BABYMONSTER reveals its ambitious nature, "exposing" Jennie and Lisa's attitude towards their juniors

Thiên DiMay 25, 2024 at 08:02

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After their debut, BABYMONSTER shared information about the group's debut album. Thereby, "BLACKPINK's younger sister" clearly shows her ambition for the future. In particular, Jennie and Lisa were also suddenly mentioned, attracting attention.

Babymonster is a seven-member g.irl group consisting of Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Rami, Rora, Chiquita and Ahyeon, from three different countries - Korea, Japan and Thailand. The group debuted with the single "Batter Up" in November 2023 in Ahyeon's absence due to health reasons.

"BABYMONS7ER" marks the group's first album with all seven members, including Ahyeon, who returned after a month-long hiatus.

BABYMONSTER reveals its ambitious nature, exposing Jennie and Lisas attitude towards their juniors - Photo 1

After the group released their debut album BABYMONS7ER, Korean media had the opportunity to chat exclusively with the members to share about their pre-debut review experience.

The members shared: "We have been watching and learning from YG's older artists since our trainee days, it's an honor for us to be able to debut. Thanks to the great artists Another great thing about YG is that we were able to receive a lot of love and attention right from the first days after debut.

Our long-standing dream is to walk on the same path as the artists who were our idols. We will work hard until we reach a moment of complete pride in ourselves."

BABYMONSTER reveals its ambitious nature, exposing Jennie and Lisas attitude towards their juniors - Photo 2

Talking about pressure, the group shared: "It's natural but we are striving and practicing hard to meet the public's expectations for us."

When talking about their debut album, the members shared: "This is an album that reflects B.aby Monster's bold ambition and our diverse appeal. Named after an exclamation, the title track " SHEESH" especially reflects our determination to surprise the world. All 7 songs in the album have different genres and styles, so they are worth listening to. Because this is the first album we released As a full group of 7 members, it is even more meaningful."

BABYMONSTER reveals its ambitious nature, exposing Jennie and Lisas attitude towards their juniors - Photo 3

When talking about inspirational artists, member Ruka said: "During the final evaluation shoot, BLACKPINK's Jennie gave us advice on how to move the audience through their performances while on stage. Words That advice is the most memorable."

BABYMONSTER reveals its ambitious nature, exposing Jennie and Lisas attitude towards their juniors - Photo 4

Member Pharita shared: "The monthly evaluation during our time as trainees was a practice process for the current stages of the group's implementation. I had the opportunity to meet BLACKPINK's Lisa over the years. As an intern, she told me, "a good focus on yourself can make you shine wherever you are". Since then, I've learned to work harder on myself and build build trust".

BABYMONSTER reveals its ambitious nature, exposing Jennie and Lisas attitude towards their juniors - Photo 5

At the present time, BABYMONSTER is becoming more and more famous and receiving the attention of KPop music lovers. The title song Sheesh is currently standing firmly at the top of Korean music charts. The group is considered a "monster rookie", dominating the music industry after showing off their skillful singing skills in the future.

Recently, BABYMONSTER had the first fanmeeting of their career in Tokyo, Japan. Even though it was their first overseas event, the YG group made the audience admit that everything from their charisma, how to stir up the atmosphere, to troubleshooting, were thoroughly trained by the management company.

BABYMONSTER reveals its ambitious nature, exposing Jennie and Lisas attitude towards their juniors - Photo 6

On social networks, the online community couldn't help but be surprised by BABYMONSTER's fanmeeting. Even though they were only watched online, many opinions had to admit that the 7 members had a very successful night and didn't even have the appearance of a first show performed by a rookie.

From charisma, choreography, how to stir up the atmosphere, interactions with the audience to how to handle problems, it also shows that BABYMONSTER is trained very thoroughly and professionally.

BABYMONSTER reveals its ambitious nature, exposing Jennie and Lisas attitude towards their juniors - Photo 7

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