The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh "broke the plan" and announced her daughter earlier than planned

Phi YếnApr 26, 2024 at 13:38

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After Bao Anh revealed her daughter's appearance on social networks, the singer's biological mother also seemed very excited and excited to o.ff her b.aby to everyone. Recently, she also revealed the reason her daughter announced the b.aby to everyone.

Bao Anh's public display of her little daughter has caused a stir on social networks in recent days. Not only the female singer but also Mrs. Tuyet Hong - her biological mother - also clearly expressed her pride and happiness when she was able to o.ff her grandchild after more than a year of hiding it. On her personal page, she continuously posted photos when b.aby Misumi was 7-8 months old, making fans extremely excited. It is known that the c.hild is currently being cared for by his maternal family.

The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh broke the plan and announced her daughter earlier than planned - Photo 1

Bao Anh's mother happily revealed that her grandson has a bright personality and has always been very cute with his eyes "looking for stories" since he was a c.hild. Mrs. Tuyet Hong and her boyfriend often take Misumi out to play. The c.hild is loved by many people because of her adorable appearance.

Notably, when an acquaintance asked why the singer born in 1992 let the c.hild "debut" at 13 months old, the singer's mother only said two words: "Accidentally".

The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh broke the plan and announced her daughter earlier than planned - Photo 2

Previously, Bao Anh herself admitted that she "slipped" when posting a clip of her daughter on her personal page on the morning of April 23. Although she quickly deleted it, she couldn't keep up with the "lightning-fast" screenshot speed of residents. network.

After that, the mother decided to "break the plan" and let her daughter go public instead of turning 18 as previously planned. "It's so sad that you're already causing trouble at the age of 18 when you just debuted and just learned how to walk. Well... Hello everyone, I'm Misumi",... Bao Anh wrote on his personal page.

The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh broke the plan and announced her daughter earlier than planned - Photo 3

When netizens dug up the pregnancy rumor, the female singer did not show any discomfort or frustration, but instead humorously replied: "It's ok as the rumor is. If the rumor is true, accept it rather than arguing about it." Just kidding". Thanks to her "accident", the association of h.ot Vietnamese showbiz kids has a new member, Misumi.

A year ago, Bao Anh promised to answer questions related to his private life at the appropriate time, sharing with all joy and happiness. Up to now, she has kept her promise when admitting her pregnancy and giving birth.

The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh broke the plan and announced her daughter earlier than planned - Photo 4

After a few hours of announcing the news of becoming a mother, the singer She Cua Anh sent her thanks because she did not expect her daughter to receive so much love and attention from her colleagues and the audience.

Since the beginning of 2023, there have been many rumors that Bao Anh has quietly given birth. Because since Tet last year, she has not appeared on social networks, but instead only uses old photos taken with family members.

The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh broke the plan and announced her daughter earlier than planned - Photo 5

When the suspicion of giving birth had not yet subsided, on social networks there appeared a number of pictures of Bao Anh "lip-locking" with a dancer 7 years younger than her. The relationship between the female singer and this guy was once hotly discussed by netizens in all forums, large and small.

Until now, when Bao Anh announced her daughter publicly, netizens began to synthesize the details they discovered and concluded that the female singer was pregnant in mid-2022 and went into hiding to give birth around February. March 2023.

After giving birth, it seems that the singer born in 1992 also experienced psychological instability like many mothers. The evidence is that in September 2023, she continuously wiped away tears when listening to "Ban Don Elephant" Anh Tu sing the song "Leaving" on the show "Masked Singer".

The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh broke the plan and announced her daughter earlier than planned - Photo 6

When asked why she cried, the female singer explained: "Firstly, your voice is emotional. Second, everyone has been talking about love. I remember someone telling me that they were not Is it worth it for you? You should have a better man to take care of you. You decided to leave.

By November 2023, Bao Anh appeared with a tired, lifeless appearance in the show "Beautiful Sister Stepping on the Wind and Turning the Waves". Before performance 1, she suddenly withdrew due to personal reasons.

The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh broke the plan and announced her daughter earlier than planned - Photo 7

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