hopes that the audience will not talk negatively so that Bao Anh has the spirit to work and take care of his daughter.

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 4

As a close friend, Duong Trieu Vu also once affirmed that Bao Anh did not give birth to a c.hild for the giant, the reason the singer decided to become a diaper mother was to understand the meaning of love. Duong Trieu Vu said: "Bao Anh had a not very peaceful childhood, with his father and mother experiencing a lot of suffering, always craving simple peace. Bao Anh also had to witness the a.buse that her mother suffered from her father, gradually she lost faith in love.

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 5

Then add her own incomplete love, she just wants to have some kind of love that is more stable, deeper, more unconditional? And that's also the reason Bao Anh brought Misumi to this life. To understand what true love is like, to understand what sacrifice is like in motherhood. To put one's needs above one's own."

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 6

Bao Anh revealed that she had set up a personal account for her to post moments in her journey to adulthood. However, for the past 13 months, Bao Anh has set this account to private, because it is linked to her personal Instagram, it has only happened to "slip her hand" and r.eveal a photo of her first daughter.

Bao Anh shared: "I have 2 accounts, including 1 account for babies that I have created since the b.aby was born but kept private. Those two accounts are connected to each other, when the b.aby toddlers, I was so happy that I posted the clip on his private account, but it accidentally 'sticked' (registered) always on my account. I thought it was okay, but the next day, I saw that everyone was nervous, and if I slipped, I announced it because it was also a joy for me."

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 7

At the present time, Bao Anh often lets his c.hild go on the air and is no longer as hidden as before. The photo frames in her growing up journey have received great attention from the online community. After showing off her c.hild, Bao Anh also said that she was only interested in loving messages and "immunity" to negativity.

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 8

Since becoming a mother, Bao Anh spends most of her time with her, when she goes to perform, she also tries to go home early with her daughter. Many days she came home from work late at night, but she was naughty, and she was not irritated.

The singer shared: "Since becoming a mother, I feel like I was born again. You bring me new horizons and happiness. I try to be gentle with my c.hild in every situation with the voice and patting gestures of a mother."

Bao Anh was happy to give birth to Misumis daughter, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong stirred jubilantly - Photo 9

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