BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTER's big fanbase

Phong TrầnMay 10, 2024 at 10:14

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BABYMONSTER's big fanbase is deliberately aggressive and then denies its responsibility for mocking BLACKPINK's Jennie. This made her fans extremely angry and demanded to "empty the roof" to the end.

On the evening of May 8, social network X (Twitter) exploded with controversy over the question of BABYMONSTER fandom using vulgar words to mock Jennie (BLACKPINK). Specifically, below the post of international fanbase BLACKPINK sharing pictures of Jennie at the Met Gala event, BABYMONSTER's fanbase with nearly 42K followers commented "Jennie s****" with a demeaning implication of humiliating the BLACKPINK member and also attached an indecent icon.

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 1

This comment immediately went viral and outraged the BLACKPINK fan community, demanding that this fanbase publicly apologize to Jennie.

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 2

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 3

Immediately after the outbreak of controversy, this fanbase quickly spoke out on his personal page. Accordingly, BABYMONSTER's fanbase explained the vulgar comment: "(Excerpted)... We sincerely apologize for our controversial tweet towards Jennie in the BLACKPINK fan post. Our team doesn't know who replied to that message, and we want to clarify that there has been suspicious activity on our account.

We deeply regret any inconvenience or injury this may have caused and we are taking immediate steps to address this issue.

We extend our deepest apologies to Jennie and her fans for this unfortunate incident. At the moment we are doing our best to fix the problem, but despite changing the password several times, someone other than the administrator can still access our account. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. In the future, we will be more careful when creating or responding to posts about BABYMONSTER or other artists."

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 4

However, this post seemed to further infuriate BLACKPINK fans. The reason is because, stating the reason for being "hacked" or having unusual activity on the account is too old and no longer gains the trust of the online community.

Many people claimed that one of the admins of the "forbabymonster" fanbase was Jennie's antifan, so there were offensive comments. However, what angered BLACKPINK fans more was the cover-up, using the excuse of being hacked to explain the story.

Not only BLACKPINK fans, true fans of BABYMONSTER also expressed their frustration because of the "worm that sullied the soup". Many posts of BABYMONSTER fans from international to Vietnamese have voiced, asking to unfollow and report this fanbase's account.

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 5

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 6

Overnight, the controversial fanbase account "forbabymonster" of BABYMOSNTER was "colored". Some argue that because of the anger of the online community, the admin of this fanbase actively deleted or hid the account so as not to make the incident go too far.

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 7

BABYMONSTER has officially returned in the 7-member lineup recently. It is not easy for the girls to receive love and acceptance from domestic and international audiences. When the group's music was constantly criticized, YG was named for making music too boring, the 7 members excellently "carried" the music, making listeners completely convinced by their talent, especially in terms of live singing skills. Especially at the moment, when new groups are being evaluated extremely badly for vocal skills.

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 8

The fact that BABYMONSTER's big fanbase has a silly statement will affect the image of the group more or less. Moreover, this fanbase has a certain weight in the fan community, so this problem is even more serious. However, BLACKPINK fans also understand that "tangerines make doomed", the wrong person is the one who has to admit the blame, they will not criticize innocent people who are unknowingly involved.

BLACKPINK fans fumed, determined to stretch with BABYMONSTERs big fanbase - Photo 9

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