Bao Anh's boyfriend appeared on his daughter's birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance?

Hoàng PhúcJun 06, 2024 at 16:11

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Recently, Bao Anh celebrated a cozy 1-year-old birthday for his beloved daughter Misumi. The party had the appearance of famous Vietnamese stars participating such as Nha Phuong - Truong Giang and his wife, actors Quoc Truong, Duong Trieu Vu...

Notably, recently netizens suspected that Bao Anh's boyfriend also appeared at Misumi's birthday party. On his personal page, the singer Anh wants me to live in a warehouse of a series of photos on the occasion of my daughter's 1st birthday. However, in the general frames, netizens see a man who always stands behind, next to the female singer born in 1992. Especially in some pictures, he also acted intently at Bao Anh and Misumi. These moments immediately caused a stir among netizens.

Bao Anhs boyfriend appeared on his daughters birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance? - Photo 1

However, other netizens quickly realized that this man was the handsome model and actor Ho Vinh Anh. In fact, he is only a close friend of the female singer.

Bao Anhs boyfriend appeared on his daughters birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance? - Photo 2

Stepping into the artistic path at the age of 22, Ho Vinh Anh has achieved a lot of success and has a good income from modeling.

Currently, his appearance has also changed quite a lot, being commented to be younger than when he first joined showbiz. Due to a period of absence and a long period of inactivity, Ho Vinh Anh's appearance at Bao Anh's birthday party became quite strange to netizens. This has made him suspect that he is the singer's secret boyfriend.

Bao Anhs boyfriend appeared on his daughters birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance? - Photo 3

Previously, Bao Anh quietly gave birth to a daughter around March 2023. The singer's close friend - Hoang My Ngoc also said that it was the time when Bao Anh faced many crises and pressures. She shared: "When I gave birth, hundreds of difficult things came at the same time. And my mother and I can overcome it all on their own."

As a close friend, Duong Trieu Vu also once affirmed that Bao Anh did not give birth to a c.hild for the giant, the reason the singer decided to become a diaper mother was to understand the meaning of love.

Bao Anh revealed that she had set up a personal account for her to post moments in her journey to adulthood. However, for the past 13 months, Bao Anh has set this account to private, because it is linked to her personal Instagram, so it has only happened to "slip her hand".

Bao Anhs boyfriend appeared on his daughters birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance? - Photo 4

Since the day she officially announced her first daughter, Bao Anh has been more comfortable in sharing pictures of her c.hild, even being commented by everyone to quickly join the super c.razy diaper mother association. Everyone is addicted to children like that, Bao Anh has set up a personal page for Misumi and gave her a sweet song, sharing pictures from the day her daughter was born until now.

Recently, the female singer for the first time publicized the real name of her daughter Misumi, who was given an extremely beautiful and meaningful name by her grandmother: Nguyen Bao Thien Di.

Bao Anhs boyfriend appeared on his daughters birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance? - Photo 5

"Misumi's name is Nguyen Bao Thien Di. This is the name that her grandmother gave to Misumi. Tiandi means Freedom. Bao is a treasure. People say that when the b.aby is born, everything changes a lot, Bao Anh also feels it, cares, pays attention to the people around him, learns to worry about his c.hild. That is also a good thing. I feel more mature and responsible. Bao Anh is also a very carefree and free person, now there is a person at home waiting for him, very small, who needs to rely on him.

Bao Anhs boyfriend appeared on his daughters birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance? - Photo 6

It's really hard to allocate time, I also need my own space. Bao Anh is very lucky to have a grandmother, the people around her should feel more secure.

Actually, Bao Anh is very afraid of the cry of a c.hild, when the b.aby cries too loudly, especially when he is a newborn, he will go to another room for everyone to handle. When I stop crying, I will come back. I often learn from people's experiences, but each c.hild has a different physical condition, personality, and needs, so each person has a different type, and I can't apply other people's methods to me, but I can refer to them.

Bao Anhs boyfriend appeared on his daughters birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance? - Photo 7

The teacher assessed that she was a little shy, at home, Misumi was very funny, smart, and a shy g.irl for everyone to love. Bao Anh wants to nurture confidence and love life for his children. Confidence will make you beautiful. Later, I stepped into life, self-aware of everything, and decided my own life. I want to give my c.hild confidence and love for life, I hope Bao Anh is a mother who can teach me how to live happily," the singer confided.

Bao Anhs boyfriend appeared on his daughters birthday but no one noticed, an acquaintance? - Photo 8

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